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Digital Juice Editors ToolKit 9: Christmas Tools SETs 221-234 (10DVDs)
Effects » Video FX | автор: makawao444 (25.01.10)
Digital Juice Editors ToolKit 9: Christmas Tools SETs 221-234 (10DVDs)
Title: Digital Juice Editors ToolKit 9: Christmas Tools SET 221 to 234
Type: Footage, Effects
File Format: .iso (Quicktime MOV, SD 720x576, 60.0 fps)
File Size: 49.73GB (10DVDs)

Digital Juice Editors ToolKit 9: Christmas Tools - Ho, ho, ho! Help for the Holidays is here in the form of new seasonal Super Sets! Sure to be a perennial favorite for your production company, business, church or school, this toolkit finishes your project with a professional, customized look available nowhere else.

The new Editor's Toolkit 9: Christmas Tools continues to expand the thematic breadth of our Toolkit library, with seasonal elements that are tastefully professional in every way. From the unique live-action Santa Set to the more abstract swirls of snow, this toolkit evokes the season in a nostalgic way. The matching and coordinated animated graphics in the toolkit turn edited video into a complete program, ready for broadcast, whether your production is for an annual company dinner or a special network holiday program. This seasonal toolkit will pay for itself the first time you use it and will be a perennial favorite in the years to come.

Digital Juice Editors ToolKit 9: Christmas Tools SETs 221-234 (10DVDs)

Super Sets are matched collections that make it is easy to create a coordinated and professional look. Super Sets contain many individual elements, with multiple variations of each. This allows producers and designers to instantly create a thematic feel for a program, while still providing enough variety and customization for a unique, signature look that viewers will identify with, recognize and remember.

Animated Backgrounds & Templates - Full Screen Animated Backgrounds. These are full screen background animations that are great for title sequences, text templates and DVD menus. The template-style backgrounds are designed to be more text friendly than the regular backgrounds and tend to be more subdued so that they do not distract from the your primary message.

Animated Overlays - Animated overlays are full screen animations with alpha channel transparency that serve as animated frames and accents for your video clips.

Standard & Mini Lower Thirds - Animations with Alpha Channel. Animated lower thirds are animated elements using alpha channel transparency that commonly server as anchoring elements for text, nameplates and logos at the bottom of the screen.

Animated Full Screen Wipes - Full Screen, Full Color Wipe Transitions with Sound FX. Animated full screen wipes are textured and colored animations which serve as a transition between two video clips. Amazing particle, light and dynamic cloth effects give you incredible new options when transitioning between scenes. Designed to work without a plug-in on any editing system that supports overlays, these easy-to-use wipes are as unique as they are useful.

Standard & Text Motion Design Elements - Animations with Alpha Channel. Motion Design Elements are smaller animations that highlight text or logos and are generally used to draw the viewer's attention to a specific part of the screen.

Features Editors ToolKit 9: Christmas Tools
- 400 + Animations
- 12 DVD-ROMs
- Includes 16 matching Super Sets, which include the following animated elements:
- 3 Backgrounds / Templates
- 2 Overlays
- 2 Lower Thirds
- 2 full screen wipes
- 1 Transitional Wipe
- 2 Overlay Mattes
- 2 Lower Third Mattes
- 2 Motion Design Elements
- QuickTime format
- Includes the FREE Juicer 3 processing software
- Convert to PAL, NTSC & DV
- Output to AVI, QT, image sequences & native NLE codecs
- Keyword searchable index

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    Комментарии / Comments

    (#1) написал: virtualdj2006 (25.01.10 17:23)
    Сейчас качнём lol

    (#2) написал: Beathan (12.02.10 15:02)
    K_V09D05D.part20.rar FILE MISSED!


    (#3) написал: Miguk (18.02.10 00:13)
    так что с 20-й частью?
    what about K_V09D05D.part20.rar?

    (#4) написал: nimdA (18.02.10 03:10)
    посмотрите внимательно на ссылки.
    человек залил этот файл два раза, один удалил, другой остался.

    и почему всем непременно нужен тот, который удалён?!

    (#5) написал: Miguk (20.02.10 00:02)
    ой, а ведь и правда! у меня JD ругнулся на 20-ю часть, вот я и забил тревогу
    а на список и не поглядел...
    вот что от дублирования файлов случается :-)
    обисапс за подсказку, nimdA ;-)


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