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O&O PartitionManager Professional Edition v2.7.740 Bilingual Retail (ISO)
Software » System | автор: nimdA (17.01.10)
O&O PartitionManager Professional Edition v2.7.740 Bilingual Retail (ISO)
Release Name: OO PartitionManager Professional Edition v2.7.740 Bilingual iSO-rG
Release Date: 01/2010
Homepage: www.oo-software.com/home/en/products/oopartitionmanager
Language: English, German
Platform: Win 2000, XP, Vista, 7
File Format: .bin/cue
File Size: 315Mb

O&O PartitionManager - новая программа для работы с разделами жёстких дисков, с помощью которой можно разделять жёсткие диски на разделы, изменять их размер и перемещать диски в другие места. Программа поддерживает все типы дисков, начиная от жёстких дисков и заканчивая USB носителями и картами памяти, которые так же могут быть разделены на разделы и т.д.

Программа разработана таким способом, что похожа на стандартный Windows Disk Manager, но, в отличии от него, включает в себя ряд передовых возможностей, таких как изменение размера разделов и перенос дисков на новое местоположение. Интерфейс программы прост и удобен в использовании.

- Создание, удаление, расширение и сжатие разделов
- Поддержка всех типов дисков, включая USB носители и карты памяти
- Ведущие технологии O&O Defrag и O&O SafeErase
- Изменение размеров разделов
- Надежное удаление данных
- Поддержка 32-битных и 64-битных систем


O&O PartitionManager is similar in design to the familiar Windows DiskManager, but provides a number of advanced options such as changing the size of a drive, or moving it from one place to another. What makes it even more unique is the integration of O&O SafeErase, our multiple award winning tool for deleting data securely. This is something that comes in very handy when you no longer need a certain partition and wish to free the space it’s taking up on the disk.

Manage your hard disks securely and reliably
Increase security by partitioning your hard disk. A hard disk, split into partitions, can often make a big difference in successfully recovering data or restoring individual partitions when system error or complete system failure occurs. O&O PartitionManager 2 enables you to split your hard disk into partitions, change their size, move them to another location, and much more.

- Create, delete, extend and shrink partitions
- For the first time ever, support of all volume types from Vista and Windows XP, e.g. GPT-, basic and dynamic disks
- Includes leading technologies of O&O Defrag and O&O SafeErase
- Start CD is based on O&O BlueCon (O&O BlueCon PE is based on the original Windows PE Server 2008; O&O PartitionManager contains various system rescue and administrative functions from O&O BlueCon PE, such as O&O FileExplorer, O&O RegEditor and O&O CheckDisk.)
- Supports Vista and Windows XP (32-bit/64-bit)

System Requirements:
- Windows 7, 2000 Pro, XP 32 Bit/64 Bit and Vista 32 Bit/64 Bit
- Start CD requires 512 MB RAM, (1 GB RAM recommended)
- Intel compatible Processor from 800 MHz
- 30 MB free Hard Disk space
- VGA Graphics card with minimum 800x600 and 16 Bit color depth
- CD-ROM Drive, Keyboard and Mouse

O&O PartitionManager Professional Edition v2.7.740 Bilingual Retail (ISO)

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