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Ashampoo 3D CAD Professional v1.0.8.6
Software » CAD | автор: nimdA (27.01.09)
Ashampoo 3D CAD Professional v1.0.8.6
Program Name: Ashampoo 3D CAD Professional v1.0.8.6
Program Type: CAD
Developer: ashampoo GmbH
Release Date: 27.01.2009
Interface Language: English, German
Platform: Windows 2000, XP, Vista
File Size: 876Mb

Ashampoo 3D CAD Professional - это мощное CAD решение, основанное на современных технологиях (таких, как .NET и С#), с многочисленными функциями , удовлетворяющими потребности специалистов - архитекторов, инженеров, чертежников и мастеров. Программа является альтернативой к чрезвычайно дорогим CAD продуктам, имеет дружественный интерфейс, точные результаты, всесторонний диапазон функций, включая вычисление стоимости.

Возможности Ashampoo 3D CAD PRO:
- дизайн и конструкция зданий и квартир, включая садовое и ландшафтное планирование
- конструкция в любом виде, 2D, поперечное сечение или 3D
- экспорт 3D объектов в различные форматы: CygniCon Object, 3DS, 3D-DXF, и т.д.
- точное позиционирование и обработка контрольных точек использования и числовое редактирование
- детализированная видимость для каждого вида, параметры настройки для уровня детали


Ashampoo 3D CAD Professional - offers a high quality solution for CAD users with professional requirements. Since the product is a completely new german development, based on up-to-date technology (e.g. .NET, c#) with numerous new features, it meets the total requirements of even the most demanding users, for example architects, construction engineers, draftsmen and craftsmen.

With the aid of 2D-DXF / DWG import as well as 2D DXF export features even the exchange of floor plans with other project members or clients presents no problems, irrespective of the system being used. An additional feature is the option to include external 3DS, 3D-DXF and VRML 1 objects during planning. The ability to position objects using numerical reference points allows unrestricted and detailed construction.

A further useful software feature of Ashampoo 3D CAD PRO is the ability to create multi-layered walls, ceilings and floors using different materials such as insulation, plaster and concrete flooring, with properties that can be specified accurately to the millimeter. For further processing data can be exported as PDF lists showing quantities, allocated task items and a calculation of costs.

User-friendly interface, accurate results, a comprehensive range of functions including cost calculation.


- Design and construction of buildings and apartments including garden and landscape planning
- Construction in any view, i.e. 2D floor plans, cross sections or 3D views
- Export of 3D objects in various formats e.g. CygniCon Object, 3DS, 3D-DXF, etc.
- Polygonal winding staircases (solid or wooden)
- Polygonal landing staircases (solid or wooden)
- Construction aids, 3D/2D guidelines
- 3D /2D dimensioning, snap-to functions for 3D objects
- Accurate positioning and processing using reference points and numerical editing
- Detailed visibilities for each view, settings for level of detail shown
- Accurate cross sections through the 3D model, including calculation of hidden lines
- Comprehensive catalog of 3D objects, materials, textures and 2D symbols
- Create individual 2D symbols for text blocks, graphic elements, legends, including autotext functions
- Integrated calculation functions, allocation of task items, quantities, export lists
- Project management using the project viewer, copy floors, create layers
- Settings for sun and moon for the illumination of 3D views, background images
- Ray tracing, antialiasing, create images from observation points during processing
- 2D graphic functions
- Assistants for copying properties and for select and delete functions
- Structural layers for walls, ceilings and floors
- User definition of structural layers for inclusion in the catalog
- Predefined banisters for staircases
- Extensive range of functions for roofs and dormers including valley gutters, guttering, ridge tiling
- Export timber lists in PDF, RTF, Excel or HTML format
- Predefined types of dormer including eyebrow and arched dormers
- 3D landscaping with predefined landscape forms, paths, terraces, incorporate plants (mask textures), 3D plants etc.
- Common partial 3D converter
- Convert 3D models into various formats e.g. 3DS, 3D-DXF, VRML 1
- Extendable 3D catalogs
- Edit models using materials and textures
- Calculate texture coordinates and point normals
- Create different variants
- Define user light sources, punctual lighting, spot lighting, ambient and directional light sources
- Scale objects
- Surface editor for surfacing areas and sub-areas, editing in 2D and 3D
- Automatic recognition of openings in walls, surfacing of complete facades. 3D object created
- for each element be it a tile, floorboard or facade element
- Use patterns and pattern elements, create user patterns based on the pattern catalog
- Analysis of surfaced areas with respect to area and material requirements
- Insert openings
- Generate laying plans according to DIN 277 and WoFlV (living space ordinance) as a standard planning function
- Output data as lists in PDF, RTF, EXCEL and HTML format. Change contents and layout using export options and the list designer provided
- Display partial areas to verify formulas and to check the resultant values
- Visual checking of volume and surface areas in 2D and 3D views
- Easy selection of results of calculations for display using a tree-view, individually for each floor, building component and method of calculation
- 2D-DXF/DWG import
- 2D DXF export

- Windows 2000, XP, Vista
- PC mit Prozessorfrequenz ab 1,8 GHz
- 256 MB RAM
- 64 MB Grafikkarte
- DVD-Laufwerk,
- freier Festplattenspeicher von 1,1 GB

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