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Serif PhotoPlus X3 Digital Studio v13.0.0.10
Software » Graphics | автор: nimdA (17.05.09)
Serif PhotoPlus X3 Digital Studio v13.0.0.10
Program Name: Serif PhotoPlus x3 v13.0.0.10
Program Type: digital image editing
Developer: Serif
Release Date: 17.05.2009
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows 2000, XP, Vista
File Format: .bin/cue
File Size: 432Mb

Serif PhotoPlus X3 Digital Studio - мощный графический редактор со всеми основными функциями, необходимыми для создания и редактирования изображений, позволяет работать с фотографиями и другими графическими файлами на профессиональной основе. Поддерживаются слои и маски. Приложение работает с графическими форматами файлов BMP, DIB, EPS, FPX, GIF, IMG, JPG, MAC, MSP, PCD, PCT, PCX, PNG, PSD, RAS, TGA, TIF, WMF и WPG. Есть возможность подключения дополнительных фильтров и модулей...

PhotoPlus также представляет мощные средства по созданию и редактированию рисунков. Набор инструментов позволяет создавать рисунки как новичкам, так и профессионалам. Существенно расширить функции программы можно подключив к ней различные плагины (поддерживается работа с плагинами для Adobe Photoshop).

Новые возможности программы:
- обработка RAW изображений
- создание HDR изображений
- поддержка изображений в 48 битном цвете
- новые эффекты, такие как эффекты реалистичного металла и стекла
- поддержка Microsoft HD Photo


Serif PhotoPlus X3 Digital Studio - The professional digital image editing solution. Whether you're quickly resizing holiday snaps, removing flaws from portraits, adjusting exposure and color levels, restoring old images, importing Photoshop documents, layering and masking professional artwork, or transforming photos with unique effects and artistic styles, PhotoPlus X3 Digital Studio has everything you need to achieve the highest quality results - fast...

PhotoPlus X3 - more than ever, the best value in image creation and editing software for any home, school, organization, or growing business. PhotoPlus is the number one choice for working with photographs and paint-type images, whether for the Web, multimedia, or the printed page.

PhotoPlus has the features you'll need... from importing or creating pictures, through manipulating colors, making image adjustments, applying filter effects and so much more, all the way to final export. Built-in support for the most modern digital cameras makes it easy to open your very own digital photos, either as JPG or as unprocessed raw images.

PhotoPlus also offers on-computer post-shoot development, using Raw Studio, where you're in full control of your raw image's white balance, exposure, and more.. as well as perform "blown" highlight recovery. Raw Studio complements other studios, such as QuickFix Studio, Filter Gallery, and Instant Artist for respective image correction, filter effects, and stunning artistic effects.

Key PhotoPlus X3 Digital Studio benefits include:

- QuickFix, Makeover, Raw Image, and Print Studios for fast results
- High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging for stunning effects
- Restore and repair tools for bringing old or damaged photos back to life
- Turn photos into art emulating water color, Impressionist, Van Gogh, and more
- Compatibility with many image formats including Adobe Photoshop
- Professional support for high color (48-bit) images, layers, and smart filters

New features

16- bit Color Depth/Detail - Work to high levels of detail (16-bits/channel) in both RGB and grayscale modes. Each mode can be adopted from scratch or after raw/HD photo import and when outputting HDR merge results.
Post-shoot Raw "Development" with Raw Studio - Open raw files in Raw Studio and fine tune your work with white balance, exposure, noise reduction, and chromatic aberration adjustments. Recover "blown" image highlights with the fantastic Highlight recovery feature. A supporting multi-color histogram aids exposure and recovery control.
New Effect Filters! - Make a creative difference to your project with Shear and Kaleidoscope effects. Simulate traditional film with the Film Grain effect. Alternatively, simulate an elegant Page Curl, or whip up a storm with the cloud-like Plasma filter.
Merge Bracketed Photos - Use HDR (High Dynamic Range) Merge to bring together same-shot photos, each taken at different exposure settings. The composite photo, of wider dynamic range, would otherwise be impossible to capture in one shot. Optionally save intermediate HDR images for future use.
New Stunning 3D Layer Effects - 3D effects are boosted with Reflection Maps - use bitmaps of indoor/outdoor environments to map onto your layer objects. PhotoPlus also now offers transparency control to create realistic glass-like reflective surfaces. Multiple separately colored lights can also be added for dramatic lighting effects.
Noise Reduction - Photos showing speckles and blotches? Avoid noise from low-light conditions or when using high ISO settings with Noise Reduction as a separate effect or within QuickFix Studio.
Black and White Studio - Create stunning black and white compositions through a series of automated commands in the How To tab. Simply click on the images and tools and the effect is applied automatically to your image.
Import and Export HD Photos - Import Microsoft's new high-definition image file format. Export Optimizer will now export to HD photo and TIF from any PhotoPlus Picture; even to 48- and 64-bit RGB (or 16-bit Grayscale).
Print Studio - PhotoPlus's new unified Print Studio allows you to print single images, artistic and paper-saving layouts as well as contact sheets. Use the large range of built in layouts or quickly and easily create your own.
Enhanced QuickFix Studio - Enjoy the new Noise Reduction and HSL (Hue/Saturation/Lightness) adjustments; Exposure control and Black and White Film adjustments are new improvements. A Histogram pane shows your color channels - really useful when adjusting white balance and brightness/contrast!
More QuickShapes and equivalent selection tools - now use triangle, cross, and speech call out shapes. The Color tab now hosts an HSL color wheel and HSL color box. Read IPTC meta data and unlimited EXIF information from any photo.

System Requirements:
- Windows-based PC with DVD/CD drive and mouse
- Windows XP 32 or Vista 32 or 64 operating system
- 128 MB RAM
- 328 MB (recommended install prog CD) free hard disk space
- 800 x 600 monitor resolution


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