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Outerspace Software BluffTitler DX9 iTV v8.0
Software » Video Apps | автор: nimdA (18.01.10)
Outerspace Software BluffTitler DX9 iTV v8.0

Release Name: Outerspace Software BluffTitler DX9 iTV v8.0-ArCADE
Release Date: 01/2010
Homepage: www.outerspace-software.com/blufftitler.html
Interface Language: Multilingual (русский включительно)
Platform: WinAll
File Size: 6.8Mb

BluffTitler DX9 - программа для создания красивых текстовых эффектов применяемых при DVD - авторинге, а также трёхмерной мультипликации. Результат можно просматривать в реальном времени с экспортом в картинку, видео формат, VJ и вебсайты. Сделанную в программе анимацию можно без труда добавлять в проекты, созданные в видеоредакторах, таких как Sony Vegas, Pinnacle Studio и др...

Мультипликации построены из слоев, которые могут отделяться независимо. BluffTitler поддерживает множество различных типов слоев: камера, свет, текст, картика, видео, плазма, частица и аудио и т.д. Слои могут быть связаны друг с другом для создания специальных эффектов.

Программа тесно интегрируется с такими пакетами как: Pinnacle Studio, Sony Vegas, Ulead VideoStudio, MAGIX video deLuxe, Canopus Edius и Adobe Premiere.

Более подробно о программе можно прочитать ЗДЕСЬ>>

BluffTitler DX9 iTV - это наиболее полная версия программы с доступом ко всем функциям


BluffTitler DX9 - Create dazzling 3D titles for your videos. Want to impress your friends and clients with cool 3D titles? But don't want to spend a fortune on professional 3D animation and video titling software? BluffTitler is the easiest way to add spectacular 3D text animations to your photos and videos! Other 3D programs always seemed too hard to learn and too expensive to justify. But thanks to BluffTitler, I can finally create all of the cool animations I only dreamed of before!

BluffTitler has been designed for video:
- Export your titles in any resolution, from 320 x 240 up to full HD in 1920 x 1080
- Presets for all SDTV and HDTV standards in PAL, NTSC, progressive & interlacing
- Export as 32 bits AVI with transparency info
- Export as 32 bits TARGA, PNG and BMP frames with transparency info
- Export in 16:9 (widescreen) and 4:3 aspect ratios
- Correct NTSC framerate of 29.97 fps
- Field rendering in PAL and NTSC
- Safe area and crosshair display when editing

With BluffTitler you can create spectacular 3D text animations. The result can be played in realtime by the BluffTitler player or exported to video and picture formats for further processing in DVD authoring tools including: Pinnacle Studio, Sony Vegas, Ulead VideoStudio, MAGIX Video, Canopus Edius and Adobe Premiere.

BluffTitler is the ultimate tool for creating 3D text animations for use in your:
- Videos (alpha channel export supported)
- Broadcast Graphics
- Web Graphics
- Computer Presentations (check out the powerful command-line options of the player)
- Digital Kiosks
- IPTV Solutions
- VJ Performances (MIDI keyboard supported)

With dynamic content you can automate tedious editing work, turn BluffTitler into an RSS news feed reader, a photo browser or even create internet controlled interactive applications!

BluffTitler Technical Specifications

Import file formats:
fonts: True Type (.TTF), Open Type (.OTF) and Type 1 fonts.
pictures: .BMP, .JPG, .PNG (24 and 32 bits), .TGA (24 and 32 bits), .DDS and .DIB.
video: .ASF, .AVI, .MPG, .MPEG, .QT and .WMV. BluffTitler uses DirectShow to play videos. It requires a DirectShow MPEG-2 decoder filter in order to play MPEG-2 files.
audio: .MP3, .WAV and .MID.
vector drawings: .EPS (limited support)
3D models: .X

Export file formats:
Stills: .BMP, .TGA and .TGA with alpha transparency
Video: uncompressed AVI, uncompressed AVI with alpha transparency (RGBA) and Compressed AVI. BluffTitler uses the OpenDML AVI File Format Extensions to create files bigger than 2 GB. BluffTitler only exports the visuals.
Frames: serial TARGA (.TGA) files and serial TARGA (.TGA) files with alpha transparency

Effects that can be created with BluffTitler include:
- golden beveled titles
- blood dripping titles
- JPG textured titles
- MPG textured titles
- slimy titles
- hairy titles
- exploding titles
- reflection mapped titles
- twisted titles
- cartoon shaded titles
- golden glowing titles
- spooky lightened titles
- titles with silver spikes
- jumbling titles
- inverted titles
- bouncing titles
- powerfield emitting titles
- titles with flying hearts
- pumping titles

and also:
- plasma backgrounds
- background videos morphing into donuts
- particle effects
- MP3 audio
- morphing JPG pictures
- exploding video backgrounds
- fractal backgrounds

BluffTitler DX9 iTV - The iTV (interactive television) version is identical to the PRO version, except it features SDI output. This allows you to connect BluffTitler to professional TV studio equipment

System requirements
- Windows XP, Vista or 7 (32 or 64 bit)
- DirectX version June 2007 or later
- Intel Pentium compatible processor (Pentium III 800 MHz or better recommended)
- 128 MB RAM
- 10 MB available hard disk space
- Hardware accelerated 3D graphics card with hardware vertex shader support

Changes in Version 8.0 (Released: Thursday, Januari 14th, 2010):
- EASY, PRO and iTV versions. Choose Settings > Switch to EASY/PRO Version to switch.
- New layer: Container layer
- New layer: Lightning layer
- New layer: Lense Flare layer
- New layer: Voxel layer
- Playlists. Choose Settings > Playlist Window to display the playlist window
- Shell window. Choose Settings > Shell Window to display the shell window
- New menu item: File > Export as Template...
- Blackmagic DeckLink output (only in iTV version)
- Support for multi-monitor systems
- Advanced time tags in the text layer
- Options dialog: choose Settings > General Options...
- Vertical align composition effects in the text layer
- New light layer properties: Shadow Softness, Beam Colour, Flare Size and Flare Colour
- Shadows and lightbeams are now generated by text, EPS, picture, model and sketch layers
- New text layer effect: Single Sided
- New text layer property: Encrypt
- New picture layer effects: Single Sided, Skybox and 2D in Foreground
- New particle layer effects: Pointing Upwards and Pointing towards Flight Direction
- New particle layer properties: Chameleon, Effect Size, Launch Colour, Launch Colour Tolerance, Grid and Target Layer
- New sketch layer effects: Attached Layers point Upwards and Attached Layers follow Sketch
- New scroller layer property: Transparency
- New plasma layer effects: Horizontal, Vertical and Radial Gradient
- New sketch layer effect: Square
- New model layer property: Colour
- New passe-partout layer effects: Vertical Bars and Horizontal Bars
- All demo shows that come with the installer now have the widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio
- When editing, the active layer is rendered with a local coordinate system. This can be turned on/off by pressing or by choosing Settings > Show safe Area + Arrows
- Optimized rendering for realtime applications
- Advanced IPC commands and command line options for system integration
- Option to export as compressed AVI with transparency info (compressed 32 bits RGBA)
- Bitmap fonts: press the new Select Bitmap Font button in the font dialog. Use Alphabix to create bitmap fonts
- Video layer can play animated GIF files
- Video layer is updated when timeslider is moved
- Attach borders to picture, video and video capture layers
- Volume property in audio and video layers
- Maximum number of particles increased from 1.000 to 10.000
- Maximum number of characters in the text layer increased from 500 to 1000
- Maximum show duration increased from 3 to 60 minutes
- Use IE proxy settings option in the internet options dialog
- Premultiplied alpha channel in SDI output and video export
- Support for UNC paths
- Intuitive camera position mouse control
- Proper Would you like to overwrite? messagebox when saving show with all media files

Outerspace Software BluffTitler DX9 iTV v8.0
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    (#1) написал: Nayls (18.01.10 19:52)
    Качаем без заморочек прямо с сайта производителя.

    (#2) написал: nimdA (18.01.10 21:26)
    hi, Nayls,
    скачать то можно без проблем, только от этого он в "iTV" не превратится wink
    открой блокнотом arcade.nfo и увидишь разницу.
    !во время ввода ключей отрубите интернет!

    (#3) написал: Nayls (19.01.10 11:11)
    А апгрейд будет делать?

    (#4) написал: uramon (7.03.10 13:14)
    это не iTV
    обыкновенная easy версия - с отключенными функциями


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