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Chaos Intellect v3.0.4.1
Software | автор: nimdA (28.08.09)
Chaos Intellect v3.0.4.1
Program Name: Chaos Intellect v3.0.4.1
Developer: Chaos Software Group
Release Date: 2009-08-27
Interface Language: English
Platform: WinALL
File Size: 6Mb

Chaos Intellect - программа, состоящая из почтовый клиента нового поколения, интегрированного с персональным менеджером контактов. Chaos Intellect напоминает Outlook, из которого выжали все мало используемое, оставив самое полезное и нужное.

Почтовый клиент Express Plus имеет поддержку протоколов POP3 и IMAP, может грамотно сортировать письма, надежно защищается от спама с помощью фильтров Bayesian. Продуманный менеджер контактов поможет пользователю держать свои контакты в порядке. PIM-разделы имеют заметки, напоминания, календарь, тоже сделанные по образу Outlook.

После установки и настройки программа может быть экспортирована на флэшку со всеми подписями, данными и базами (кто там портабельный Outlook спрашивал? - вот он, забирайте). Интерфейс очень приятный, современный, настраиваемый, со сменными цветовыми схемами. Русификации программа не имеет, но поддержка кириллицы присутствует. Жирным плюсом является импорт писем из бата (в формате .EML вместе с аттачментами) с грамотным распознаванием кодировок.


Chaos Intellect is our next generation contact manager and time management tool featuring full email capabilities integrated with a contact address book, appointment schedule, task management and memos. Works well for individuals or shared workgroups on networks.

Intellect Features:

- Advanced functionality but intuitive and actually easy to use!
- Import data to get everything jumpstarted. Grab data direct from MS Outlook, or via Text CSV files, Excel Spreadsheets and MS Access Databases.
- Our entire program and data files can be run from a USB flash thumb drive!
- Use a USB flash drive to synchronize your data with multiple computers.
- Get Calendar alert reminders even when Intellect is not open with our memory-resident alarm service.
- Great spam fighting options with email from people in your contact list automatically protected!
- Instantly locate all data based on a simple keyword or keyword combination.
- View your data in many intuitive ways, including an all-in-one Classic screen.
- Create and send full HTML email messages with inline images that can dazzle.
- Live spell check on records and email messages.
- Every contact has a "business card" with links to automatically dial phone numbers, visit web sites, send faxes via MS Fax, Skype dialing, and links to online map services to get directions to a client's location.
- Its easy to move data and email (including account settings) from and to new computers.
- Easy to use "drag and drop" interface.

Changes in version
- search for mail messages now picks up the currently selected folder
- support for external theme file
- we can now click on the "Month Year" caption at the top of the monthly navigation calendars to quickly jump years. (This replaces the old scrollbar under the appointment and task repeat through calendar)
- new windows 7 theme included for the today page
- fixed an issue that would cause the Tab Captions to word wrap when using large or extra large fonts
- added a copy as text to the popup menu of the quick find search results to allow you to paste the text into a spreadsheet or other document
- added a few additional hotkeys to the telephone entry screen to allow navigation between the tab sheets.
- some minor modifications to the memo entry screen
- only custom fields containing the # symbol will sort numerically, previously we used either # or the word number. This was causing conflicts with other fields such as telephone number 1 ..
- new support added for the Portuguese language thanks to Vitor Biscaia of Portugal.
- fixed a password screen vulnerability
- fixed a issue that prevented web sync and dbtools from being found when the user installed the program on a different drive letter
- a complete redesign of mail filters. mail filters can now be prioritized by simple drag and drop and a specific mail filter may be assigned to operate on a single account. your current mail filters will be automatically converted to the new format
- added a new option to turn on/off our own smart mail filters.
- imap copy to inbox now works for multiple selected messages.
- the option to spell check before saving will now be ignored during a mail merge operation. The template is still spell checked, just not each individual copy that gets generated.
- active component focus changes based on the mouse position. simply hovering over the message list, html message preview or the mailbox tree will change the focus to the underlying component so that it's easy to hover and mouse wheel.
- fixed a small bug that prevented the empty trash function from also removing entries from the msgcache database
- the dbrepair tool has been enhanced so the compact button will clean out superfluous records for msg files that no longer exist on the system.
- The use of MAPI within other programs, such as MS Word to Send to Email Recipients, now supports the use of your default stationery and your signature insertion options

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