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Photodex ProShow StylePacks - Volume 1
Effects » Video FX | автор: nimdA (25.09.09)
Photodex ProShow StylePacks - Volume 1
Name: ProShow StylePacks - Volume 1
Publisher: Photodex
Platform: ProShow Gold & Producer 4.x
File Size: 89Mb

Photodex ProShow StylePacks Volume 1 - набор высококачественных дополнений к программам ProShow Gold и ProShow Producer для профессионального создания слайд-шоу. Это десятки готовых эффектов, шаблонов, макетов и анимаций! Volume 1 включает 15 высококачественных стилей для ProShow Gold и 25 для ProShow Producer, такие как Picture Line, Art Gallery, Painterly Wash и десятки других!
Photodex ProShow StylePacks Volume 1 - Enhance your slides with styles like the Picture Line, Art Gallery, Painterly Wash and dozens more. ProShow StylePacks are collections of high-quality, instant slide enhancements that expand the initial Slide Style offerings in ProShow Gold and Producer. Each ProShow StylePack comes with dozens of pre-made effects that turn your slides and photos into extraordinary layouts and animations!

Style Descriptions

ProShow Gold & Producer Styles:
- Parallel Tracks- Parallel tracks of images panning in opposing directions.
- Picture Line- A sequence of 5-10 photo prints appear from left to right, hanging on a clothes line.
- Advancing- Images advance continuously towards the screen from the edge of an imaginary horizon line.
- Zoom Out Wall- Focus shifts from a single central image to a wall of tiled images using a zoom-out motion effect.
- Collage Scatter- A random assortment of images scatters to reveal an image advancing from the center of the scene.
- Art Gallery- An image is displayed in a classic art gallery picture frame display.
- Bulletin Board- One large image and two smaller images are pinned casually to a bulletin board display. A scrap of notebook paper serves as a space for captions.
- Painterly Wash- An image is displayed in a transitional style frame featuring a painterly ink wash with aged and textural details.
- Photo Corners- An image is displayed on antiqued paper with traditional photo corners holding it in place.
- Reel Viewer- An image is displayed through the perspective of a toy film reel viewer.
- Retro Toy Camera- A simulation of the popular retro toy camera look from the 1960s, featuring a deep vignette and hyper-saturation.
- Infrared Camera- A simulation of the edgy infrared camera look, featuring high contrast, extreme white and black point adjustments, in grayscale.
- Reflection Neutral- An image with a soft reflection beneath it, displayed on a neutral gradient background.
- Speech Bubbles- Features a talk bubble, thought bubble and exclamation bubble commonly found in comic book layouts.
- Titleplates- Features editable captions arranged on your choice of an oval or rectangular titleplate background.

Producer-Only Styles
- Sliding Sequence- A sequence of six images slide into view, each coming to rest on a glossy surface. Use landscape images.
- Next- A lineup of images gradually advances to the foreground, revealing one image at a time. Use landscape images.
- Carousel- A revolving carousel displays six images with the central image always appearing opaque, and the rest appearing transparent.
- Shuffle Quad- A sequence of eight images is shown in a shuffled sliding door-type animation, over four divided areas.
- Zoom Out Wall- Expands on the basic zoom out wall effect by switching focus on a second image after the initial zoom out.
- Tinted Soft Focus- A warm, sepia tint is cast over a subtly blurred image that sharpens into focus toward the center of the image producing the popular soft focus look.
- Silk Screen- A simulation of a silk screen print featuring one image on a parchment background.
- Growing Into Focus- An image appears from a distance, growing into focus as it moves closer to the viewer.
- Puzzle- An image is displayed as a nine-tiled puzzle game, with tiles gradually shuffling into the empty space to form a complete picture.
- Curtain Call- A spotlight moves in a figure eight pattern across a stage curtain, which parts to reveal a stage for the main titles of your show.

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