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Mobatek MobaSSH v1.60 Professional Edition
Software » Security | автор: SonyQ (21.11.18)
Mobatek MobaSSH v1.60 Professional EditionProgram Name: MobaSSH v1.60 Professional Edition
Program Type: SSH Server for Windows
Developer: Mobatek
Homepage: _
Release Date: 21.11.2018
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
File Size: 36.04Mb

MobaSSH - расширенный SSH-сервер для Windows с инструментами Unix. MobaSSH позволяет запускать команды и переносить файлы на удалённый ПК под управлением Windows из любой операционной системы (GNU/Linux, Unix, HP-UX, AIX, Windows и др.) через полностью защищённое и зашифрованное сетевое соединение.

Основанный на OpenSSH, MobaSSH на 100% совместим с SSH-клиентами Linux, Unix, HPUx и AIX, а также с MobaXterm, Putty и WinSCP в Windows.

MobaSSH поставляется с простым и удобным в использовании графическим интерфейсом, который позволяет с лёгкостью установить дополнительные параметры SSH-сервера.


MobaSSH - Enhanced SSH server for Windows with Unix tools. MobaSSH allows you to run commands and transfer files on a remote Windows PC from any operating system (GNU/Linux, Unix, HP-UX, AIX, Windows, ...) through a fully secured and encrypted network connection.
Based on OpenSSH, MobaSSH is 100% compatible with the Linux/Unix/HPUx/AIX SSH clients, but also with MobaXterm, Putty or WinSCP on Windows.

MobaSSH comes with a simple and easy-to-use graphical interface which allows to easily set your advanced SSH server parameters.

MobaSSH Professional Edition features
• Full SSH server and Unix utilities
• Remote shell commands
• Secure file transfer (SFTP)
• Start as a Windows service
• X11-forwarding enabled
• Users selection
• Installation/Uninstallation support
• Advanced options for the SSH service
• Advanced log options
• Windows Server support
• Active Directory/Samba domains users
• Hosts allow/deny configuration
• 12-months Professional support
• Lifetime right to use

System administration
MobaSSH allows you to administer your Windows computers in the same way you would do for Unix/Linux environments: MobaSSH comes with the most useful GNU utilities in order to use the same administration scripts on heterogenous operating systems.
Related tools: MobaTaskList, MobaKillTask, top, vmstat, ps, su, editrights, chmod, chown, df, du, mkshortcut, regtool.

Centralized backups
MobaSSH allows you to backup automatically your Windows computers on a centralized server. The backup files can be compressed, copied and pasted on a network drive or a backup tape. Thanks to MobaSSH, you will be able to write down the same backup scripts for your Windows and Linux/Unix computers.
Related tools: scp, sftp, rsync, tar, gzip, md5sum, cpio, afio, rcp, find.

Managing a pool of computers
With MobaSSH you can list the installed programs and the hardware configuration of all your remote Windows PC in a single script. You can log on to any remote Windows PC silently (the user can stay connected: nothing is displayed on his screen) for retrieving its complete configuration. The "MobaHwInfo" and "MobaSwInfo" tools have been developed and integrated into MobaSSH in this aim.
Related tools: MobaSwInfo, MobaHwInfo, dmidecode, uptime, users, .

System and network monitoring
MobaSSH allows you to check which programs/daemons are started on a remote computer, but also to monitor the network daemons. The "TCPCapture" tool lists all the current network connections and displays the IP packets that cross the network interface in real time. MobaSSH also comes with some ftp, telnet, rlogin and http clients in order to be able to test some network connections to other computers.
Related tools: TCPCapture, MobaTaskList, MobaKillTask, top, ftp, telnet, rlogin, rsh, wget, tftp, ping.

Remote commands
Thanks to MobaSSH, you can also perform on-demand actions on remote computers without informing the logged-on user. You can silently run commands or start some programs or scripts without the need to warn the user before. You can for example install a program on a PC without any user interaction.
Related tools: bash, vim, awk, grep, sed, find, less, chmod, chown, cut, etc...

PC to PC file transfer
If you want, you can easily transfer files from a computer to another through an encrypted secure connection. You can use a SFTP client (such as MobaXterm or WinSCP) on another Windows computer or Konqueror/Nautilus/Scp on Linux/Unix.
Related tools: Embedded SFTP server.

What's new in v1.60:
- Improvement: Enhanced Windows 10 compatibility
- Security fix: Updated OpenSSL 1.0.2f
- Security fix: Updated OpenSSH 7.1p2
- Improvement: Graphical interface design

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