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ConceptDraw Office Pro v8.0.5.1
Software | автор: nimdA (28.02.09)
ConceptDraw Office Pro v8.0.5.1
Program Name: ConceptDraw Office Pro v8.0.5.1
Developer: Computer Systems Odessa
Release Date: 28.02.2009
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows XP, VISTA
File Size: 182Mb

ConceptDraw Office Pro - программный пакет для управления проектами, в состав которого входят продукты ConceprDraw MINDMAP, ConceptDraw PROJECT и ConceprDraw PRO - в таком единстве, набор обеспечивает все возможности для управлениями рабочими проектами: планирование и составление графика, организация процесса работы, процесс отслеживания и управления проектом.


ConceptDraw Office is a tool appropriated to be used in a daily work of project and non-project managers who deal with various kinds of planning as well as resources and tasks management. ConceptDraw Office outstanding innovation is the ability of end-to-end visual representation of the data and task status information in a visual manner that is the most optimal for each workflow participant.

Core to ConceptDraw Office is the revolutionary InGyre technology that tightly integrates the applications found in ConceptDraw Office:
- ConceptDraw MINDMAP - business productivity tool,
- ConceptDraw PROJECT - a project management software,
- ConceptDraw PRO - a professional business graphics package.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP, ConceptDraw PROJECT and ConceptDraw PRO composed a single solution that provides all requirements of managing a workflow or project:
- Capturing the ideas,
- Planning and scheduling,
- Organizing the process,
- Keeping of suitable communications,
- Process tracking and management.

Key Features:

Latest versions of ConceptDraw products for your business. ConceptDraw Office has accumulated the 15-years experience in developing business productivity applications, data visualization technologies and breakthrough in project management solutions.

Seamless integration creates a background for successful project from starting point. The InGyre technology within ConceptDraw Office provides you with shortest way to turn idea into project: copy information from ConceptDraw MINDMAP, and paste it into ConceptDraw PROJECT as a project, resource or task.

Tool to develop project in details. ConceptDraw Office tools enable you to instantly build a mind map from your Gantt chart data. A ConceptDraw PROJECT multiple project document easily becomes a multiple page mind map in ConceptDraw MINDMAP.
A mind map gives clear and visual representation of your project and its defined tasks, making them great for team work to develop project in details carefully.

Improve understanding between workflow process participants. Different project participants might have different preferences of how the project data is represented. Thanks to common data format of ConceptDraw MINDMAP and ConceptDraw PROJECT within ConceptDraw Office, the same project data can be displayed in the form of a mind map or Gantt chart.

Add clearness and clarity to planning processes. Apply Work Breakdown Structure method (WBS). to define the work required for the project and to break it into manageable pieces. A good WBS can help in the development of any complex process. ConceptDraw Office allows you to generate WBS diagram in ConceptDraw PRO from ConceptDraw PROJECT data with one mouse click directly from project file.

Build a considerate team communications. ConceptDraw Office allows you to email project tasks to participants in as a convenient mind map. Also you can receive reports about tasks completion in the form of mind map. A mind map with a personalized task list and associated preview image are created and sent automatically. Contact details for the participants are retrieved from the ConceptDraw PROJECT Resource Sheets. Project executers can create a reports about tasks completion in the form of a mind maps and send it as an email attachment directly from ConceptDraw MINDMAP.

Create effective system of workflow visualization. The way to increase the efficiency of project completion is to focus on those aspects which are most important to each participant. With ConceptDraw Office you are given the tools to generate graphical reports to present the project flow and status all in one visual look which is most suitable for specified audience.

Support for latest Macintosh and Windows operational systems versions. All documents generated by ConceptDraw Office component tools can be freely exchanged between operating systems.

How it Works

We present the revolutionary system for effective data representation implemented in ConceptDraw Office. InGyre Technology by CS Odessa supports the delivery of information in an optimal visual manner for specific audiences. It works specifically for:
- Representing Ideas
- Assigning Tasks
- Controlling Resources
- Tracking and Reporting Status Data
- Improving Team Communication

System Requirements (Windows):
- OS: Microsoft Windows XP /VISTA
- CPU: Intel Pentium 4, 1,8 GHz or higher
- RAM: 1024 Mb
- HDD: 540 Mb disk space (1,5 GB during the installation)
- DVD-ROM (when installing the program from a DVD)

What's new in ConceptDraw 8:
• Search through libraries. Search was added to facilitate the ConceptDraw libraries using. You can search for required objects within all ConceptDraw PRO libraries Type in your search word and click "Find" to search through libraries for matches.
• Improved Snapping. The dynamic snapping feature will help you to place the objects on your drawing in regular way. Object moving via the screen initiates the creation of guide lines. These color lines assist you to place objects on the workspace in a most accurate manner.
• Export with one click. New "Save to" button, placed in the upper left corner of the toolbar, offers easy access to Export dialog window. The recently used file format will be indicated in the window.
• WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) Chart. Using ConceptDraw Office, you have the ability to generate WBS in just one click. WBS will be opened in ConceptDraw PRO. Use powerful capabilities of ConceptDraw PRO to edit it and share with project participants.
• Project Status Reports. Within ConceptDraw Office ConceptDraw PRO provide you with the tools you need to generate reports that visually represent project data: Summary and Actuals; Resources and Budgets.
• Project performance monitoring. With ConceptDraw Office you can create dashboards and indicators to display current project status. Visual information will be represented in ConceptDraw PRO


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