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Creative COW Master Series: After Effects The Next Level vol.2
Tutorials | автор: nimdA (17.04.10)
Creative COW Master Series: After Effects The Next Level vol.2
Name: Creative COW Master Series: After Effects The Next Level vol.2
Type: Training
Release Date: 2008
Language: English
File Format: .mp4, .aep
File Size: 2.11Gb (.rar=1.29Gb)

After Effects The Next Level vol.2 - Более 6,5 часов обучения поднимут ваши знания на следующий уровень! Аарон Рабинович знает, как сделать крутые эффекты в After Effects. Как творческий директор All Bets Are Off Productions в Нью-Йорке, он также знает, что вам нужно знать, чтобы использовать большую часть этой очень мощной программы. Работаете ли вы профессионально или самостоятельно, эти 45 уроков для вас. Исходные футажи и файлы проектов предоставляются.
After Effects The Next Level vol.2 - Over 6.5 hours of training to take your work to the next level! Aharon Rabinowitz knows how to make cool effects with After Effects. As the Creative Director of All Bets Are Off Productions in New York City, he also knows what you need to know to make the most of this very powerful program, to help you get the job done. Whether you're a working professional, or hope to become one, these 45 tutorials are for you...

Full-res tutorials and tutorials from the Creative Cow After Effects Podcast. Over 5 hours of tutorials from the world's most popular AE podcast are full of techniques for workflow management, troubleshooting techniques, expressions, effects and text. Even if you've seen some of these, you'll be amazed by what you've missed.

10 never-before-seen lessons In 78 minutes of new tutorials, Aharon covers new AE features such as the Puppet Tool and Shape Layers. You'll also find updates to older lessons specifically to cover recent changes.

Other topics covered in "After Effects: The Next Level, vol. 2" include Brainstorm, per character 3D text, Photoshop layer styles in AE, particle effects, null objects, auto-tracing, and working with audio.


00. Audio Introduction

01-04. After Effects Expression Tips and Controls.Tips for use of expression, an introduction to expression controls, a series of effects designed for use with After Effects expressions.

05-07. Creating an Odometer. Set up a basic odometer, ready for manual keyframing, automate it (with help from Dan Ebberts), and give it a 3D look.

08. An Introduction to Shape Layers[/i] - One of the most, if not the most, robust feature in After Effects CS3: Shape Layers, a new tool that brings the power of Adobe Illustrator into AE.

09. Creating An Audio Meter with Shape Layers. Create a dynamic audio meter that animates to music, using expressions and Shape Layers.

10. Using Brainstorm in AE. Get the most out of Brainstorm, a new feature in AE CS3 that lets you visualize randomized layer properties and effects.

11. After Effects: Vanishing Point. Use Photoshop's Vanishing Point tool to convert a flat 2D image into a 3D object in After Effects.

12. Per-Character 3D Text. Introducing the new Per-Character 3D Text animation feature in After Effects CS3.

13. Photoshop Layer Styles in AE. Photoshop Layer Styles in After Effects, a new feature in AE.

14-15. Working with Adobe Clip Notes - Part 1 (09:23). Here's how to export your video as Adobe Clip Notes. Prepare and export your AE composition so your notes appear in a PDF document alongside the video. Also explore collaborative commenting.

16-22. Real-Time Animation with the Puppet Tool. Both an introduction to, and an explanation of more features of the Puppet Tool. Learn how to use the Puppet Tool's real-time animation tools. This tutorial was recorded in real-time (mostly), with no script - a first for Aharon. There are also some cool Puppet Tool tricks, as well as an example of character animation workflow with the Puppet Tool.

23. Creating A Freeze Frame Along with some basic concepts of time remapping, you'll learn a simple technique for quickly creating freeze frames in After Effects.

24-25. After Effects Workflow Tips. The many uses of importing After Effects projects, and how you can recover corrupt AE files., working with audio, including avoiding a major pitfall, as well as better methods of timing video to an audio track.

26. Working with Null Objects in AE. Null objects let you get better control of your animation, including easier 3D camera motion.

27-28. Ramping Up With Adobe After Effects. Multi-colored gradients

29. Using the Echo Effect with Animated Layers. Here are some tips and tricks for working with the Echo effect.

30. Creating a Hologram Look in After Effects. This return to one of Aharon's earliest tutorials, "Creating TV Look," shows how these techniques can be used to create the look of a Hologram as seen in science fiction movies.

31-33. Weather Replacement. Color correction and compositing change the weather from a sunny day at the beach to a very cloudy day, with a chance of showers...followed by a bit of rain and the occasional bout of lightning. This tutorial also provides insight into color correction and compositing tools that you can use for all of your projects.

34-36. Working With the Scribble Effect. Create Scribble-like animation with shapes and text in After Effects, including use of Auto-Trace and Illustrator to creat complex scribble animation.

37-39. Light Writing[/b] - Simulate the popular light writing effect seen in recent commercials, adding intense points of light and other improvement ideas.

40. Creating a Heart Monitor in AE. Build your own EKG Machine in the Comfort of Your Own Home (or Office).

41. Creating a Magnifying Glass Effect in AE. Here's a technique for creating a magnifying glass in After Effects.

42. After Effects Text Tips. Aharon shares tips on working with Photoshop and Illustrator Text, as well as a few other text-related hints, including Text Animators.

45. Creating 3D Extruded Text. Several popular techniques and tools for creating 3D extruded text in After Effects.

Creative COW Master Series: After Effects The Next Level vol.2

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