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Acronis True Image Home 2009 v12.0.0.9770
Software | автор: nimdA (8.06.09)
Acronis True Image Home 2009 v12.0.0.9770
Program Name: Acronis True Image Home 2009 v12.0.0.9770
Program Type: backup and restore
Developer: Acronis Inc.
Release Date: 24.05.2009
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows 2000, XP, Vista
File Size: 92Mb

Acronis True Image Home 2009 - новая версия популярной программы для резервного копирования данных. Acronis True Image решает проблему резервного копирования данных, гарантируя полную сохранность всей информации, хранящейся на жестких дисках компьютера и ее мгновенное восстановление в случае необходимости.

С ее помощью можно производить резервное копирование отдельных файлов и папок, любых категорий пользовательских данных по выбору, а также целых дисков или их разделов.

В случае какого-либо сбоя, нарушившего доступ к информации или работу системы, а также в случае нечаянного удаления нужных файлов, вы легко сможете восстановить работу системы и утраченную информацию.

Acronis True Image Home включает несколько вариантов резервного копирования данных:

• Резервное копирование разделов и целых дисков по запатентованной технологии Acronis - создание точного образа диска (раздела), который содержит все данные, содержащиеся на жестком диске пользователя, в том числе: операционную систему, реестр Windows, драйверы устройств, приложения и данные, а также служебные области диска, скрытые от пользователя;
• Резервное копирование любых файлов и папок на диске по выбору пользователя, в том числе цифровых фотографий, музыки и видео. Это позволяет быстро сохранить только необходимую информацию и, тем самым, значительно сэкономить время и дисковое пространство;
• Резервное копирование электронной почты - писем, учетных записей, календаря, заданий, заметок, подписей, новостей, пользовательских настроек;
• Сохранение и восстановление настроек пользователя для Microsoft Office, iTunes, Windows Media Player и десятков других приложений.


Acronis True Image Home 2009 complete PC protection: back up your entire PC, including the OS plus your data, applications, pictures, video, financial documents, settings and everything! Acronis True Image Home 2009 is an award-winning backup and recovery solution for a good reason: it protects your PC after just one click and allows you to recover from viruses, unstable software downloads, and failed hard drives. Create an exact copy of your PC and restore it from a major failure in minutes, or back up important files and recover them even faster.

Acronis True Image Home 2009 provides the maximum flexibility to ensure you are adequately protected and can recover from unforeseen events such as viruses, unstable software downloads, and hard drive failures. Create an exact copy of your PC for a full backup or backup only your important data and application settings - your choice!

You've accumulated a lifetime of memories on your home PC, in addition to important personal documents, such as tax returns and resumes, not to mention all the applications you have installed and unique settings for each family member that took countless hours to set up. Acronis True Image Home 2009 helps makes certain that you are adequately protected; ensuring that you can recover your precious data in case your PC fails or your computer hard disk is damaged by a virus.

Key Technologies

- Improved!Try&Decide - Try new software and browse the web without endangering your computer from malware or unknown software. After testing, you can decide whether to keep or discard changes to your system.
- Acronis Startup Recovery Manager - Boot your computer after a failure to start the recovery process simply by selecting the F11 key, even if your operating system has failed.
- Incremental and Differential Backups - Save disk space and time by performing differential and incremental backups.
- Live Backups - Keep working right through your backup for maximum convenience, with Acronis snapshot technologies.
- Improved!Smart Scheduling - Run backups automatically at preset or elapsed time when user is idle, on user log/logout, on system startup/shutdown, and in coordination with other events.
- New!Set & Forget Backups - Configure once and perform backups automatically.
- Acronis Secure Zone - Protect your system by saving an image to a special hidden partition on your hard disk where it can be retrieved after a disaster.


- New!One-click protection - Initially, you decide what, where and when to back up. After that, backups occur automatically or with just one click.
- New!Full text search - You will be able to search for files through multiple archives by name or by a part of the name and then restore individual files easily and quickly. You can also perform searches of the files content.
- New!Zip archive format support available - In addition to Acronis' powerful TIB data compression backup format, one of the most densely compressed backup file types available to consumers, Acronis True Image Home 2009 also supports the popular ZIP format.
- New!Windows Vista -style interface - The new, sleek interface of this product works on Microsoft Windows XP and Vista operating systems.
- New!Auto backup based on destination availability - Users can decide to back up automatically or as soon as a destination drive is available. Works jointly with existing scheduling.
- New!Automatic computer shutdown after backup or restoration finishes - You can now perform a backup at night and go to sleep without bothering about turning off the computer. The PC will shut down when the back up is complete.
- New!Archive to various places - You can save full, incremental and differential backups almost anywhere. You now you have ultimate flexibility in choosing a place to store from the same data series: on a network share, CD/DVD, USB stick, FTP-server, any local internal or external hard drive. You can now also give meaningful names to incremental and differential backups, for example, "C-drive-before-repartitioning".
- Making reserve copies of your backups - You can make reserve copies of your backups and save them on a network drive, or a USB storage device. You have a choice of making a reserve copy as regular (flat) files, a zip compressed file, and a tib file.
- Consolidation - You can define rules for consolidating your archives to reduce storage space. Merge an older full backup with several incremental backups to quickly create a new full backup; subsequent backups are based on the newly-created full backup.
- Exclude Files and Folders - Back up only the data you want to keep and save disk space.
- Migration tools - Make upgrades easier with built-in PC cloning and migration tools.
- Migration tools make upgrades easier - PC cloning or adding a new disk is simple with Acronis True Image Home 2009's built-in migration tools. No longer must you reinstall the operating system, applications, or re-key user settings when you clone your PC or increase its storage capacity.
- Security, performance and privacy tools - When you replace a hard drive on your PC, Acronis ensures you don't inadvertently give personal or organizational data to cyber thieves.

System requirements

• The following storage locations are supported:
- Hard Disk Drives
- Networked Storage Devices
- FTP servers
- CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, BD-R (Blu-ray, NEW!)
- ZIP, JAZZ and other removable media
- PATA (IDE), SATA, SCSI, SAS(NEW!), IEEE1394 (FireWire), USB 1/2.0 drives and PC-Card storage devices
• Supported Operating Systems:
- Windows Vista
- Windows XP SP2
- Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
- Windows 2000 Professional SP4
- CPU: Pentium-class processor or higher
- RAM: 256 MB
- Disk space: 200 MB
- Extra space for installation: 30 MB
- CD-RW drive for bootable media creation
• Supported File Systems:
- FAT16/32, NTFS, Linux Ext2/Ext3, ReiserFS, Linux Swap
- Raw Images support for other partitions and corrupted file systems

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