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Digital Juice Editor's Themekit 67: Movie Night (DVD-3)
Effects » Video FX | автор: nimdA (6.12.09)
Digital Juice Editor's Themekit 67: Movie Night (DVD-3)
Release Name: Digital Juice Editors Themekit 67 Movie Night D03 DVD9-CFE
Type: Footage, Effects
Release Date: Dec 2008
File Format: .iso (.mov, .wav, .png, .psd) HD+SD
File Size: 7.61Gb

Editor's Themekit 67: Movie Night - набор анимированной графики для дополнения вашего видео-проекта. Тема - кино, кинематограф. Движение киноплёнки, крутящиеся бобины с киноплёнкой... Сборник включает фоны, видео-переходы, анимированные элементы, маски, звуковые эффекты.

Digital Juice Editor's Themekits - это наборы анимированной графики собранные в фокусе определенной темы. Все сборники включают анимированные фоны, видео-переходы, анимированные элементы, маски и звуковые эффекты. Все элементы с альфа-каналом и могут быть использованы в любой программе видеомонтажа.


Editor's Themekit 67: Movie Night - Entertainment Themes. Digital Juice Editor's Themekits are sets of animated graphics that focus on a specific theme. Each volume contains all the elements you need to create a coordinated production, maintaining the same style and theme from start to finish. Editor's Themekits include: Backgrounds, Lower Thirds, Overlays, Wipes, Motion Design Elements, Sound effects.

Each Themekit contains matching elements in both SD and HD resolutions. This allows producers and designers to instantly create a thematic look for a program, while still providing enough variety and customization for a unique, signature look that viewers will identify with, recognize and remember.

Digital Juice Editor's Themekit 67: Movie Night (DVD-3)

Editor's Themekit 67: Movie Night include:

Animated Backgrounds - Full Screen Animated Backgrounds. These are full screen background animations that are great for title sequences, text templates and DVD menus.

Base Camp Style - Full Screen Animated Backgrounds. Base Camp animations are striking but uncomplicated, making them the perfect starting point for your own creations.

Template Style - Full Screen Animated Backgrounds. The template-style backgrounds are designed to be more text friendly than the regular backgrounds and tend to be more subdued so that they do not distract from the your primary message.

Tunnel Vision & Side Scroller Style - Full Screen Animated Backgrounds. These attention getting backgrounds pull the viewer through captivating environments while maintaining a constant sense of motion and excitement.

Animated Overlays - Animated Backgrounds with Alpha Channel. Animated overlays are full screen animations with alpha channel transparency that serve as animated frames and accents for your video clips.

Standard & Mini Lower Thirds - Animations with Alpha Channel. Animated lower thirds are animated elements using alpha channel transparency that commonly server as anchoring elements for text, nameplates and logos at the bottom of the screen.

Swipes - Full Screen, Full Color Wipe Transitions with Sound FX. Animated full screen wipes are textured and colored animations which serve as a transition between two video clips. Designed to work without a plug-in on any editing system that supports overlays, these easy-to-use wipes are as unique as they are useful.

Standard & Text Motion Design Elements - Animations with Alpha Channel. Motion Design Elements are smaller animations that highlight text or logos and are generally used to draw the viewer's attention to a specific part of the screen.

Standard & Logo Revealers - Specialized Motion Design Elements. A revealer is a motion design element that comes on-screen, covers a predefined area and then animates off-screen to reveal something underneath like a logo or text.

Animated Frames - Animations with Alpha Channel. Frames are alpha-based Motion Design Elements designed to focus attention on the center of the screen, or on a window within the frame. Because they can be scaled, positioned and rotated, frames are an outstanding tool for outlining text, photos or video in a simple and elegant manner.

Line Items - Animations with Alpha Channel.Line Items are alpha channel Motion Design Elements designed in a linear nature. They work perfectly for accenting and grounding logos, for underlining and framing important text or graphics, or for adding a simple splash of color to the edge of the frame. Like other Motion Design Elements, they are designed to be scaled and positioned by the user and can be used in a wide range of creative ways.

Coordinated Juice Drops - Print Resolution Layered Photoshop Files. Juice Drops are print resolution, fully customizable graphics delivered as layered Photoshop files. They can be used to create things like matching DVD faces and cases, coordinated fliers, posters and/or billboards.

Technical spec:
- Network quality sets of matching graphics, animations and elements
- HD & SD Animations Included
- QuickTime format
- Works with Free Juicer 3 Software:
  - Convert to PAL, NTSC & DV
  - Output to AVI, QT, image sequences & native NLE codecs
  - Keyword searchable index
- Compatible with any computer based non-linear or linear editor with DVD-ROM drive
- 100% Royalty-Free

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    hi, zhelezo,
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    Но новый год они не смогут убить!!!
    Всех с Новым годом!

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    Ура! Теперь обязательный тост за bimdA! Творческих успехов всем кто творит!!!

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    Люди, киньте плиз куда-нибудь первые три старых файла:

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    hi, razor999,
    сделай, как написано выше (#9), только скачивай новые архивы с начала, примерно part01-09.
    всё должно получится

    внутренние архивы, которые нужны для окончательной распаковки:
    cfe-djethk67d03.r00... cfe-djethk67d03.r79, cfe-djethk67d03.rar

    (#18) написал: razor999 (14.01.09 09:00)
    Все отлично,оказывается я мало скачал файлов,думал шести хватит.Спасибо nimdA за помощь.

    (#19) написал: Bulldozer (17.01.09 16:03)
    5 баллов! Спасибо!

    Sgt Hartman

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    жаль, не успела- уже половина ссылок умерло recourse

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    качай, какие остались и напиши какие части удалены, перезалью их на депозит

    (#23) написал: vicrat (8.03.09 01:17)
    ok! не сразу заметила, что мне ответили. Попытаюсь.

    Hi nimdA!
    насколько я вижу явно нет в наличии parts 01_02_04_07.

    (#24) написал: nimdA (8.03.09 16:45)
    Внимание! У вас нет прав для просмотра скрытого текста.

    (#25) написал: vicrat (12.03.09 00:03)
    вижу что ещё part 40 отсутствует

    (#26) написал: nimdA (12.03.09 01:38)
    part 40 на месте и скачивается.
    вероятно, сервер был выключен

    (#27) написал: vicrat (12.03.09 03:24)

    Спасибо! Всё в порядке.

    (#28) написал: vadwer (11.04.09 13:05)
    Спасибо! Все очень вкусно.

    (#29) написал: tivlet2005 (6.05.09 23:32)
    Выложите остальные части плиз

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