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MakeMusic Finale 2010 v15.0-RBS
Software | автор: nimdA (26.08.09)
MakeMusic Finale 2010 v15.0-RBS
Release Name: MakeMusic Finale 2010 v15.0 WORKING READ NFO-RBS
Developer: MakeMusic
Release Date: 08-25-2009
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows XP/Vista 32-bit
File Size: 230Mb

MakeMusic Finale 2010 - всемирно известный и самый мощный нотный редактор, который дает Вам полный контроль над каждым аспектом печатной страницы, обеспечивая при этом все возможности MIDI и беспрецедентный звуковой выход. Finale 2010 обеспечивает непревзойденную мощность и гибкость. Возможности: проигрывание нот с нюансировкой в различных стилях, создание скриптов, пакетная обработка файлов.

Прилагаются программный синтезатор SmartMusic Software Synthesizer и набор звуков SmartMusic SoundFont, с помощью которых возможно сохранение партитуры в аудиофайл.


Finale 2010 - the world's most powerful music notation software - lets you express your creativity and love of music. Compose, arrange, notate, and print engraver-quality sheet music. Finale is the ultimate music notation program giving you complete control over every aspect of the printed page while providing full MIDI capabilities and unparalleled audio output. Finale provides unmatched power and flexibility.


- Getting Started - Getting started is easy. Whether you're setting up your score or watching a QuickStart Video, Finale guides you to perfection.
- Entering Notes - Enter notes your way – from MIDI to your mouse, from scanning to Finale's exclusive MicNotator, no other software offers you more note entry options.
- Adding Markings, Lyrics, and More - Finale automates and streamlines the process of entering everything besides notes, too.
- Hearing Your Music - Finale includes world-class instrument libraries and several innovative tools to make sure your music sounds as good as it looks.
- Sharing Your Music - In addition to printed pages and audio files, Finale helps you create electronic documents that anyone can edit, print, and save. No one offers more ways to collaborate and share your music.
- Educator Tools - With exclusive features like SmarMusic support, customizable music education worksheets, and the Exercise Wizard, Finale offers music educators more ways to save time.
- Time Savers - Save time with Linked Parts, Multiple Page Editing, and other innovative features that automate tasks and streamline your workflow.
- Composing and Arranging Tools - Exclusive idea-generating features and essential tools like transposition and range checking are all included.
- Production and Sequencing Tools - Finale is able to open or save as a standard MIDI file to work in conjunction with the industry's most in-demand production and sequencing programs. Video support and Finale's built in mixer are just two of many tools inside of Finale that help you prepare your score for final production.
- Engraver Tools - Finale is the industry standard because it offers ultimate control of the printed page.

New in Finale 2010

- Percussion Notation - We've simplified the process of getting notes on percussion staves to look - and playback - exactly the way you want them to.
- Music Education Worksheets - Finale now includes hundreds of ready-made, customizable, music education worksheets designed for K-12 students.
- Garritan sounds - Finale now includes more than 350 world-class instrument sounds from the makers of Garritan Personal Orchestra. Free new sounds include organ, a variety of electric guitars, five octaves of handbells, and a brush drum kit. Learn more.
- Broadway Copyist - Inspired by the golden era of handwritten Broadway scores, the Broadway Copyist hand-written font offers a lighter, classic appearance.
- Measure Numbers - Control measure number alignment, positioning, and fonts separately in your score and linked parts.
- Automatic Rehearsal Marks - Use a keystroke to enter rehearsal marks and Finale automatically sequences them correctly and dynamically updates them when you delete, insert, or move any rehearsal mark or measure.
- Chords - Change or delete notes without changing your chords. Attach chords to measures - whether or not they contain notes or rests - and have the chords appear and playback correctly.
- Graphics Support - Export as .JPEG, and .PNG and import as .JPEG, .PNG, .BMP, and .GIF in addition to previously supported formats of .TIFF, .EPS.
- VST/AU Support & Updated Aria Player - Finale now supports all third-party VST/AU Instruments and Effects, providing users with unlimited sonic possibilities. Updated for Finale 2010, the Garritan Aria Player simplifies the process of changing MIDI channel assignments.
- Scanning Improvements and More - New Smartscore Lite scanning interface enables you to specify the instrumentation so that your staves will automatically be properly transposed and configured for playback. Also new are transparent selection handles, exporting lyrics to a word-processing document, and improved help documentation.

System Requirements (for Windows):
- Windows XP/Vista 32-bit (64-bit compatible)
- DVD-ROM drive.
- 800x600 minimum monitor resolution.
- Minimum 512MB RAM (1GB or more recommended for optional use of Garritan sounds/Aria Player: more RAM = more available sounds).
- 500MB hard drive space required for software and user manual. An additional 2GB hard drive space is required for all VST/AU sounds included with Finale 2009.


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    (#1) написал: kvobyot (31.08.09 13:04)
    Спасибо за новость , nimdA !
    Но за такую упаковку два с минусом !

    (#2) написал: nimdA (31.08.09 17:22)
    hi, kvobyot
    smile притензии по упаковке к Rebels
    я релиз не перепаковывал

    (#3) написал: kvobyot (1.09.09 17:26)
    притензии по упаковке к Rebels

    да ладно , это я так поворчал ! nimdA , надеюсь без претензий !

    (#4) написал: YSMus (14.05.10 15:21)
    wink ...пока не удалось распаковать))


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