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DAZ3D DAZ Studio 3 Advanced v3.0.1.144 (Win32)
Software » 3D | автор: nimdA (5.12.09)
DAZ 3D DAZ Studio 3 Advanced v3.0.1.144 (Win32)
Program Name: DAZ 3D DAZ Studio 3 Advanced v3.0.1.144 (Win32)
Type: 3D
Release Date: Dec 2009
Developer: DAZ 3D
Homepage: www.daz3d.com/i/software/daz_studio3/daz_studio_advanced
Interface Language: English
Platform: Win XP, Vista
File Size: 98Mb

DAZ Studio 3 Advanced - расширенная версия программы Daz Studio 3, предназначенная для профессиональных 3D-аниматоров, дизайнеров и иллюстраторов. В дополнение к функциональным возможностям стандартной версии, DAZ Studio 3 Advanced предоставляет дополнительные способы рендеринга изображений и расширенную поддержку шейдеров, а также предусматривает возможность импорта и экспорта моделей в формате Collada, предлагает средства редактирования ключевых кадров анимации и превосходный инструмент Figure Mixer, и успешно работает под управлением 64-битных операционных систем.


DAZ Studio 3 Advanced - Create Advanced 3D with the new time saving workflow and professional toolset. Get more out of DAZ Studio than ever before. Upgrade to DAZ Studio Advanced and enter a higher level of 3D art and animation. Packed with must-have features for the serious 3D artist, this brand-new edition of DAZ Studio provides high-end tools and features with extended export capabilities and greater compatibility with its big brother, Carrara.

Features DAZ Studio 3 Advanced
- Advanced Shaders and Effects - DAZ Studio now includes HDRI, IBL, Ambient Occlusion, Area Lights, Volumetrics, Velvet, Indirect Lighting, Translucency, Layered Anisotropic Specularity, and Sub-Surface Scattering.
- Scripted Renderer - Gain full control of the rendering process. If you're into scripting and are familiar with the RenderMan API, this is for you.
- Shader Mixer (Advanced Material Editor) - Mix and match over 90 included shader bricks (or design your own) to create custom lights, cameras, and surfaces within a simple node network for amazing render effects.
- Figure Mixer - Now you can blend between different figures to create your own unique figures. This tool will not only blend two or more shapes together, but it will also provide a working joint rig and preserve the original morphs of the figure you started from.
- Morph Follower - This feature allows you to add support for new figures in old clothing by automatically creating new morphs to fit an unsupported shape.
- 64-Bit for Windows - This functionality not only makes things go faster, it expands memory support, and allows large scenes to be arranged and rendered much easier.
- Map Transfer - This allows you to convert a texture from one figure's UV's so they can be used on another figure's UV's.
- Shader Builder - Built for advanced artists who need a deeper level of control and want to create shaders from scratch.
- Shader Baker - Bake surface shaders, bump maps, displacement maps, and textures into a single image-based texture for a final-render look straight out of the box. You can then share or sell to other users who may not have the same advanced shaders you use to make it look its best.
- Animation Keyframe Editor - Now you can easily see where your keyframes are. Add, delete, copy, paste and/or move your keyframes around with great visual feedback. Special thanks to GoFigure!.

System Requirements

- Pentium 4
- 1.3 GHz (2 GHz dual core or faster recommended)
- Windows XP (XP or Vista recommended)
- 1 GB RAM min (2GB recommended)
- 200MB free hard drive space for installation (500 MB recommended)
- OpenGL 1.3 compatible graphics card with at least 128 MB RAM (Hardware accelerated OpenGL 2.2, or higher, compatible recommended with 512MB RAM)
- DirectX 9 (DirectX 10 recommended)
- WHQL-64 certified
- Windows XP x64 sp2 (Vista 64 sp1)
- 1 GB RAM min (3GB recommended)
- 200MB free hard drive space for installation (500 MB recommended)
- Hardware accelerated OpenGl 1.3 compatible (OpenGL 2.2, or higher, compatible recommended)
- DirectX 9 (DirectX 10 recommended)

DAZ 3D DAZ Studio 3 Advanced v3.0.1.144 (Win32)
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