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eBoostr 3.0.1 (Build 498)
Software » System | автор: SonyQ (7.06.09)
eBoostr 3.0.1 (Build 498)
Program Name: eBoostr 3.0.1 (Build 498)
Homepage: www.eboostr.com
Release Date: 20.05.2009
Interface Language: Multilingual (русский включительно)
Platform: WinALL
File Size: 2.79Mb

eBoostr - программа, позволяющая ускорить загрузку операционных систем Windows 2000, 2003 и XP (как 32-битных, так и 64-битных) за счет кэширования данных на флэш-диске. Для этого программа eBoostr использует технологию ReadyBoost, которая реализована в Windows Vista и позволяет ускорять загрузку ОС и приложений за счет кэширования данных на "флэшке".

Чтобы ускорить работу компьютера, нужно всего лишь подключить к нему USB-диск (обязательно по протоколу 2.0), выбрать его в качестве устройства, используемого для ускорения работы системы, и установить объем разрешенной к использованию памяти. Наибольшее ускорение будет достигаться для часто используемых программ.

Для кэширования можно использовать не только съемные USB-диски, но и дополнительные HDD. Инсталлятор eBoostr устанавливает модуль кэширования наиболее часто используемых файлов для ускорения процесса их чтения, а также утилиту eBoostr SpeedMeasure Tool, предназначенную для измерения скорости запуска приложений.


eBoostr is an alternative solution to Vista’s ReadyBoost and SuperFetch technologies now available on Windows XP. It speeds up your PC and improves application responsiveness by using flash memory and free RAM as an extra layer of performance-boosting cache for your PC. Use up to four inexpensive flash devices to speed up your system. Add more speed to your PC without any hardware upgrade!

- Vista's ReadyBoost and SuperFetch benefits on your Windows XP PCs;
- Smart caching of frequently used applications and files for maximum performance;
- Supports both USB and non-USB removable media devices (CF, SD/SDHC, MMC, xD and other memory cards), as well as additional hard disks;
- Allows up to 4 devices for simultaneous smart caching;
- Cache file size of up to 4GB on each device (NTFS has no limit on the size);
- Compatible with all “Enhanced for ReadyBoost” devices.

System Requirements:
- Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server, Windows 7 RC (all 32 and 64 bit systems supported)
- USB 2.0 port version or memory card reader
Flash drive or memory card with at least 2.5 MB/sec random read speed

What’s new in this version 3
eBoostr 3 introduces a great number of enhancements, including:
- Full Windows Vista and Windows 7 compatibility;
- Dramatically increased RAM and flash devices cache speed;
- An advanced cache/statistics viewer.

Windows Vista Support
The feedback provided by more than 2000 beta testers during the Beta Program showed a visible and significant increase in performance on Windows Vista regardless of the amount of memory (RAM) installed. Many reports included that eBoostr performs even better than ReadyBoost.

Better Performance and More Accurate Statistics
Several improvements in load balancing mechanism, read requests parallelization in the new version optimize a hard disk and cache devices load leading to higher overall read speed and better performance. New “flood control” feature detects massive file read requests from an antivirus, anti-malware scans, local computer search utilities etc., and effectively discards them from the working statistics. This ensures that the cache contents will have an optimal state and no space will be wasted with unneeded files or data.

Applications Priority
Now you can decide which applications you’d like to be loaded into the cache for more acceleration. To give a priority for an application of your choice just drag-and-drop it from the list of detected apps or drag-and-drop an application shortcut from your desktop or start menu into the accelerated applications list.

Device Types Supported in Version 3
- USB thumb flash drives (ReadyBoost Enhanced recommended);
- flash memory cards (CF, SD, SDHC, MMC etc);
- direct RAM cache or RAM disks;
- Intel Turbo Memory (Windows Vista only);
- Solid-state drives (SSD);
- As well as additional hard disks.


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Внимание! Всегда проверяйте антивирусом файлы, которые Вы загружаете! / Attention! Always check files you download with your antivirus software!

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