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Salfeld Child Control 2008 v9.992.0.0
Software » Security | автор: nimdA (24.12.08)
Salfeld Child Control 2008 v9.992.0.0Program Name: Child Control 2008 v9.992.0.0
Program Type: Control, Security
Developer: Salfeld Computer GmbH
Release Date: 23.12.2008
Interface Language: English
Operating System: WinALL
File Size: 10.9 Mb

Child Control - программа предназначенная для родителей, желающих, чтобы их чадо меньше времени проводило за компьютером, а также для фильтрации открываемых в браузере интернет-страниц и контента. Есть возможность установки временного ограничения на работу компьютера или защиту паролем. Настройки программы довольно гибкие и осуществляются в несколько шагов

Возможности программы:

- создание учетных записей для каждого пользователя
- ограничение работы по времени
- отключение компьютера или интернет-соединения по таймеру
- определение ограничение на количество часов проведенных в интернете
- фильтрация нежелательного контента в интернете
- установка временного лимита для каждой программы в отдельности
- блокировка важных функций системы
- невидимый режим работы программы
- e-mail-уведомления о работе компьютера
- учет праздничных дней, в которые возможно увеличение часов игры ребенка за компьютером
- поддержка доменов и рабочих групп
- мощные отчеты и многое другое.


Child Control is the ideal software when it comes to setting time limits of any kind. PC use time and Internet time can both be restricted. Various limits, such as a daily, weekly, and monthly time allotments, can be in effect at the same time. It is also possible to define specific times when either PC use or Internet activity is not allowed.

Child Control can regulate Internet activity through either keywords or a whitelist. You can also specify which pages are prohibited or authorized. The product also offers a detailed log of PC activity(what was done when, and by whom), and a few system restrictions, such as the ability to limit access to specified directories

- Limit PC Times
- Limit Internet Times
- Limit Times for single Apps
- Internet Content Control - Categories
- Internet Content Control - Keywords
- Internet Content Control - Only authorized URLs
- Disable Download in IE Explorer
- Run specified EXE files only
- Disable Downloads in Netscape and Firefox
- Allow specified URLs only
- Log File of PC runtime
- Log File of Internet runtime
- Log File via Email
- Log File of called URLs
- Logfile of started apps (EXE files)
- Disable Control Panel
- Disable Task Manager
- Disable Registry
- Disable Command Prompt
- Hide Drives
- Apply changes to Windows Users
- Usage of Windows built-in users
- Uninstall included
- Uninstall is password protected
- Access to settings is password protected
- Online Update directly from program available

Child Control 2008 is compatible with all versions of Microsoft's new Vista operating system (Home Basic, Home Premium, Business and Ultimate). Child Control also runs on all previous versions, including XP, Windows 2000, and even ME, 98 and 95

Just a few things Child Control lets you do:
- NEW: Blocking of file sharing programs and sites
- NEW: 1,000,000 undesirable sites can now be selected for restriction
- NEW: Adult-content filtering provided by German government authorities
- NEW: Email reports of on- and off-times and daily statistics
- NEW: additional configuration options
- Works with all versions of Windows from 95 to Vista
- Limit time on the computer for each day of the week
- Limit use of the Internet for the day and the week
- Set PC off-limits times (e.g. after 11 p.m.)
- Set Internet off-limits times (e.g. after 11 p.m.)
- Easily extend time with passwords or TAN's
- Define "unwelcome" web content using keywords
- Set time limits for categories of websites, such as videos and online games
- Set specific time limits for each computer application
- Grant unlimited time for specific applications, such as learning tools
- Log all computer activity to let you later review each user's activities
- Block modifications to major Windows settings
- Protect your data by blocking access to specific folders
- Limit children's access to specific programs
- Disable "backdoor" access to programs or functions
- Extend all time limits during vacation time one click does it all
- Set up a central database for multiple users (schools, institutions, etc.) for computers connected by modem, networks, DSL, routers, etc.
- Easily import or export settings or blacklists
- Send log files to any email address

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