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MediaChance DVD-lab PRO v2.51
Software » Video Apps | автор: nimdA (18.02.09)
MediaChance DVD-lab PRO v2.51
Program Name: Mediachance DVD-Lab Pro 2.51
Program Type: DVD authoring
Developer: MediaChance
Release Date: 08.12.2008
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows 98/NT/2000/XP
File Size: 32Mb

DVD-lab PRO - мощный профессиональный инструмент для DVD-авторинга. Программа имеет большую библиотеку заготовок для создания меню, позволяя пользователю изменять каждую из них по собственному усмотрению, в частности, добавляя различные эффекты.

DVD-Lab Pro - программа, позволяющая работать с DVD-Video на профессиональном уровне. Создавать свои DVD-диски со своим меню. Несколько фильмов на одном диске с общим меню за несколько минут без особых усилий. Совершенная гибкость в построении структуры DVD является одной из самых сильных сторон DVD-lab PRO.

Работая с DVD-lab PRO, можно полностью управлять структурой, которая представлена в виде наглядной схемы. Элементы этой схемы можно перетаскивать, изменяя тем самым переходы между пунктами меню. При создании меню можно использовать функцию списков воспроизведения, создавать кнопки с задержкой, добавлять специальные объекты навигации, использовать анимационные эффекты. Кроме этого, DVD-lab PRO поддерживает работу со скриптами.

Не запутаться вам поможет браузер проекта, показывающий окно связей, ролики, различные меню и слайды. Программа работает с любым звуком: WAV, AC3, MPEG, AIFF, DTS и позволяет вставлять SVCD mpegs без перекодировки.


DVD-lab PRO is DVD authoring tool for advanced users who need an accessible and easy to learn tool with the full range of DVD features. DVD-lab PRO is based on the idea of original DVD-lab. Instead of insulting the users with an overdone flashy interface, DVD-lab and DVD-lab PRO put strong emphasis on the usability of it.

The Modern Windows GUI can be tweaked and reorganized to everybody taste even across multiple monitors. DVD-lab PRO is also one of the very few applications on the market that grows with your requirements and knowledge. Users of other applications usually either outgrow them very soon or they need to study a long time before they are able to create even simple project.

The Benefit of DVDLab PRO 2:

Flexible DVD structure - DVD-lab PRO is a full Multiple-VTS application, that means you can put different aspect ratios or movies with different audio channels on one DVD. But unlike other Multi-VTS applications in this category, DVD-lab PRO does not force you to use any predefined DVD structure. Each Video Title Set can be as complex or as simple as you want. The full flexibility of creating the DVD structure is one of the strongest point of DVD-lab PRO.
Multiple Audio and Subtitle Channels - Each title in DVD-lab PRO can have up to 8 audio channels: AC3, MPA, LPCM or DTS and also number of subtitle streams. You have the ability to add 8 subtitle channels, import from popular formats.
Multiple Angles/BOV - The 2.0 adds many high-end features such as multi-angle, Buttons over Video, Multi-PGC title and more.
Compile faster than ever - We reduced the amount of large hard-drive data shuffling during compillation and by using in-place compilling we eliminated the need for having large temporary space. In addition we added Smart compile options that will recompile only changes in menus and keep the pre-build vobs.
More Menu Effects - DVD-lab PRO can use even more effects on menu objects. You can use various Texture Fills and new Effects such as Metal Shine for cool effects such as metal, gold chrome, marble etc... With the perspective transformation you can design a fresh, new non-planar menus and use powerful Package object that will simplify complex menus.
Dynamic effects - DVD-lab and DVD-lab PRO has strong integrated menu designer with multiple Undo/Redo. DVD-lab PRO adds also new DynamicFX textures that can be animated for Motion menus.
Cells and Delayed menu buttons - We added delayed menu buttons for motion menus so you can create motion menu with a loop point for seamless transition from intro. This also works together with Render Motion where you can now specify an intro effect.Each menu can now have up to 30 additional still/audio cells with audio that can span across the cell boundaries.
Play Lists, Counter Lists, Random Lists, Chapter List etc. - DVD-lab Pro has also ability to add number of different play lists. If you like to play your movies or chapters in alternative order you don't have to add the files to DVD multiple times. All you need to do is to make one or more play list.
Special Navigation Objects - There are other special navigation object such as Condition Splitter, Case List or Return to last menu that you can incorporate into your layout.
Audio-Only Track - A 'Movie' can now have also audio track(s) only. This is a good option for distributing large amount of music on a DVD. As addition you can also edit the still screen that will be displayed during the audio playback. (For example a song title) The new version adds second channel and the ability to insert new still image on any audio mark.
Rich virtual Editing tools - Chapter List object adds a new chapter sequence into Movie without taking additional space. Chapters can then play in any order, can be skipped or repeat in any fashion. Skip Selection allows you to simply skip over any unwanted part of a movie (commercials) without re-compilling, cutting or transcoding the movie. Splice Point can virtually divide one movie into separate, fully addressable blocks, each with own chapter points. Movie Segment adds many small movies as one chapter into one large Movie object. You can now pause playback on any chapter or let the movie pause at the and and wait for user to press play button. This is a great way to create presentations or assited guides.
Multiaspect Widescreen menus - DVD-lab PRO can create widescreen menus that will play correctly on both widescreen and 4:3 TV.
Connection - The connection window is the heart of your DVD structure even more now with the PRO version. You have additional ways to organize your objects where Connections window allows for easier work with table view, split-view or snap-to-grid features. Besides the Title Button, you can now program also Menu button on remote. The Connection window is even more powerful in the new version with multiple selections, Subviews that can separate project into smaller blocks or with Visible VM commands.
Smart Components and Scripts - DVD-lab PRO integrated scripting language will enable you to make your own wizards, smart components or effects that can help you with repetitive tasks.
Virtual Machine Commands - If you still feel you don't have enough features, DVD-lab PRO will give you full access to the PRE and POST commands of any object where you can add your own virtual machine code with a self-checking VM Command Scripting language and an unique VM Command Debugger
Lean Abstraction Layer - We know that you want to tweak your DVD so we took a special care designing the default abstraction layer to be lean yet powerful. We reserve only few necessary registers (and their meaning is described in the help) for all the work done inside DVD-lab's abstraction layer and the rest is yours!
Ability to Compile without Abstraction Layer - For special needs DVD-lab PRO can compile DVD without its Abstraction layer. This will work like the expensive high-end systems where you can (and have to) define all the links and structure by yourself.
High Educational Value - DVD-lab Pro is an excellent tool to learn and understand all fine aspects of advanced DVD authoring while still being fun to use. It will put you to the front seat with the whole structure clearly in front of you.
Grows with your requirements - As you get more experienced with DVD authoring you will be happy to learn that DVD-lab PRO is always ahead with its features. It is not easy to outgrow our software because we designed it for creative users like us.
Clean install, no dependencies - Don't you hate programs that install files all over your computer and depend on certain filters and codecs? DVD-lab is nothing like that. It installs entirely to the directory you specify and it doesn't depends on any other external files (except optional AC3 plugin). In fact you can rename or move the whole installed DVD-lab directory to different hard drive, it will still run.
... and More - We didn't even mentioned other new things like Film Strip menus or 360 Panorama menus. But there are still more things to discover...

Here is a quick preview of some of the new things:
- More compatible slideshow - in full GOP instead of I-frame
- Mega-Project with disk caching - this will cache data during designing into disk which will allow user to create project with huge amount of menus without windows crying for memory. With Mega-Project you can now create up to 640 menus per VTS!
- Each menu can have up to 30 cells inside where each cell can have its own set of buttons and other parameters.
- Smart Compile will recompile only the changed menu parts and keep the video vobs from previous compile. This way you can recompile menu changes within a minute!
- Multi-PGC title. The Segment Title has been now redone to a full Multi-PGC title. (Each segment in a Multi-PGC Title can now have its own pre and post commands)
- Audio Title can show new slide on each mark
- Pre and Post verificaton log
- Multiple Angles
- Buttons on Movies (Each chapter can have different buttons)
- Faster transition encoding
- native 24p support (Note: this is not 23.97 with pulldown)
- Simpler to use and more robust audio transcoder - can transcode any audo file for which you have codec
- Subviews in Conections - place certain project objects to a freely definable subview (up to 9 subviews) so you can work with them separate from the main ”Global” connection view.
- VM Commands can be now placed not only before but also after the Dynamically generated commands
- Multiple selection in Connections
- Perspective Transformation of texts and other objects
- Package object in Menus
- Show VM commands in Connections
- Pause on chapters or at the end of movie (Continue by pressing Play button)

System Requirements: DVD-lab is available for Microsoft Windows 98/NT/2000/XP (recommended 2000 and XP)

Changes in version 2.51, 2008 12 08:
Bug fix:
- chapter VM commands
- skip chapter, splice point didn't work after last updates
- chapter still (pause on chapter feature fix)
- title buttons
- Domain Stream Source Flag in Properties
- Few Compiler/Subpicture fixes


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    (#1) написал: yura_zh (19.02.09 12:39)
    Хорошая программа, давно пользуюсь, советую всем кто занимается DVD-авторингом

    (#2) написал: anazoom (20.02.09 17:49)
    только вот ключика не нашёл..... recourse

    (#3) написал: nimdA (20.02.09 23:31)
    hi, anazoom,
    а ты значит архив не открывал smile

    (#4) написал: anazoom (21.02.09 10:10)
    Виноват я nimdA. Это с другого сайта нет ключика, а у Kindzadza всё правильно!


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