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Digital Juice PhotoKnockouts (10DVDs)
Software » Graphics | автор: makawao444 (9.04.10)
Digital Juice PhotoKnockouts (10DVDs)
Name: Digital Juice PhotoKnockouts
Type: Photo, Graphics
File Format: .iso (10DVDs)
File Size: 7.78GB +7.69GB +7.73GB +8.06GB +8.09GB +8.05GB +7.70GB +8.07GB +8.06GB +8.06GB

PhotoKnockouts - Фотография может сказать тысячу слов! С 12500 фото из PhotoKnockouts вам найдётся что рассказать. Это десять DVD, доверху наполненные фотографиями сверхвысокого разрешения с масками, которые были засняты профессионалами и готовы для вашего следующего проекта.

Эти 12500 фотографий, 150 моделей и 100 тем, предоставляют дизайнерам и мультимедиа-профессионалам гибкость и возможности, которые требуются для сложных проектов с жесткими сроками и бюджетом. Каждая фотография была сделана 39-мегапиксельной камерой, а затем тщательно вырезана из фона вручную. Более 25000 часов работы, или почти 10 человеко-лет, потребовалось для создания этой коллекции!


PhotoKnockouts - A picture says a thousand words! With the 12,500 photos in PhotoKnockouts you'll have plenty to say when conveying your message. Ten jam-packed DVD's, filled with super high resolution, pre-masked, professionally shot people photos ready to drop into your next project...

PhotoKnockouts' 12,500 photos, 150 models, and 100 themes give designers and multimedia professionals the flexibility and options they require for demanding projects with tight deadlines and budgets. Hiring models for custom shoots is generally out of the question for all but the most elite projects and the cost of buying photos individually adds up quickly.

Each photo was taken with a 39 megapixel, Hasselblad H2 camera and then painstakingly cut out from the background by hand. Over 25,000 hours, or nearly 10 man-years of effort was required to complete the collection.

Digital Juice PhotoKnockouts (10DVDs)

Requires Juicer v3.61 or Above

Searching and finding just the right photo is made easy with the free Juicer software. The latest version of the Juicer (3.63) supports advanced searching, grouping, and filtering options just for PhotoKnockouts allowing easy sifting through the 12,500 photos. Once the image or images required are found the software will instantly export directly to the software application of your choice including Photoshop, PowerPoint, or any program that supports the PNG format.

Digital Juice PhotoKnockouts (10DVDs)

*** This has NOT been an easy rip as there is a NEW DVD protection on these DVDs. ***

*** I CANNOT supply my KEY to install into Juicer, perhaps a KEYGEN will be made from this original DVD soon. ***

*** Key Alpha-Numeric Format: _ _ _ _ _-_ _ _ _ _-_ _ _ _ _-_ _ _ _ _-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ ***

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Внимание! Всегда проверяйте антивирусом файлы, которые Вы загружаете! / Attention! Always check files you download with your antivirus software!

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    Комментарии / Comments

    (#1) написал: ny_batman (9.04.10 18:41)
    Note to all: These disks contain files in a proprietary format, like PKO_0000001_Low.djpko

    These files only open in Juicer (a free program from D1gital Ju1ce), BUT require a key to be activated. We're hoping for a keygen soon. Maybe someone can use these disks to figure a way to activate this product. Without a key, perhaps by adding something to file "juicer.db" that stores this activation info.

    (#2) написал: Beathan (9.04.10 22:46)
    Anyway, links are dead!
    There is only DVD10 possible to download, and four last parts of DVD9 :(

    (#3) написал: Beathan (10.04.10 00:18)
    Hi Guys, here you have all 10DVD's links working: >>
    (rar pass:

    I've got them all from the links provided wihin this linklist. Good luck, and let someone do the KG pretty soon :)

    (#4) написал: makawao444 (11.04.10 02:31)
    Sorry guys, the ASSHOLES out there reported my files as ABUSE. All but Disk 10 was deleted by HF!

    They deleted them 2 days after I uploaded them.

    (#5) написал: Beathan (12.04.10 00:14)
    Use my DLCs, working still RS links
    In any case, I can upload DVD. Already downloaded all of them.

    (#6) написал: Beathan (22.04.10 10:58)
    Rapid deleted all files :(

    (#7) написал: Beathan (23.04.10 02:29)
    Hi everybody!
    Here is a working process description how to sucessfully install FULL SET of Knockouts in Juicer!

    See the picture:


    Only4You-vaction_photo.rar password is:

    (#8) написал: rugerio (14.06.10 21:00)
    heeey! i need file 06 from dvd01 !!! can any one help me!!! please!

    (#9) написал: AntonVS (29.07.10 18:12)
    Ссылки битые. Перезалейте пожалуйста

    (#10) написал: hangana (27.08.10 08:58)
    please uploaded them.Thank you recourse

    (#11) написал: hangana (8.09.10 07:10)
    please uploaded them.Thank you recourse

    (#12) написал: hangana (17.09.10 05:27)
    please uploaded them.Thank you winked

    (#13) написал: shawnla (30.11.10 11:53)
    Please re-post.



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