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Digital Juice Fonts: Collection Seven (DVD-ISO)
Software » Graphics | автор: makawao444 (13.05.10)
Digital Juice Fonts: Collection Seven (DVD-ISO)
Release Name: Digital Juice Fonts: Collection Seven
Type: Fonts
Release Date: 2010
Platform: Windows, MacOS
File Format: .iso
File Size: 4.38GB

Digital Juice Fonts: Collection Seven - это новая коллекция шрифтов, которая содержит 10 совершенно новых семейств шрифтов и более чем 500 новых DJ-шрифтов. Седьмая коллекция - это больше, чем просто еще один сборник шрифтов, половина этой коллекции состоит из очень уникальных фотографических шрифтов. Эти шрифты действуют подобно любым из предыдущих семейств шрифтов, с тем исключением, что они основаны на фотографиях высоких разрешений, а не на иллюстрациях или 3D.

Каждая группа DJ-шрифтов в этой коллекции является результатом сотни часов кропотливой работы иллюстраторов Digital Juice. Седьмая коллекция содержит 10 уникальных DJ-семейств шрифтов, более 500 готовых к использованию стандартных DJ-шрифтов, а также неограниченное количество возможностей настроить и сделать свой собственный DJ-шрифт.


Digital Juice Fonts: Collection Seven is more than just another volume of fonts, half of this collection is made up of hand-assembled, highly unique photographic typefaces. These fonts act much like any of our previous font families in the Juicer, with the exception that they are based on high resolution photography, not illustration or 3D rendered art.

Each of the font families in DJ Fonts Collection 7 has a host of stunning ready-to-use font variations created by the artists of Digital Juice. Even the new one-layer photographic fonts have at least 25 variations available through the use of layer duplication, texture and gradient fills. Use these and all font variations as-is or as a jumping-off point for your own custom fonts.

Overall, Collection Seven contains 10 unique DJ Font Families -- 5 photographic and 5 illustrated, over 500 ready-to-use DJ Standard Fonts, and an unlimited stream of future font customizations through our My DJ Font and Community DJ Font features.

Digital Juice Fonts Collection 7 contains 5 new fonts that started out as super high resolution photographs. Each letter in the character set was hand-assembled, shot and then painstakingly cut out to form these fonts. Because they are photographic in origin they have an unsurpassed level of realism you just won't find anywhere else. And, just like the illustrated fonts in the volume, they can be customized, arranged and rendered from the Juicer. You also get the system font they were based on, just as you do with our other DJ Fonts.

Digital Juice Fonts: Collection Seven (DVD-ISO)

- 10 Brand New Font Families
- More than 500 ready-to-use Standard DJ Fonts variations
- 5 Illustrated & 5 All-New Photographic Fonts
- 5-10 layers per illustrated font
- Each font glyph designed at a high resolution of approx. 2000 x 2000 pixels for maximum flexibility in uses
- Most fonts contain a full 152-character glyph set

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    Комментарии / Comments

    (#1) написал: petersun (13.05.10 14:25)
    киген там есть? а то старый у меня на 6 сете заканчивается...

    (#2) написал: nimdA (13.05.10 15:19)
    hi, petersun,
    к сож., кигена или какого-либо другого лекарства пока нет
    Keygen for DJ Fonts7/8 is not available yet!

    (#3) написал: VOLODARKA (13.05.10 22:59)
    Чудненько.Только зачем они без кириллицы?Не врубаюсь,объясните...

    (#4) написал: dumm (18.05.10 09:39)
    Кирилицу они не делают америкосы
    Видать видать программистов у них нет русских или не хотят на русских пахать
    А так колекции харошии no

    (#5) написал: Beathan (20.05.10 00:09)
    There is a method for sucessfull installation both vol. 7 and vol. 8 disks!
    1. Open dvd8 ISO in e.g. PowerISO
    2. Rename the label to FONT_C06INS_R1 (yes, as installation disk of vol. 6
    3. Copy the setup XML file from Juicer3 directory to the hard drive and open it with text editor
    4. rename the XML file as FONT_C06INS_R1.XML and change the label to FONT_C06INS_R1 (to let Juicer3 recognize the DVD as vol. 6) and change 'Collection 8' into 'Collection 6'
    5. In PowerISO add new FONT_C06INS_R1.XML file to Juicer3 folder
    6. Save the new ISO (with new label) to the disk, mount and start Juicer3
    7. During installation insert activaction data of DJ FONTS 6 from keyen
    8. Check the box saying to omitt already installed data
    9. That's all - all fonts are installed and rendered properly
    10. The same do for DVD vol.7 :)

    If you are fed-up with this, just download specially prepared DVD with all fonts of vol. 7 & 8 as vol. 6 from here:

    (#6) написал: lardygeezer (31.05.10 09:39)
    @Beathan File Offline :-)

    (#7) написал: Beathan (2.06.10 00:34)
    Nope. File is ok, try to copy a whole link (two lines from above comment field, lardygeezer :)

    (#8) написал: teasy77 (4.12.10 21:26)
    would anybody upload the activated 7,8,9 and 10 files
    sorry, ive not found them on any other webspace
    all links are broken.


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