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Net Uptime Monitor v1.9.32
Software | автор: SonyQ (24.12.18)
Net Uptime Monitor v1.9.32

Program Name: Net Uptime Monitor v1.9.32
Program Type: Internet Connectvitiy Monitor & Log
Developer: Becker Software LLC
Homepage: _
Release Date: 24.12.2018
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
File Size: 17.75Mb

В то время как большинство людей измеряют качество своего тарифного плана интернета на основе скорости, стабильность соединения является столь же важной характеристикой. Как следует из названия, Net Uptime Monitor - это утилита, предназначенная для получения полного отчёта о времени работы соединения, включая точное время и продолжительность сбоев.
Эта информация поможет вашему интернет-провайдеру устранить проблему - после того, как вы убедите их, что это не плод вашего воображения!


While most people measure the quality of their Internet plan based on speed, the stability of the connection is an equally relevant parameter. As the name suggests, Net Uptime Monitor is a utility designed to help you get a comprehensive report of the connection's uptime, including the exact times and length of the failures.
This info will help your internet provider troubleshoot the problem – after it helps you convince them it’s not your imagination!

Key Features
• SAVES A LOG with the time and length of each failure in a plain text file. Counts failures and calculates the minimum, maximum, and average lengths. View the log directly from the program or open / edit / print it with any text editor or word processor.
• RELIABLE MONITORING – uses three high performance public servers to test internet response. Tests repeat at an interval you choose. If all three servers are unavailable then you know your internet connection is down! No false alarms because one server’s busy.
• SOUNDS THE “ALARM”! Pick from several sounds that will play when the connection fails. Click the minimize button to hide the program in your system tray – it pops up automatically if there’s a connection failure!
• COMPLETELY SIMPLE! Just install and run.No complicated setup. Uses very little bandwidth. Won’t slow down the computer. Compatible with all versions of Windows – XP through 10.

What it does...
Is your internet connection unreliable? You’ve probably called your internet provider’s support line and maybe they were able to help you, maybe they even sent out a tech to look at it. But all too often the response is “Well, it’s working fine now!”
The Net Uptime Monitor alerts you to failures in your internet connection and documents the exact time and length of those failures. This failure log will help your provider troubleshoot the problem - after it helps you convince them it’s not your imagination! Net Uptime Monitor is designed to be as simple as possible and accomplish this one purpose accurately and thoroughly with the least effort from you.

How it works...
Net Uptime Monitor (NUM) uses the “Ping” command to test the response from three public servers operated by Google, Level 3, and OpenDNS. Each server is pinged in turn at an interval that you can set - normally five seconds. By default, NUM waits 200 milliseconds (2/10 of a second) for the server to respond - at least 3 times as long as a typical broadband internet connection should take.
NUM pings one server at a time; if the server responds, NUM waits the test interval, then pings the next server. If the server doesn’t respond, NUM immediately tries the next server, then the next. If any of the servers respond, then your connection must be working. Only when all three servers fail to respond does NUM determine that your connection is down.
By using three servers, NUM ensures that the problem isn’t just with the server or with some connection on the way to that server, or that the server isn’t momentarily slow or congested.
NUM can detect failures as short as a couple of seconds in length, but you can decide how long a failure must be before it really counts. A very short failure of a second or so is not likely to affect your use of the net and isn’t of any real concern. You can set how long a failure must be before NUM alerts you to it and records the failure in its failure log.

NUM is compatible with any version of Windows from XP up to 10, including Windows Server.

What's new in v1.9.3:
- Set position of “Log Note” window to overlap with Log window.
- Add scroll bar to Settings form.
- On License Info form, add Copy License Key to clipboard.
- Restore minimized log window when click on View Log.
- Remove minimize and maximize from Settings and Server Settings forms.
- Installer automatically replaces older version; no need to uninstall first.
- Fix version 1.9.2 installer that failed on 32 bit OS.

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