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Watch & Learn: Photoshop Tips and Tricks Vol.1-6 PACK
Tutorials | автор: nimdA (15.09.09)
Watch & Learn: Photoshop Tips and Tricks Vol.1-6 PACK
Release Name: Watch.&.Learn-Photoshop.Tips.and.Tricks.Vol.1-6-NzB
Publisher: TechnicalLead.Com
Release Date: 11.13.2007
Interface Language: English
File Format: .iso (CDs)
File Size: Total-1.03Gb

Watch & Learn: Photoshop Tips and Tricks Vol.1-6 PACK - Этот сборник видео-уроков, включающий все 6 частей из серии "Photoshop Советы и хитрости", которые в прошлом фигурировали в бюллетене Эта коллекция учебных пособий должна быть у любого энтузиаста Photoshop.
Watch & Learn: Photoshop Tips and Tricks Vol.1-6 PACK - This bundle package contains all 6 volumes of "Photoshop Tips and Tricks" series. This compilation contains video tutorials that have been featured in newsletter in the past. This collection of Photoshop tutorials is a must have for any Photoshop enthusiast.

Detailed Video Descriptions:

1 - Vanishing Point (Running Time - 7:03)
This is one of the most amazing things in Photoshop CS2 hands down! You will learn how to edit your photos with a brand new filter called Vanishing Point. Learn to use the plane tool to paint out ojects and keep in scale with the photo, simply amazing.

2 - Graffiti (Running Time - 8:40)
It seems like questions about this keep popping up. In this tutorial, you will learn how to add graffiti to a textured surface while using gradients and the Overlay option.

3 - Liquefy (Running Time - 7:01)
In this tutorial, you will learn how properly use the liquefy filter in Photoshop CS2. This can be a very effective tool when editing your digital photography. Learn to create professional looking photos.

4 - Blur Filters(Running Time - 5:38)
Learn to use the new blur filters provided in Photoshop CS2. These new blur filters take your projects to a new level. In this tutorial, you will learn about the very exciting new blur filter called "Surface Blur" that will add a professional look to any digital photo.

5 - Gradient Background and Drop Shadow (Running Time - 5:24)
Ever wonder how to take an object from a photograph and make it stand out on its own? Sure, you can delete the background, but that just leaves a plain, flat background, which probably makes your object appear flat too. Learn a simple way to add richness and depth to an object's appearance by adding a gradient background and a drop shadow.

6 - Ripple (Running Time - 8:55)
In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a classic background image of ripples on water. Photoshop makes this easy and fun to create and you can use this on banners, webpages and splash pages.

7 - Using Levels and Unsharp Mask (Running Time - 8:06)
Don't delete an over- or underexposed or blurry image until you try this tip. If you don't have the benefit of professional lighting or fancy camera settings, sometimes your digital photos will come out too dark, too light or a little fuzzy. Photoshop to the rescue! Learn how to use Levels and Unsharp Mask to adjust the lighting and sharpness of a photograph.

8 - Adobe Bridge (Running Time - 6:50)
Learn to use the new file browser provided with Photoshop CS2. This new file browser packs a load of new features and offers a cleaner and faster approach to searching through file after file of photos and thumbnails.

9 - Using Actions (Running Time - 8:11)
If you find yourself repeating the same Photoshop keystrokes and commands over and over again, one image after another, then you need Actions! Teach Photoshop to remember each step of a repetitive series of steps and apply them automatically, stopping along the way when you need to add a custom touch. Watch this tip for an introduction to Actions, demonstrating how to record or save steps and apply those same steps to other images. Then kick back and take a break with the time you save.

10 - Lens Correct (Running Time - 8:57)
In this tutorial, you will learn how to correct photos within Photoshop using the new lens correction filter. Learn to adjust the perspective of your photo without re-taking the shot.

11 - Digital Color Photo Enhancement (Running Time - 4:59)
In this tutorial, Craig Campbell shows you how to create a basic slideshow from scratch by importing pictures into their own keyframes and creating "next" and "previous" buttons so the user can cycle through the images.

12 - Extracting with the Pen Tool (Running Time - 5:28)
Although there are multiple techniques for extracting images from a background, this technique is not only incredibly acurate, but will introduce you to the power of the pen tool.

13 - Sharpening Techniques (Running Time - 5:10)
Here are two optional sharpening techniques to clean up those digital photographs. Option one can speed up your work flow, while option two offers greater control with a more obscure, yet powerful tool, the High Pass Filter.

14 - Lighting Adjustments (Running Time - 5:07)
Here's a great technique for adjusting dark and light areas in your digital photographs. It's quick, easy and best of all, it's non destructive.

15 - Vignetting for Digital Photos (Running Time - 5:03)
This technique will show you how to Vignette, or achieve a burned in edge effect on your digital photographs. This is a great way to enhance your photos and draw your viewers into the center of the photograph.

16 - Black and White Conversion Tool (Running Time - 5:54)
Photoshop CS3 offers up a powerful new option for converting your color digital photos to black and white with a brand new interface. Learn how to utilize these adjustments to create true art with your black and white photos.

17 - Adding Fireworks to an Image (Running Time - 4:38)
In this tutorial, trainer Geoff Riggs demonstrates how to take a photo of a cityscape and a photo of fireworks and combine them effectively for a very realistic effect.

18 - Image Preparation (Running Time - 6:31)
This video is going to be the first in a series of tutorials where we're going to talk about creating a web photo gallery using Photoshop and Dreamweaver. This is a great way to create your own custom gallery for not only friends and family, but as a useful advertising tool as well.

19 - Touring the Galleries (Running Time - 7:06)
Adobe Photoshop CS3 is packed full of great photo galleries designed for many types of use. Everything from sharing photos with family and friends, to displaying and receiving feedback on your work from potential customers. In this tutorial we'll begin our preview of some of these galleries.


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