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Software » 3D | автор: nimdA (7.04.10)
Release Name: AUTODESK MAYA V2011 WIN64-ISO
Program Type: 3D Animation
Release Date: April 06th, 2010
Developer: Autodesk, Inc.
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows XP Pro, Vista, 7 (64-bit)
File Format: .iso
File Size: 1.57Gb

Autodesk Maya - программное обеспечение, отмеченное многочисленными наградами, является мощным интегрированным приложением для 3D-моделирования, анимации, создания эффектов и визуализации в кино и на телевидении, при разработке компьютерных игр и создании реалистичной компьютерной графики.

Начиная с версии 2010, Maya больше не выпускается, как раньше в разных вариантах - Maya Complete и Maya Unlimited - теперь предлагается одно решение Maya 2011.

Поскольку Maya имеет открытую архитектуру, прописывать или программировать вашу работу можно при помощи убедительно подтверждённого документальными доказательствами универсального прикладного программного интерфейса API (application programming interface) или одного из двух встроенных языков сценариев. Эти возможности, в сочетании с лидирующим пакетом 3D-инструментов, позволяют вам при помощи Maya реализовывать любые творческие фантазии.


Autodesk Maya 2011 is a modeling, animation, rendering, and visual effects software offering film, game, television and design visualization artists an end-to-end creative workflow. Maya 2011 features powerful new tools for helping create and repurpose character animation: enhanced skinning capabilities and non-destructive live motion retargeting.

Autodesk Maya 2011 software features powerful new tools for helping create and repurpose character animation: enhanced skinning capabilities and non-destructive live motion retargeting. Its new 3D Editorial timeline helps accelerate pre-visualization and virtual movie-making workflows, while an invigorated user interface helps improve artists efficiency and creativity. Maya 2011 addresses today's demanding production requirements with its high-performance viewport display of large scenes, integrated color management, scene segmentation, improved rotoscoping, and new UI toolkit. With support for 64-bit as Windows operating systems, Maya is now more accessible than ever, offering artists an end-to-end creative workflow at exceptional value.

The key strengths of Autodesk Maya:
Unbeatable Value - Maya provides customers with a full featured 3D modeling, animation, effects and rendering feature set in addition to advanced matchmoving capabilities and high dynamic range compositing in a single affordable offering.
Proven Solution - Maya has been a 3D tool of choice for companies producing the top film, games, and television content throughout the world for the last decade.
Productivity - Maya helps maximize productivity with optimized workflows for everyday tasks, opportunities for collaborative, parallel workflows and re-use of assets, and automation through scripting for repetitive tasks.
Performance - Through a combination of multi-threading, algorithmic tuning, sophisticated memory management, and tools for
segmenting scenes, Maya is engineered to help elegantly handle today’s increasingly complex data sets without slowing down the creative process.
Interoperability - Maya includes the Autodesk FBX technology supporting the exchange of 3D data with numerous professional applications, allowing certain assets created outside of Maya to be re-used.
Extensibility - Built from the ground-up with its own embedded scripting language, Maya Embedded Language (MEL), Maya also offers Python scripting, and an extensive, well-documented C++ application programming interface (API). In addition, a software development kit (SDK) is available to help assist studios with pipeline integration.
Platform Choice - Whether an artist uses Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems, Maya runs on these platforms. Also with 64-bit executables for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

New in Maya 2011 (General)
Autodesk Toxik, Backburner, and MatchMover now available with Maya

Autodesk Toxik is a digital compositing application that provides interoperability with Maya. It allows you to import render passes as a pre-comp file from Maya and generate and pre-visualize compositions. In addition, it also provides features such as stereoscopic content creation tools for the production of stereo films, the ability to import geometry using the FBX file format, and organizational and collaborative tools that allow your team members to work simultaneously on a project.

Autodesk Backburner - You can now use Autodesk Backburner with Maya to manage your render jobs and render nodes while network rendering. Autodesk Backburner is a background rendering network system that allows animation scenes to be rendered by many computers working collectively on the same network.

Autodesk MatchMover is a camera tracking application that automatically captures 3D camera path and camera parameters from 2D video and film image sequences. After capturing a 3D camera path with Autodesk MatchMover, you can export the camera data to a Maya ASCII(.ma) file. This allows you to work with the camera data in Maya to accurately place 3D objects into a video or film sequence.

System Requirements
For 64-bit Autodesk Maya 2011 (Windows):
- Vista Business (SP2 or higher), Win XP Pro x64 (SP3 or higher), Win 7 Pro
- Intel EM64T, AMD Athlon 64, AMD Opteron, or AMD Phenom processor
- 2 GB RAM
- 4 GB free hard drive space
- Qualified hardware-accelerated OpenGL® graphics card
- Three-button mouse with mouse driver software
- DVD-ROM drive
- Maya Composite media cache requirements for playback:
10 GB minimum, 200 GB recommended

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