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Software » Video Apps | автор: nimdA (3.11.09)
Release Date: NOV 02ND 2009
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows XP
File Size: 139Mb

Autodesk Lustre 2010 - новая версия системы для цифровой цветокоррекции. Это передовое высокопроизводительное решение цветокоррекции на основе графического ускорителя, позволяющее художникам-колористам решать повседневные задачи киноиндустрии и телевидения. При помощи Lustre можно стилизировать видео, изменять время дня, во время которого происходит действие, поддерживать непрерывность кадров и т.п.

Система цветокоррекции и управления цветом Autodesk Lustre 2010 с улучшенными инструментами, параметрами и технологиями даст новые возможности для творчества и повысит производительность, может использоваться совместно с программами для видеомонтажа и спецэффектов Autodesk Smoke и Autodesk Flame - проекты, созданные в этих программах, могут дорабатываться при помощи Lustre, и, наоборот, при этом не используются ни экспорт файлов, ни видеопленка. Передача данных происходит через протокол доступа клиент-сервер Autodesk Wiretap.

Сочетая лучшие творческие инструменты, изменяемые характеристики и эффективные параметры работы Lustre 2010 даст вам набор инструментов для работы в режиме реального времени и позволит создать высокохудожественные цветные изображения для фильмов и видеороликов на любой стадии окончательного монтажа.

Среди нововведений последней версии можно отметить поддержку MXF посредством Avid DNxHD, поддержку файлов RSX, улучшенную совместимость с Flame и Smoke, возможность использования 48 слоев, новый инструмент Degrain для устранения зернистости.


Autodesk Lustre 2010 offers sophisticated color tools designed to provide precise, high-quality linear and logarithmic grading of both film and television material, and can be used on standard and stereoscopic projects, integrating into both live and computer graphic (CG) stereo production pipelines.

Autodesk Lustre is a leading high-performance color-grading solution for creative look development. It gives artists remarkable control over final color and lighting effects for television and film projects and is ideal for both stereoscopic 3D and standard projects. Develop creative and complex looks in primary and secondary grading while harnessing the power of parallel processing and graphic processing unit (GPU) rendering technologies. For increased productivity, integrate Lustre into your workflow and share media and timelines with Autodesk Flame and Autodesk Smoke visual effects and finishing software.

Combining the best creative tools, scalable performance, and efficient workflow, Lustre 2009 gives you real-time tools to explore highly creative color looks for film or video at any point in the post-production process. Ultimately, Lustre allows the colorist to focus on creating breathtaking results.

- Primary and secondary grading - Modify primary grades before and after secondary correction. Create up to 48 secondary layers, based on keys and an unlimited number of shapes, with independent inside/outside settings.
- Freehand shapes and geometries - Creative shape system capable of extremely precise looks using animated free-form shapes or geometries.
- Hierarchical shape system - Simplify animation of multiple shapes with powerful tree-based parent-child system.
- Advanced edge softness - Create variable-edged softness around shapes to blend colors organically, or imitate natural lighting falloff.
- Multipoint and region-of-interest tracking - Fast, accurate tracking to animate shapes and stabilize images.
- Keying - Isolate regions, colors, or brightness using the powerful HLS keyer.
- Pan and scan - Reframe the composition and mastering to different formats.
- Accurate dust and grain removal - Automatic dust removal tools, including use of infrared scan data, helps you find and remove dust and scratches faster. Degrain tool enables you to remove grain from entire shots or specific areas to help create a consistent grade.

What's New
- Degrain tool - Use the Degrain tool to remove grain from entire shots and specific areas to help create your desired look, as well as combine a variety of film and video sources for a more consistent grade.
- Secondary color-grading enhancements - Add up to 48 secondary layers to refine the look of your project. Each layer can be keyed and includes an unlimited number of shapes to help draw attention to elements in the shot and add subtlety to the grade.
- RED workflow enhancements - Lustre supports RED RSX files. Support for RED also includes accessible and reproducible transcode settings as well as high-quality HD and 2K streaming performance while working on digital dailies or a final grade.
- Grade Bin enhancements - Organize grading decisions with the Grade Bin. Categorizing grades in a look library enables you to reuse them on other projects, scenes, or cuts, as well as share looks with other users.
- Enhanced interoperability with Autodesk Flame and Autodesk Smoke software - Lustre offers enhanced interoperability to provide robust, accurate data sharing. Exchange multilayer timelines and metadata between creative stations without the need for multiple edit decision lists (EDLs).

Lustre requires Windows XP Professional SP2 and an Nvidia Quadro graphic card.


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