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Ableton Suite v8.0.4
Software » Audio Apps | автор: nimdA (21.06.09)
Ableton Suite v8.0.4
Release Name: Ableton Suite v8.0.4-AiRISO
Developer: Ableton AG
Release Date: 06/2009
Interface Language: Multilingual
Platform: WiNXP/ViSTA
File Format: .iso
File Size: 1.31Gb

Ableton Suite 8 является расширенной XL-версией программы Ableton Live и включает в себя все функции Live 8 плюс ЗВУК из радикально новой библиотеки, в которую упакованы красивые новые звуки и множество полезных ресурсов. Ableton Suite 8 содержит десять Ableton-инструментов, в том числе синтезаторы, электронные и акустические барабаны и новый, переработанный Оператор. Ableton Suite 8 обеспечивает всеобъемлющую среду для создания, производства и исполнения музыки и представляет собой полный пакет: инструменты и звуки.
Ableton Suite 8 is the XL version of Ableton Live. Suite 8 gives you all of the features in Live 8 plus SOUND, with a radically new Library packed with beautiful new sounds and a wealth of useful resources. Suite 8 contains 10 Ableton instruments including synths, a sampler, electric and acoustic drums, mallets, numerous sampled instruments and the new, reworked Operator. Two completely new instruments, Collision and Latin Percussion, round off the set. Ableton Suite 8 is a complete package: the tools AND the sounds. Ableton Live 8 provides a comprehensive environment for writing, producing and performing music.

Key features
- Multitrack recording up to 32-bit/192 kHz
- Nondestructive editing with unlimited undo
- Powerful MIDI sequencing of software and hardware instruments
- Advanced warping and real-time time-stretching
- Library with over 1600 expressive sounds, each with versatile control options
- A comprehensive selection of built-in audio and MIDI effects
- A wide range of software instruments
- Instrument Racks for simple management of complex instrument setups
- Drum Racks for intuitive and responsive beat-making
- Effect Racks for professional-grade mastering, mixing and creative sound processing
- New groove engine; apply and extract grooves in real time
- Construction kits containing loops and phrases in a number of styles
- Sound Objects Lite, from SonArte: a toolkit of real world object recordings
- 440 MB of abstract, experimental loops from renowned music software pioneers Cycling '74 *
- Over 400 loops and samples from Zero-G *
- 1000s of single-device presets: simple components for making new sounds and exploring synthesis
- Song templates with pre-configured tracks and routing
- Supports AIFF, WAV, MP3, Ogg Vorbis and FLAC files
- VST and AU support; automatic plug-in delay compensation
- REX file support plus built-in audio to MIDI slicing
- Video import and export for scoring, video warping
- Simple MIDI mapping plus instant mapping for selected hardware
- Full ReWire support; runs as Slave or Master
- Multicore and multiprocessor support

New in Suite 8

World-class library - Ableton Suite 8's library completely surpasses everything that Ableton has ever offered before. With the creative professional in mind, Ableton has put together a well-balanced and comprehensive tool set and, above all, a wide-ranging set of beautiful sounds.

Collision - Collision is a unique instrument for authentic mallet sounds and creative percussion. Co-developed with AAS, it uses physical modeling technology to reproduce real-world instruments such as xylophones, marimbas and glockenspiels, but also provides enough depth to create truly dramatic new instruments and sounds.

Latin Percussion - Latin Percussion is a collection of acoustic percussion instruments such as congas, bongos, timbales, claves, shakers, tambourines and bells from the worlds of Brazilian, Afro-Cuban and African music. It also comes with clips and grooves, so you don't only get the drums, you also get the drummer.

More Operator, more power - Operator, Ableton's renowned do-it-all synthesizer, has been given a major overhaul. We opened up the hood, took a long hard look inside and did some serious hot-rod stuff. New filter types, more modulation routing options and additive wavetable synthesis with drawable partials make Operator more powerful and flexible than ever.

System requirements (Windows):
- Windows XP or Windows Vista,
- 1.5 GHz Pentium 4 or Celeron compatible CPU or faster (multicore CPU recommended),
- 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended),
- Windows compatible sound card (ASIO driver support recommended),
- DVD-ROM drive,
- QuickTime recommended

Changes from Live 8.0.3 to Live 8.0.4
- Updated manual
- Improved handling of the library database. Requires a full rescan of the library which can take a while.
- Better GUI performance when recording many automation parameters
- The APC40 script remembers the last set bank for each device and restores that setting when the corresponding device is selecting again.
- On Mac OS X, if the custom dialog of a plug-in would not process incoming keys Live will handle them. Depending on the plug-in, this should provide a similar work flow as in Live 7
- Several improvements for the Share functionality
- On Windows, support for up to 256 audio channels when using ASIO
- Unquantized scrubbing would not work properly in MIDI clips
- On Mac OS X, the DUY Tape AU plug-in would crash on instantiation [5429]
- When the Looper is set to a fixed length recording and the song is running, the recording length of the Looper might be miscalculated
- Under certain conditions, moving a MIDI clip in arrangement could crash Live [5543]
- Protocol recording of audio clips in ReWire slave mode would lead to silent arranger clips [5541]
- Dragging a multi selection of audio files into Live would not work properly, when the multi selection would contain .asd files too [5485]
- The 'Select All' context menu command would be available by accident for an entry in the device browser [5496]
- On Windows, moving Library could transform .AbletonPresetInfo files into _AbletonPresetInfo files [5506]
- Quantized scrubbing would not work properly in the Arranger [5490]
- Setting a tempo via scene launch would not work properly if there's a loop in the Arranger [5535]
- Exporting or consolidating audio would create a fade in in the resulting audio file [5540]
- After Grouping, ungrouping or re-grouping of tracks, the APC40 would not work properly anymore
- Doing undo via keyboard shortcut while a modal dialog is opened could crash Live [5561]
- With the APC40, stopping clips via the clip-stop buttons would not work properly
- Switching device banks would not work properly when using the 'microKontrol' as Control Surface [5568]
- On Mac OS X, having a plug-in opening a modal dialog and switching then to another application would crash Live [5583]
- MIDI loop recording in Arranger would not work properly after the first loop iteration [5203]
- Using follow actions on clips in Legato mode could crash Live [5580]
- On Windows, editing the info text for an arrangement locator would not work properly [5574]
- On Mac OS X, slow mouse wheel changes would not work properly [5552]
- On Mac OS X, drag'n drop operation with certain key modifiers could lead to an 'unstoppable' drag'n drop operation [5564]
- Restoring from the undo history after a crash could lead to another crash
- In several surface controller scripts, the arm buttons would not select tracks anymore [5594]


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