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Software » 3D | автор: nimdA (18.04.09)
Program Type: 3D Animation
Developer: Autodesk, Inc.
Release Date: APR 18TH 2009
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows XP Pro, Vista Business (32-bit)
File Size: 361Mb

Autodesk Maya - программное обеспечение, отмеченное многочисленными наградами, является мощным интегрированным приложением для 3D-моделирования, анимации, создания эффектов и визуализации.

Поскольку Maya имеет открытую архитектуру, прописывать или программировать вашу работу можно при помощи убедительно подтверждённого документальными доказательствами универсального прикладного программного интерфейса API (application programming interface) или одного из двух встроенных языков сценариев. Эти возможности, в сочетании с лидирующим пакетом 3D-инструментов, позволяют вам при помощи Maya реализовывать любые творческие фантазии.


Autodesk Maya software is a powerful, integrated 3D modeling, animation, visual effects, and rendering solution. Because Maya is based on an open architecture, all your work can be scripted or programmed using a well-documented and comprehensive API (application programming interface) or one of two embedded scripting languages, the Maya Embedded Language (MEL) or Python. This level of openness, combined with an industry-leading suite of 3D tools, enables you to realize your creative vision for your film, television, game development, and design projects.

Autodesk Maya Unlimited software, the ultimate version of Maya software - is the choice of digital artists who are looking to make their 3D projects stand out. Maya Unlimited includes all the functionality found in Autodesk Maya Complete and provides professional artists and animators with additional industry-leading innovations such as Maya Fluid Effects, Maya nCloth, Maya Hair, Maya Fur, and Maya Live for the creation of superior digital content.

Autodesk Maya Unlimited contains everything in Autodesk Maya Complete, plus:

Maya Fluid Effects - Simulate and render a huge variety of atmospheric, pyrotechnic, viscous liquid, and open ocean effects. Maya Fluid Effects overcomes one of the greatest barriers in computer animation.
Maya Fur - Easily create realistic fur, short hair, wool and grass on NURBS, subdivision surfaces, or polygonal models. Incredibly realistic styling and rendering of short hair and fur, with Maya Artisan Brush Interface for painting fur attributes.
Maya nCloth - As the first Maya module built on the Autodesk new Nucleus technology, Maya nCloth functionality lets you quickly direct and control cloth and other material simulations in entirely new ways. Maya nCloth objects can be as stiff, viscous, or flowing, and as tightly or loosely woven as you desire. Rapidly create cloth-on-cloth simulations - such as a shirt over pants - with believable influences and collisions. Bend, stretch, shear, dent, or even tear your Maya nCloth fabrics with ease. Beyond cloth, Maya nCloth lets you create deformable plastic and metal simulations, inflatable objects, as well as rigid-body and fluidic-type effects.
Maya Live - Combine 2D live-action with 3D elements. Maya Live provides greater flexibility, a fast-integrated 2D Tracker, and an interactive Root Frame Solver. Maya Live also allows you to reconstruct live-action elements as 3D geometry as well as output to external applications.
Maya Hair - Create, style, and render fully dynamic long hair on NURBS or polygon objects. Make any NURBS curve dynamic for use in advanced character rigging and effects. Maya Hair can also be used to create a wide range of nonhair effects.

Key Highlights of Autodesk Maya 2009

Complexity Managed - While the complexity and size of scenes continue to rise, Maya 2009 provides new tools to make them more manageable. These tools include the new Maya Assets toolset, which enables users to encapsulate a set of nodes into a single container and publish a view of the data suited to the artist’s task. The release also offers a new Render Proxy feature in mental ray, and additional multi-threading work and algorithmic speedups that boost interactive draw, simulation and rendering performance for even the heaviest scenes.

Accelerated Modeling Workflow - Maya 2009 gives modelers and texture artists unprecedented control over polygon modeling and UV texturing through powerful selection management features, efficient modeling workflows and precision UV unfolding and layout options.

Collaborative, Iterative Projects and Pipelines - Tighter schedules and budgets demand that projects and pipelines take full advantage of available resources. Maya 2009 supports collaborative, iterative workflows and promotes data reuse. The software has a new animation layering paradigm that provides animators with increased non-destructive flexibility, as well as an updated Render Pass toolset that offers precise control over render output and optimizes integration with Autodesk Toxik procedural compositing software.

New Creative Tools - Maya 2009 offers an innovative Maya nParticles dynamic simulation module and an extensive Maya Muscle feature set. nParticles is part of the Maya Nucleus Unified Simulation Framework, a ground-breaking approach to creating complex physics simulations that interact directly with each other. Furthermore, to help studios capitalize on the growing popularity of stereoscopic 3D films, Maya 2009 offers a flexible new stereo camera rig, complete with in-viewport stereo viewing.

What's New

Create breathtaking 3D with Autodesk Maya 2009 software. Ten years since its industry-redefining launch, Autodesk Maya software continues to push the envelope, with a feature-packed release. Addressing the increasingly difficult challenges faced today by everyone from one-man shops to chief technology officers managing a complex production pipeline, Maya 2009 delivers a host of new features and enhancements intended to maximize productivity, optimize workflows, and offer new creative possibilities for users in film, television, games, and design.

New Selection Paradigm - Powerful new selection features in Maya 2009 - including true soft selection, and pre-selection highlighting - mean fewer mouse clicks, and less trial and error for common tasks.

Improved Modeling Workflow - Maya 2009 delivers intuitive, productive modeling enhancements, including symmetrical modeling with soft seams, a tweak mode for rapid modifications, and a new Merge Vertex feature that enables you to combine parts of a mesh.

Maya Assets - With Maya Assets, complex data can be effectively organized, shared, referenced, and presented. Maya Assets enables you to encapsulate a set of nodes into a container so that they can be treated as if they were a single node from a user’s perspective (selected attributes of interest from the contained nodes can be published to the container). This new feature also supports customized and user-specific views, flexible referencing, and the creation of customized libraries.

Animation Layering - A powerful new animation layering paradigm, built on technology from Autodesk MotionBuilder software, gives you more flexibility as you nondestructively create and edit animation. This toolset works with any attribute: animation layers can be blended, merged, grouped, and reordered, and can override or add to preceding layers.

Maya nParticles - Maya 2009 introduces the second module built on the highly acclaimed Maya Nucleus unified simulation framework: Maya nParticles. This newest toolset gives you an intuitive, efficient workflow for simulating a wide range of complex effects, including liquids, clouds, smoke, spray, and dust. It features particle-to-particle collisions, particle and nCloth bidirectional interaction, powerful constraints, cloud and "blobby" hardware display, preset rendering, and dynamic behaviors.

Maya Muscle - Maya 2009 includes the comprehensive Maya Muscle software, which helps you create life-like muscle and skin motion. This toolset allows you to direct muscle and skin behavior precisely, with secondary motion, collisions, wrinkles, sliding, and stickiness.

UV Layout Enhancements
The ability to preserve UVs (when making modeling edits after the fact) as well as new UV unfolding and layout options - including an interactive mode - can increase your productivity by streamlining the otherwise time-consuming task of creating optimal texture coordinates.

Render Proxy - A new Render Proxy feature in mental ray enables you to replace scene elements with a simple low-resolution mesh, and only load the pre-translated data when required for rendering.

Render Pass Enhancements - A completely updated Render Pass feature set provides precise control over render output, making it easier to optimize integration with compositing packages such as Autodesk Toxik software.

System Requirements

The 32-bit version of Autodesk Maya 2009 software is supported on any of the following operating systems:
- Microsoft Windows Vista Business operating system (SP1 or higher)
- Microsoft Windows XP Professional operating system (SP2 or higher)
- Apple Mac OS X 10.5.2 operating system or higher
The 64-bit version of Maya 2009 software is supported on any of the following operating systems:
- Microsoft Windows Vista Business (SP1 or higher)
- Microsoft Windows XP x64 Edition (SP2 or higher)
- Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0 WS operating system (U6)
- Fedora 8 operating system
At a minimum, the 32-bit version of Maya 2009 software requires a system with the following hardware:
- Windows: Intel Pentium 4 or higher, AMD Athlon 64, or AMD Opteron processor
- Macintosh: Intel-based Macintosh computers
- 2 GB RAM
- 2 GB free hard drive space
- Qualified hardware-accelerated OpenGL graphics card
- Three-button mouse with mouse driver software
- DVD-ROM drive
At a minimum, the 64-bit version of Maya 2009 software requires a system with the following hardware:
- Windows and Linux: Intel EM64T processor, AMD Athlon 64, or AMD Opteron
- 2 GB RAM
- 2 GB free hard drive space
- Qualified hardware-accelerated OpenGL graphics card
- Three-button mouse with mouse driver software
- DVD-ROM drive


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