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KelbyTraining: Photoshop CS5 Power Session
Tutorials | автор: nimdA (22.04.10)
KelbyTraining: Photoshop CS5 Power Session
Release Name: Kelby Online Training Photoshop CS5 Power Session-AG
Type: Training
Release Date: 20 April 2010
Language: English
File Format: .flv
Runtime: 01:57:50
File Size: 209Mb

KelbyTraining: Photoshop CS5 Power Session - Если вы уже являетесь пользователем Photoshop и хотите быстро и удобно раскрыть потенциал новых возможностей Photoshop CS5, то этот тренинг предназначен для начала. Идеально подходит для людей, имеющих опыт использования предыдущих версий Photoshop (CS4, CS3, или даже CS2). Photoshop CS5 Power Session это самый простой способ узнать новые функции, полезные советы и клавиши быстрого доступа в Photoshop CS5, так, что вы можете начать использовать их прямо сейчас.
KelbyTraining: Photoshop CS5 Power Session - If you're already a Photoshop user and want a quick, convenient way to unlock the potential of Photoshop CS5's new features then this DVD is the place to start. Ideal for people with experience using a previous version of Photoshop (CS4, CS3, or even CS2), the Photoshop CS5 Power Session is the easiest way to learn the new features, tips and shortcuts in Photoshop CS5 so you can start using them right away.

This DVD will teach you:
- All about HDR Pro and how Photoshop has now taken over the HDR space
- How to speed up your retouching with the new Content Aware Fill option
- The all new Camera Raw updates and how noise reduction just got a lot better
- Why this is the best Photoshop ever if you need to make complex selections fast
- And a ton of tiny tips and changes that simply make Photoshop easier to use

Matt not only goes over the new features, but also shows you the little tweaks, shortcuts and changes that can easily be overlooked. Plus, we'll take a quick look at Photoshop CS5 Extended to see some of the new features in 3D graphics. If you want to get up to speed fast on Photoshop CS5's new features (as well as hidden tweaks and enhancements) then the Photoshop CS5 Power Session is the way to go.

KelbyTraining: Photoshop CS5 Power Session

01. Introduction (01:16)
02. HDR Pro (15:21)
03. Selection Improvements (11:04)
04. HDR from a Single Photo (03:03)
05. Puppet Warp - The Obvious Application (06:46)
06. Puppet Warp - For Retouching (04:47)
07. Content Aware Fill (07:35)
08. Camera Raw - Process Version (05:01)
09. Camera Raw - Noise Reduction (06:47)
10. Camera Raw - Post Crop Vignettes (05:19)
11. Lens Correction (04:59)
12. Painting Improvements (04:15)
13. Layer Improvements (06:01)
14. Mini Bridge and Bridge Stuff (15:12)
15. Presets and New Content (06:22)
16. Rule of Thirds Cropping and Straightening (02:14)
17. 3D Repousse (04:40)
18. 10 Little Tips and Improvements (06:25)
19. Conclusion (00:43)

KelbyTraining: Photoshop CS5 Power Session

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