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WinMount v3.3.413
Software | автор: nimdA (14.04.10)
WinMount v3.3.413
Program Name: WinMount v3.3.413 for 32/64-bit
Release Date: Apr 14th, 2010
Interface Language: English
Platform: WinALL (32/64-bit)
File Size: 6.4Mb

WinMount - программа-эмулятор CD/DVD-ROM, но намного мощнее, чем традиционный эмулятор CD/DVD-ROM, т.к даёт возможность создавать виртуальные диски не только из файлов-образов, а практически из любого сжатого файла (ZIP, RAR, файлы ISO, и т.п). Таким образом, вы можете непосредственно использовать документы, находящиеся внутри этих файлов, не тратя время на их распаковку и экономить пространство.

WinMount имеет приятный пользователький интерфейс и поддерживает работу практически со всеми форматами образов дисков: ISO, CUE/BIN, CCD, BWT, MDS, CDI, NRG, PDI B5T и ISZ, а также с архивами ZIP и RAR. Поддерживаются технологии виртуализации VMWare и Ghost-образов.


WinMount is a very innovative product as a CD/DVD-ROM emulator, but it's more powerful than traditional CD/DVD-ROM emulator, because it is able to mount ZIP, RAR, ISO files and so on, it can create a virtual drive for each compressed file so that you can use the documents inside it directly , no need to open it, so it can save your time and space.

WinMount is a powerful windows utility which is dedicated to managing compressed archives and image files impressively and conveniently. It's used to mount MOU, RAR, ZIP archives to a virtual disk or folder, which enabling you to use the files inside directly without extraction, saves your time and disk space dramatically.

WinMout is a compression tool, supports compressing, decompressing and browsing MOU, RAR, ZIP, 7Z. WinMount is also an image tool, supports mounting ISO, BIN/CUE, CCD, BWT, MDS/MDF, NRG, IMG, ISZas a virtual disk. In addition, WinMount supports mounting VHD, WMT, Microsoft WIM, FLAC, APE, WV as a virtual disk and using them directly.

• Powerful archives manager
- Compress files to MOU (including multi-part), ZIP, 7Z;
- Decompress (Smart decompress), browse and convert MOU, RAR, ZIP, 7Z, CAB, ARJ, ISO, GZ, BZ2 ,TAR , WIM.
• New concept - Mount archives as virtual hard disk
- Mount MOU, RAR, ZIP to a virtual hard disk and using them directly without extraction.
- We strongly recommend you to convert archives to MOU, because MOU can be fast mounted.
• Mount disc images as DVD-ROM/CD-ROM
- Mount ISO, BIN/CUE, CCD, BWT, MDS/MDF, NRG, IMG, ISZ as a virtual DVD-ROM;
- Mount audio formats APE, FLAC, WV as a virtual CD-ROM.
• Mount HDD images as virtual hard disk - Mount VHD(Virtual hard disk), VDI (Virtual Box) and VMDK (VMWare) as a virtual disk. Mount them in read-only or writable mode.
• Mount to an existed folder - WinMount supports mounting folders/MOU/ZIP/RAR to an existed folder. This function is available for WinMount professional users.
• MOU - A Highly, Fast, Free compressed format - MOU is a new compression standard that developed by WinMount. A MOU file can be mounted to a virtual path and be opened in an instant.
• WMT - Designed for private files - WMT can be created and be opened by WinMount only. It's a safe format, users can encrypt WMT for protection. There are 2 ways to open WMT: read-only or writable.
• Other supports
- Mount Microsoft WIM as a virtual hard disk;
- Create and Mount a new blank RAM disk (size:64M to 4G);
- Signature and comment support for archives.

Changes in WinMount V3.3.0413 (Apr 14th, 2010):
1. New virtual folder icon;
2. Add unmount shortcut on right-click menu for virtual folder;
3. Delete invalid option of virtual folder on main window;

WinMount v3.3.413 >> >>

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