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Digital Juice Sound FX Library II - Complete (12DVDs)
Effects » Sound FX | автор: makawao444 (22.05.10)
Digital Juice Sound FX Library II - Complete (12DVDs)
Name: Digital Juice Sound FX Library II
Type: Sound FX, Sound Library
Platform: Win, Mac
File Format: .iso (12DVDs)
File Size: 55GB Total (1.21GB, 3.36GB, 1.81GB, 2.26GB, 2.23GB, 2.82GB, 3.75GB, 2.33GB, 2.40GB, 2.71GB, 1.98GB, 2.26GB)

Digital Juice Sound FX Library II является наиболее полной коллекцией звуковых эффектов, собраных в одном пакете. Библиотека состоит из более 15700 клипов, созданных известными дизайнерами звука и записанных в разрешении 24-bit/96kHz, с возможностью поиска по ключевым словам. Разделенная на более чем 220 категорий, эта библиотека выходит за рамки простых звуковых эффектов и содержит новые категории, которые включают музыкальные логотипы и профессиональную голосовую работу.

Digital Juice Sound FX Library разработана, чтобы обеспечить аудио- и видео-профессионалов всем необходимым для создания полного спектора окружающих звуков для любой продукции.


Digital Juice Sound FX Library II is the most comprehensive collection of audio effects ever collected together into a single package. Produced by renowned industry-veteran sound designers and distributed at 24-bit/96kHz resolutions, the artistic and technical quality is state of the art. This time we managed to squeeze more than 15700 unique sounds into more than 220 categories. And in the process, we've created a product that's every bit as flexible as it is affordable.

The Digital Juice Sound FX Library is designed to give audio and video professionals the tools they need to enhance, exaggerate and create a completely immersive audio soundscape for any production.

Digital Juice Sound FX Library II - Complete (12DVDs)


More than 15,700 HD quality sounds - Audio is, without a doubt, the most powerful tool an editor has to grab viewers' attention, quicken their heartbeats, and excite their senses. SoundFX 2 gives you more than 15,700 unique new ways to impact your audiences and bring your videos to life.

25+ hours of Sound - The SoundFX 1 library contains more than 25 hours of fresh new sound effects with over 15,700 individual sounds in more than 220 different categories. The result is a massive collection of original, professionally-produced, better-than-broadcast-quality sounds designed to add power to your productions.

Superior HD Quality Audio - Created in superior 24-bit, 96 kHz Stereo Quality (HD Audio) and delivered as WAV format lossless quality audio, all the subtly of great sound is here. Designed specifically for editors, SFX2 has more of the sounds audio and video professionals need, at a quality that exceeds the demand.

55GB of Content 12 DVDs - The high quantity of HD sound effects contained in SoundFX II requires 55GB of storage spread across 12 DVDs. Even though it is one of the most massive sound effects libraries available, the innovative packaging of Sound FX II is both compact and durable, ensuring it is always handy and convenient to use.

220 Categories - Divided into more than 220 categories, the library goes beyond simple foley effects and explosions with new categories that include musical logos, textures and professional voice work spread across four FX Classes.

Keyword Searchable - Searching, sorting and previewing the thousands of sounds in this massive library is simple with our free Juicer 3 software. The Juicer lets you search for sounds using keywords so you can instantly find the sounds you need, then export them into whatever format you want.

DVD 1 Index Contains previews and Juicer folders to work in the Juicer app.

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