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CFi ShellToys XP v7.1.0.0 x86
Software » System | автор: nimdA (9.11.09)
CFi ShellToys XP v7.1.0.0 x86
Program Name: CFi ShellToys XP v7.1.0.0 x86
Release Date: Nov 2009
Developer: Cool Focus International
Interface Language: English
Platform: WinAll (32bit)
File Size: 8.9Mb

CFi ShellToys XP - программа, которая позволяет добавить в контекстное меню более 50-ти дополнительных команд, расширяющих возможности управления файлами, папками, после этого отпадает необходимость в установке множества программ.

CFi ShellToys XP даёт возможность зашифровать или расшифровать файл, изменить расширение, время и атрибуты, копировать, безвозвратно удалить, синхронизировать содержимое выбранных папок, извлекать картинки и иконки из .exe и .dll файлов, просматривать и распаковывать архивы, разрезать или склеивать файлы, раскрашивать папки в различные цвета, просматривать данные медиа-файлов (тип, разрешение, Bitrate, и т.п), корректировать теги, создавать виртуальный диски для часто используемых папок и многое другое.


CFi ShellToys XP puts the tools you need right where you need them – just a click away on your context menu. Right-click one or more files or folders, the desktop or the window background for instant access to 50 context-sensitive shell extensions.

With ShellToys, tedious file-management chores are handled in seconds:
- copy paths to the clipboard
- check and change file extensions
- alter file dates & attributes
- open command prompts
- batch-rename files
- find and replace text in multiple files
- synchronize folder contents
- switch between favorite folders

- Over 50 new shell extensions in one unique package, plus 20 extra shell tools!
- Customizable – you choose which extensions, tools and features you want to use
- Don't like right-clicking? Assign hotkeys to your favorite tools for fast keyboard access
- Context-sensitive help throughout – press F1 in any ShellToys window or dialog
- Free lifetime updates and unlimited free support by email for registered users
- ShellToys can be used in 64-bit (x64) and 32-bit versions of Windows

Choose a shell extension:
All Shell Extensions
Add To Send To
Add To Templates
Archive Contents
Batch Rename
Browse Media
Cascade On Start Menu
Change Date & Time
Change Extension
Choose Program
Command Prompt
Convert Audio Files
Convert Images
Copy/Move To Folder
Copy Path
Create Virtual Drive
Delete On Reboot
Duplicate File
Encrypt/Decrypt File
Explore Rooted
Extended Delete
Extended Search & Replace
Find Folder
Folder Color
Folder Contents
Folder Size
Go To Folder
Image Size
Junction Point Target
Mask By Type
Media Info
New File Here
New Folder Here
New From Template
Open In Notepad
Play Media Album
Print Folder Listing
Recent Files
Resize Images
Run With Parameters
Select By Type
Set Attributes
Shortcut Target
Shred File
Shut Down
Split File
Synchronize Folder
Up One Level
View Icons
Zip Files
Zip Folder

- Windows 64-bit (x64) or 32-bit operating system: Windows 7, Vista, Server 2008, Server 2003, XP, 2000, ME, 98 Second Edition, 98
- Windows Media Player 7.1 or higher
- 10 MB disk space for installation
- Recommended: Windows 7, Vista or XP; True Color (32-bit) display at 1024x768 or greater

Changes and additions in ShellToys 7.1.0:
- This version adds a few improvements that didn't make it in time for v7.0, and fixes a few bugs.
- All media-player windows (such as Browse Media and Media Info) are re-themed with a Windows 7 style.
- CFi Explorer now provides boolean searching using Windows' own search mechanism and indexing.
- The Dialogs+ feature is now supported on 64-bit editions of Windows 7, with the exception that dialogs belonging to 64-bit applications won't include a Go To Folder button.
- Fixes a bug in which the ShellToys menu could fail to appear when right-clicking the desktop, the Desktop Icon Positions tool could fail with an error that 'SysListView32 could not be found', and hotkeys used for desktop selections could be ignored.
- Fixes a bug in the New From Template context menu in 64-bit Windows editions, in which selecting a template could crash Explorer.
- Fixes a bug in the Add/Remove Templates dialog in which the Remove button failed to delete the selected template.
- Fixes an intermittent bug in which selecting multiple items in Explorer, right-clicking and selecting a ShellToys tool could cause Explorer to crash.
- Fixes a very specific bug in CFi Explorer in which, if the system was brought out of Sleep with CFi Explorer running and using Aero glass for its navigation panel, the navigation panel would be displayed with a solid black background.
- Fixes a bug in which the Up One Level tool didn't work in CFi Explorer

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