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e.World Tech PHPMaker v7.0.1
Software » Web | автор: SonyQ (8.03.10)
e.World Tech PHPMaker v7.0.1

Program Name: PHPMaker v7.0.1
Developer: e.World Technology
Homepage: www.hkvstore.com
Release Date: 02.03.2010
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7
File Size: 12.53Mb

PHPMaker - программа для автоматической генерации PHP-сценариев для управления базами данных MySQL. С помощью этих сценариев можно просматривать, редактировать, искать, добавлять и удалять записи в базе. Используя PHPMaker вы сэкономите кучу времени на составлении запросов к базе данных.


PHPMaker is a powerful automation tool that can generate a full set of PHP quickly from MySQL database. Using PHPMaker, you can instantly create Web sites that allow users to view, edit, search, add and delete records on the Web. PHPMaker is designed for high flexibility, numerous options enable you to generate PHP applications that best suits your needs.

The generated codes are clean, straightforward and easy-to-customize. The PHP scripts can be run on both Windows or Linux/Unix servers. PHPMaker can save you tons of time and is suitable for both beginners and experienced develpers alike.

* All scripts linked up properly;
* Optional list, add/copy, view, edit, delete, multi-update and search pages for each table/view. (See Table Setup) Customizable table display order;
* Optional Grid-Add, Grid-Edit, Inline-Add, Inline-Copy, Inline-Delete, Inline-Edit right in the List page;
* Optional confirmation page before insering or updating record;
* Pagers in List/View page;
* Fully customizable View and Edit format for each field. (See Field Setup) Customizable field display order;
* Server-side validation and/or client-side javascript validation;
* Optional search features (Quick, Extended Quick and Advanced) with search result highlight;
* Optional User ID and User Level Advanced Security to protect data from unauthorized access. (See Security Settings) Supports Dynamic User Levels and Hierarchical Parent User ID;
* Complete user registration system with optional user activation;
* Optional HTML settings. charset, font, CSS, customizable themes with preview. (See HTML Settings);
* Menu Editor;
* Multiple Master/Detail pages;
* Various PHP options. Charset, locale, default date formats, etc . (See PHP Settings);
* Saving and restoring project from Project File;
* Synchronize project settings with changes in database;
* Creates virtual directory in IIS automatically;
* CSS stylesheet integration;
* Field aggregation (sum, average and count);
* Custom View with built-in visual query builder;
* Basic reporting;
* Export to Printer-friendly/HTML/Word/Excel/CSV/XML from List/View page;
* Multi-column sorting;
* User selectable page size;
* Table-specific List page options;
* File uploading to folder and database;
* Dynamic table loading;
* Composite key;
* Highlight and select row color;
* Auto-Suggest textbox;
* Auto-Fill for filling related field values on selecting a value for a lookup field;
* Adding option to Selection List dynamically;
* Dynamic Selection List with multiple selection support (SELECT, RADIO and CHECKBOX);
* Auto-login and Auto-Redirect;
* Multi-page add/edit/view pages as tabs with page captions;
* Audit Trail;
* Email Notification on Add/Edit/Delete;
* Optional CAPTCHA system;
* File uploading to folder and database;
* Dynamic table loading;
* Server events and client scripts;
* Code repository;
* MD5 and case-sensitive password;
* Fully customizable template and extensions.

What's new in v7.0.1:
- utf-8 field names allowed
- Table filter considered in non List page
- "AllowNoPager" advanced settings added
- Custom validation for username and password field allowd in Registration page
- md5 password change detected
- Export- to- email in View page without pager fixed
- "Back to Master List" ignoring paging after search fixed
- ListOptions properly rendered for PHP 4
- Aggregate values properly formatted
- Upload path (relative to application root) properly converted for viewing file
- Image Resize extension - not keeping aspect ratio allowed
- Details Preview extenions - tooltip value and multi-language field caption fixed
- Other minor improvements and bug fixes

System Requirements:
Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7
PHPMaker requires a few other system files. If you do not have latest version of these files (usually Windows 98 users), you may experience ActiveX errors while running PHPMaker. To update your system, go the Microsoft download pages listed below. If you are not already using IE 6.0 or later, it is recommended to install it first as it includes most if not all of the required files.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later

Service Pack 6 for Visual Basic 6.0: Run-Time Redistribution Pack (vbrun60sp6.exe)

Microsoft Windows Script 5.7 (Windows 2000)
Microsoft Windows Script 5.7 (Windows XP)
Microsoft Windows Script 5.7 (Windows Server 2003)
MSXML Parser 3.0
DCOM98 for Windows 98, version 1.3 (Windows 98 only)


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