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TopStyle v4.0.0.62 Retail
Software » Web | автор: nimdA (13.06.09)
TopStyle v4.0.0.62 RetailProgram Name: TopStyle Retail
Program Type: html, xhtml, css-editing
Release Date: 12-Jun-2009
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows 98 or later
File Size: 5.3Mb

TopStyle - редактор каскадных таблиц стилей (CSS) содержит все, что вам нужно для создания таблиц стилей, корректных по отношению ко всем броузерам. Легко портируется в ваш HTML-редактор и используется по умолчанию на уровне системы для всех файлов с расширением .css. Незаменим для создания и поддержки больших проектов.

Следует отдельно отметить некоторые весьма полезные функции пакета:
• Link Wizard позволяет связать все страницы проекта с файлом стилей, который сама же программа и создаст. Вам просто необходимо указать место, где хранятся все страницы сайта.
• Style Checker позволяет проверить любой css-файл на наличие ошибок
• Orphan Styles просматривает существующие страницы сайта на предмет "затерявшихся" стилей.

В случае если вы запутались в ваших стилях и на html-страницах происходит многослойное наложение различных шрифтов и цветовых решений для линков, TopStyle Pro может удалить все внутристраничные шрифтовые теги и заменить их единым каскадным стилем. И это только малая часть того, что умеет программа TopStyle Pro.

Основные возможности:
- Предпросмотр CSS во время написания кода
- Легкое создание приятных глазу цветовых схем для вашего сайта
- Функция Style Checker для проверки CSS синтаксиса в нескольких браузерах
- Использование отчетов для просмотра где используются стили на вашем сайте
- Функция Style Upgrade для быстрого обновления устаревшего HTML кода эквивалентного CSS


TopStyle A powerful tool for creating standards-compliant sites. Edit your HTML, XHTML and CSS in a single program. The program offers many unique features, including the option to upgrade your HTML documents by replacing outdated markup with equivalent styling. You can also convert HTML to XHTML and check your CSS syntax against multiple browsers, using a side-by-side preview.

A harmonious colors feature allows you to easily create pleasant color schemes for your site and more. TopStyle offers complete site management with the built-in File Explorer, clip libraries and resource manager and integrates with existing web authoring tools.

- Preview CSS while you write it.
- Easily create pleasant color schemes for your site.
- Style Checker validates your CSS syntax against multiple browsers.
- Use Site Reports to see at-a-glance where CSS styles are used in your site.
- Style Upgrade quickly replaces all outdated HTML code with equivalent CSS styling.


HTML, xHTML and CSS Editing in a Single Program: HTML attributes are categorized so you can quickly see which are required, and it generates XHTML-compliant markup with a simple toggle.
Easy Navigation Between Documents: Click an HTML class attribute to navigate to the definition of that class in an external style sheet or click an anchor tag or CSS link to open the linked file for editing. You can even click on an img-tag to open the image file in your favorite image editor.
Element and Attribute Validation as You Type: All of the classes are defined in your style blocks and external style sheets, so assigning a class to an HTML tag is a very simple task.
Style Checker: Validate your style sheets against multiple browsers, flagging any invalid properties or values it finds. You can also pass your style sheets directly to the W3C's CSS Validation Service, so you can quickly check against the official CSS specifications.
Style Upgrade: A quick, reliable way to replace all deprecated (outdated) HTML markup - including the long-abused HTML font-tag - with equivalent CSS.
HTML Tidy Integration: Make the move to XHTML painless with the built-in Tidy configuration, which converts HTML to XHTML with a single click!
Site Reports: See at a glance where styles are used in your site. Find out where you've applied style classes that aren't defined in any style sheets, or see what style classes you've defined that aren't being used.
Full Screen Preview: Split the preview between Internet Explorer and Mozilla for an immediate look at browser differences. You can even change the !DOCTYPE of each preview panel on-the-fly to see how different document type declarations affect your layout.
Integration with W3C HTML Validation: Results of the validation are displayed within TopStyle, with hyperlinked line numbers that synchronize with TopStyle's editor.

New in Version 4.0:

Unicode - TopStyle allows you to save your document ANSI-encoded (the TopStyle 3.x default), or Unicode-encoded (UTF-8 or UTF-16). When you open an existing document, TopStyle will auto-detect the encoding for the document you're trying to open.

Live FTP editing - The new FTP Explorer Panel allows you to edit online documents via FTP. When you save your document, it is automatically uploaded to your FTP site.

HTML toolbar - TopStyle comes with a new, user-configurable HTML toolbar that is displayed above the editor. Simply drag-n-drop any snippet from this HTML toolbar into your document.

New CSS definitions - TopStyle includes new CSS definitions for IE8 (Microsoft Internet Explorer 8), FF3 (Mozilla FireFox 3), and SF3 (Apple Safari 3).

Script Insight - TopStyle includes Script Insight for ASP (both javascript and VBScript), PHP, and ColdFusion.

Bookmarks - TopStyle contains new powerful commands for navigating your documents, including 10 bookmarked locations for each document.

iPhone (and iPod touch) webapp development - TopStyle includes iWebKit, a simple and advanced development framework for iPhone (and iPod touch) webapp development. In addition to iWebKit, TopStyle includes new CSS definitions for iPhone OS 1.1 and iPhone OS 2.0. Last but not least, TopStyle includes a new *internal* preview for Apple Safari.

Improved inline style - Inline style attributes (eg. style="|") support CSS color-coding and CSS Insight (Ctrl+Space).

IE8 document compatibility - TopStyle allows you to switch IE8 document compatibility mode easily, and compare different IE8 document compatibility modes in it's side-by-side preview.

Improved CSS Insight - CSS shorthand (sub)property values are grouped. Insight includes recently used colors (CSS color properties only).

Live spelling (HTML only) - TopStyle identifies spelling errors as you type with wavy red underlines, and allows you to act upon each identified problem with a new context menu.

Support for the latest web browsers - TopStyle auto-detects the latest web browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, and Google Chrome.

Improved integration - TopStyle includes improved integration with HTML Tidy and CSE HTML Validator.

- Microsoft Windows 98 or later
- Pentium 300 MHz or higher processor
- 64MB RAM or OS minimum (whichever is greater)

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