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Corel Home Office v5.0.56 Multilingual
Software » Office | автор: nimdA (20.06.09)
Corel Home Office v5.0.56 Multilingual
Program Name: Corel Home Office v5.0.56 Multilingual
Program Type: Office
Developer: Corel
Release Date: 19.06.2009
Interface Language: Multilingual (EN/DE/FR/IT/ES)
Platform: Widows XP, Wista
File Size: 113Mb

Corel Home Office - альтернативный офисный пакет для использования в домашних условиях, послужит неплохой заменой Microsoft Office. В пакет входят три офисных программы - Corel Write (аналог Microsoft Word), Corel Calculate (аналог Microsoft Excel) и Corel Show (аналог Microsoft PowerPoint).

Corel Home Office имеет небольшой размер по сравнению с другими аналогичными приложениями, и является менее ресурсоёмким.


Corel Home Office (or simply Home Office for short) consists of three powerful applications: WRITE lets you create, format and print documents. CALCULATE lets you create numeric models, make "what if" projections, produce cash flows, and draw charts.

Write is the Home Office word-processing application. With word-processing, you can type a document, then revise it until it reads and looks just the way you want. Using Write, you can create and edit documents, correspondence, business reports, and other printed materials, including:
- Inter-office memos
- Sales promotional material
- Annual reports
- Advertising copy
- Business letters
- Book manuscripts

Calculate is a tool that is used to organize, track and calculate financial and numerical information. You can use a spreadsheet to analyze figures, calculate totals or averages, or project business trends. In addition, you can use spreadsheets to experiment in "what if" scenarios, seeing what happens when you change the numbers.

You can use spreadsheets to solve complex problems (like calculating mortgage repayments), as well as simpler problems (like calculating miles to the gallon). Here are some more examples of how you can use a spreadsheet:
- Create a yearly budget
- Analyze quarterly sales figures
- Set sales quotas
- Analyze stock investments
- Project loan repayment amounts
- Compute interest payments at variable rates
- Project income and profit figures

Show allows you to create slide shows, or rolling demonstrations, where a series of screens are displayed in sequence. You can have the slide show move from one slide to the next automatically, or you can do this manually using the keyboard or mouse if you are talking over the slide-show.

The basic element of a presentation is the slide. A slide can contain a background, text (often bullet points in real-life presentations), shapes, charts and pictures. Creating several such slides gives you a presentation.

To create and edit presentations effectively, you'll need to learn how to create slides - adding text and graphics - copy slides, move them around and create a common background (items that appear on every slide).

Finally, you'll need to save a presentation, run the show and perhaps send it to another person for viewing. Home Office uses the same file format as Microsoft PowerPoint. So anyone that can view a PowerPoint presentation (for which you need a freely available "viewer") will be able to view a Home Office presentation.

System Requirements:
Windows Vista(R) Home Basic, Home Premium, Ultimate, and Business (32 Bit and 64 Bit) or Windows(R) XP Home, Media Center, or Professional Edition (with latest Service Pack and Critical Updates)

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    (#1) написал: 456 (30.08.09 17:30)
    Ustanocilas' na Win7 64-bit normal'no, pol'zoval'sya dlya redactirovaniya ppt slides, no na 22" HD ekrane bulo ne udobno, programma otkazivaetsya otkrivat' file na vsu shirinu ekrana, inodda prosto zamirala i ne pokazivala stroku menu v verhnem pravom uglu (6GB RAM). prishlos' obnovit' Office2003.
    mozet na 32-bit butet lu4she rabotat', nu i vremya nado 4tob razobrat'sya.
    vsem uspehov i horoshego nastroeniya! winked


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