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Incomedia WebSite X5 Evolution v8.0.0.11
Software » Web | автор: nimdA (14.09.09)
Incomedia WebSite X5 Evolution v8.0.0.11
Program Name: Incomedia Website X5 Evolution v8.0.0.11
Program Type: Websitebuilder
Release Date: 2009/09/13
Developer: Incomedia
Interface Language: Multilingual
Platform: Win 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista
File Size: 79Mb

WebSite X5 Evolution - программа, которая предоставит вам всё необходимое для создания профессиональных веб-сайтов. Существует множество программ, которые помогают создать свой веб-сайт людям, не знающим языка разметки, но даже среди них WebSite X5 Evolution выделяется простотой работы. Немаловажную роль в этом, конечно, играет грамотно спроектированный интерфейс...

По сути, программа представляет собой один большой пошаговый помощник. На каждом из его экранов вы определяете, как будет выглядеть тот или иной элемент веб-страницы, и когда уже через пару минут программа предлагает сохранить сайт, невольно задаешься вопросом: неужели все уже готово?

Непосредственно создание сайта состоит в выборе одного из шаблонов, которые разбиты на 10 тематическим группам, ориентации меню (горизонтальное или вертикальное), создании структуры каталогов и размещении на странице графических, текстовых элементов или даже Flash-роликов. Наполнение контентом происходит тут же, в программе. Для этого имеется встроенный текстовый редактор наподобие WordPad. Русский текст на сгенерированном сайте отображается некорректно, однако это можно решить, если вручную прописать кодировку в исходном коде.


WebSite X5 Evolution - The easiest way to create professional websites, blogs and webshops. It's a completely visual software: it does not require any HTML programming skills and it is the ideal tool for both home users and Web Designers who want to create and publish high quality websites with a professional look and feel... More than 100 new features! We've packed a lot into this new version of WebSite X5 Evolution!

When compared to previous versions, WebSite X5 Evolution is now completely renewed: creation of XHTML codes, new gallery of predefined graphics models, internal editor for photographic retouching of images and the personalising of banners, tools for creating e-commerce shopping baskets preprepared for credit card use, secure areas with multiple user profiles, introductory pages with language selection links, Feed RSS, etc.

We have made many modifications to the new version, ranging from new enhancement tools in the Graphic Editor to new website objects such as a the Blog Creator, plus there's plenty of new marketing tools such as PagePeel advertising. We have listened to our users and incorporated many of the fantastic suggestions they made and still not forgot to incorporate all of the latest Internet trends.

Who can use it
- Individuals, associations or clubs that want an easy and creative software for the creation of web sites and photo albums.
- Businesses that need a professional software to create sites and online shops.
- Web Designer who want a complete and versatile software to produce sites to show their customers.
- Public bodies and Schools who need an easy-to-use software to create their site.

Why is it simple to use
- No programming skills required.
- Guided procedure for the creation of sites: for each step only the needed functions are presented.
- Gallery of over 1000 ready-to-use graphic templates.
- Online guide, available also in PDF and video tutorials.

Powerful Website Features
- Webshop with credit card payments
- Blog with Podcast and Videocast
- Internal website search
- E-mail forms with anti-spam filters
- News and RSS Feed
- Web 2.0 ready
- Video, Sound and Flash Animations
- Embedded content
- Members' areas with login and password
- Multi-language websites

- Create your web site in just 5 simple steps
- No programming skills required
- Over 1000 graphic templates included
- Creation of e-commerce carts
- E-mail forms, Feed RSS, Reserved area, multi-language sites
- Sites compatible with all Browsers
- Sites navigable from palms and mobile phones
- XHTML codes optimized for search engines
- Windows Vista compatible

New in Version 8.0.11

User Interface Languages:
- New languages added: PL, RU, GR, HU, SL, SK, BG, PT-BR, NL.
Main Menu Level Margin:
- A default value was fixed for the inner margin for the Main Menu Level buttons. This will avoid any display problems of the dropdown menu for some existing templates (ie: Animated)
Map keyboard shortcuts:
- Enabled the keyboard shortcuts for the Map Creation: CTRL+L - Level, CTRL+N - Page, CTRL+S - move up, CTRL+G - move down, CANC - delete.
- A new script protection was added to avoid problems importing the products from an Excel file that may cause the loading of some empty options
- Fixed a problem related to the use of the Move up/down commands. This problem caused the corruption of the products list.
E-mail Form Object:
- Fixed a display error of the separating line of the agreement condition that was showed at the top of the form. This only occurs on FireFox when the labels was left aligned.
Meta Generator:
- The version name (ie: Evolution) was displayed twice
Table Object:
- The tag 'center' was changed to 'middle' to avoid a W3C validation error.
Transition effects on IE8 - Template SlideShow Object:
- Fixed a IE8 bug that didn't permit the correct visualization of the images transition effects of the SlideShow Object present in the Header/Footer of the template
- Fixed a IE8 bug that didn't permit the correct visualization of the images transition effects of the SlideShow Object present in the page
Cell format:
Now you can set a transparent color for the cell border. By this way you can apply an inner margin even without the cell border visible.

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