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Jawset TURBULENCE.2D v1.2 for After Effects
Software » Video Apps | автор: nimdA (17.04.09)
Jawset TURBULENCE.2D v1.2 for After Effects
Program Name: Jawset Turbulence.2D v1.2 for After Effects CS3 or later
Software Type: Video effects / Plug-Ins
Developer: jawset visual computing
Homepage: www.jawset.com/description.php
Release Date: 25.03.2009
Interface Language: English
Platform: Win XP / Vista
File Size: 4.2Mb

TURBULENCE.2D - очень интересный плагин для After Effects, который служит для создания высококачественного fluid-dynamics-эффекта и обеспечивают максимальную гибкость для создания огня, дыма и огромного разнообразия других, действительно органических эффектов. Объектом растекания или возгорания может служить все, что угодно, в том числе и текст, например, вы можете омыть титры кровью, зажечь их или превратить их в дым.
TURBULENCE.2D brings high-quality fluid dynamics to After Effects. Several channels of arbitrary video input provide maximum flexibility for creation of fire, smoke and a huge variety of other truly organic effects. Turbulence.2D puts a state-of-the-art fluid simulator into your toolbox that provides many ways of using the it’s organic complexity in your work.

TURBULENCE.2D puts a state-of-the-art fluid simulator into your toolbox that provides many ways of using it's organic complexity in your work. Density (smoke or paint), fuel, temperature, color and texture coordinates can be injected into the fluid and visualized in several different render modes while flowing. Furthermore, a very precise, built-in Motion Blur can be added for fast flows.

Force or velocity, extraction and contraction, static or moving solid obstacles can affect the flow and allow for endless variantions. Animated textures can be rendered distorted, color-mixed or refracted by the fluid. Velocity or force can be added to the flow to create wind and other streams. It can also be extracted from the flow for use in separate effects like motion blur. Various alpha modes let you create unseen masking effects.

In TURBULENCE.2D, obstacles are solid objects that do not flow. They affect the fluid but the fluid does not affect them. You can use arbitrary shapes as solids - buckets, paddles, walls, ramps or text. The image below shows and example of text as a solid object, that forces green vapor to flow around it.

The velocity inputs in TURBULENCE.2D use Motion Vectors. Many other tools like motion blur effects use this representation, so you can combine them easily. Using velocity inputs you can for example create wind that blows your density, color or fuel around.

TURBULENCE.2D provides several render modes to visualize fluids. You can use several color gradients to control the appearance of several flowing materials. These include fire, smoke, color and texture. Texture can be distorted of refracted by the fluid.

TURBULENCE.2D contains a two fire models. One simulates fire as realistic as possible in 2D, the other creates stylized fire. The stylized fire produces very complex and psychedelic animations.

Fluid simulation is computationally very intensive and typically, fluid software is pretty slow. TURBULENCE.2D is optimized for speed. Besides using all available processor cores, it also supports the graphics processor (GPU) to be used to accelerate the simulation up to 10 times. This allows for very intuitive experimentation at interactive frame rates.

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    (#1) написал: SonyQ (17.04.09 23:43)
    Хороший плагин, спасибо smile

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    (#3) написал: SamaNTa (18.04.09 16:25)
    Спасибо, опробуем...

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    а где пароль?

    (#5) написал: sam8888 (4.04.10 20:10)
    Спасибо огромное!!!
    А что здесььььььььььь????????????

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