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Photodex ProShow StylePacks - Volume 3
Effects » Video FX | автор: nimdA (3.11.09)
Photodex ProShow StylePacks - Volume 3
Name: ProShow StylePacks - Volume 3
Release Date: 2009
Publisher: Photodex
Platform: ProShow Producer 4.x (Will not work in ProShow Gold)
File Size: 101Mb

Photodex ProShow StylePacks Volume 3 - набор высококачественных дополнений к программе ProShow Producer для профессионального создания слайд-шоу. Это десятки готовых эффектов, шаблонов, макетов и анимаций! Volume 3 включает 25 новых, готовых к использованию высококачественных современных стилей для ProShow Producer, такие как Cast Away, Portrait Exposition, Tilt Matrix и многое другое!
Photodex ProShow StylePacks Volume 3 (For Producer Users Only) features 25 new and exciting styles to enhance your slide shows, including Cast Away, Portrait Exposition, Tilt Matrix and more. With just a few clicks you can go from ordinary to extraordinary. Each ProShow StylePack comes with dozens of pre-made effects that turn your slides and photos into extraordinary layouts and animations!

Included Styles
- Creative Contrast - A grayscale image appears, shifting into color as a blurred color background zooms into view. Each image & background combo rotate in and out of view in a contrasting direction.
- Flip Switch - Two images rush into view across a moving background. The front image is in focus, the other in back, out of focus. During the middle, the images flip as they switch positions and focus.
- Old Rotary Viewer - Images rotate into view one at a time, displayed in a vignette style. The original photo print is displayed in front, and an old film-like version flickers in the background.
- Pale Prelude - Light spreads across the screen to illuminate a pale grayscale image that intensifies as it shifts to full color. A burst of light blends each image scene together.
- Cast Away - An image appears, drifting slowly away from the screen, its edges glowing against a dark background. As it surges toward exit, the momentum of the next image pushes forward to repeat the cycle again.
- Fast Times - A series of images blur as their halves streak across the screen in divided lanes. Each image is shown whole briefly, before the halves split apart in opposite directions.
- Portrait Exposition - A dark grayscale background opens like sliding doors to reveal a corresponding color portrait in the center, on a white background. Each image slides vertically into the next scene.
- Rift & Reveal Montage - Images tumble into view one after the other, each appearing from a rift in the previous image. The sequence begins with a rapid intro version of the effect, then slows to display each image longer.
- Striped Passage Montage - Nine images are introduced in a display of narrow strip-like windows. Each image is then shown in full detail behind a series of white semi-transparent doors.
- Tilt Matrix - A single image appears as the intro to the effect, in which a complex gridded matrix of nine images tilts into view, then later tilts out of view to end with a final image display.
- Aperture - Features a shutter-click sound effect, beginning with a flash, then the camera aperture opening to reveal the image in the shot. Works great when used on multiple slides to create a sequence.
- Cascading Iterations - An image background lands on-screen, blurring out of focus as a stack of images cascades into view. A copy of the image folds accordion-style across the screen as it exits.
- Chroma Wash - A grayscale image appears on black. Fountain-like rays of light spill across the scene, illuminating the background while casting color onto the image. A dreamy wash of color later fills the background.
- Drama Projection - A vignetted image emerges from the dark background into full view, then drifts back toward the center as its edges subtly glow. The image then recoils and advances in a burst of light toward the center.
- Dream Revolution - An image appears with its dream-like counterpart swirling around the edges. The frame of focus morphs from a horizontal strip, to a vertical strip, later propelling the scene toward its exit.
- Figure & Ground - A full screen image fades into view, then blurs as it becomes transformed into a color wash background, bounded by black top and bottom margins. A polished photo print image emerges in the foreground.
- Flicker Frame - A series of images are shown, each flickering into view in a loose adaptation of vertically-scrolling film frames.
- Manifest - The screen begins as a blank white canvas, with a blank photo print in the center. Slowly, an image fades into view on the photo print, while a corresponding background image fills the surrounding area.
- Mirror Mask - A center portrait emerges in the foreground in front of a moving or still background. Mirror images stand on either side as the main image advances, then retracts into the dark center.
- Ripples of Grey - An image first appears in grayscale negative form. A water-like ripple effect cascades down the image, revealing the full color version, while a background image fades into white to complete the effect.
- Sum of the Parts - Fragments of an image arrange themselves in overlapping fashion to build a complete grayscale image. A second cycle removes the pieces, revealing a color image underneath.
- Convergence - Caption layers fly in to meet in the center, while duplicate background image sets scroll from top and bottom, converging toward the center to briefly appear as a complete image.
- Lights & Letters - Orbs of light move toward each other, lighting images in the center. As they unite, titles unfold, followed by a spotlight image sequence. Multiple decorative captions options available.
- Oscillations - A small white light on black, oscillates in a fun, wobbly fashion as it fills the screen to reveal a center caption circle that unites four constantly-changing quadrants of images.
- Photo Mobile - Three columns of images with assorted frames swing into view. Each frame turns, revealing a new image until the center frame tumbles out of view. Dynamic titles complete the effect.

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    hi,nimdA! ключ наверное в чёрном списке, а без ключа активация какая-то мудрённая. прошу подсказки.

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    Photodex ProShow StylePacks - Volume 3
    ключик не работает!
    Жалко, прога просто офигенная!

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    hi, Garincha,
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    других вариантов пока нет.

    (#4) написал: Garincha (5.11.09 18:01)
    hi, nimdA! всё сделал как написано но в winhex такого ряда нет 05 00 00 00 01, или я может не там смотрел.


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