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Virtual Vertex Muster 9 v9.0.7
Software » 3D | автор: SonyQ (23.10.18)
Virtual Vertex Muster 9 v9.0.7

Program Name: Muster 9 v9.0.7
Program Type: Render farm management system
Developer: Virtual Vertex s.r.l.
Release Date: 21.10.2018
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows Vista/7/8/10, 64-bit ONLY
File Size: 61.68Mb

Muster - следующее поколение системы управления рендер-фермой для индустрий производства фильмов, разработки игр и визуальных эффектов. Построенный на современных технологиях из двенадцати лет разработки и тестирования в предельных режимах по всему миру, Muster максимизирует рендер-фермы и позволяет передавать функции наблюдения за ресурсами полностью автоматизированной среде. Сделанный динамическими отказоустойчивыми службами, Muster заботится о вашей ферме, контролируя ее использование, восстанавливаясь после сбоев, и даже может выключить стойки, когда они больше не нужны.


Muster is Virtual Vertex next generation render farm management system for film production, game development, and visual effect industry. Built on the top of state-of-the-art technologies coming from twelve years of developing and stress testing all around the world, Muster maximizes your render farm and let you delegate the resources monitoring to a complete automated environment. Made by dynamic fault tolerant services, it takes care of your farm by monitoring its usage, recovering from faults and even power off your racks when they are no longer needed.

We know that your deadline is priority number one, that's why Muster lets you manage your render farm with no interruptions in the rendering process. Add more hosts, disconnect them from the farm, start the renders when no one is logged or even when a screen saver starts. This is all handled automatically by Muster assigning tasks on the fly! Your renders will continue under any circumnstance!

Modern production environments must handle hundres of content type and have to deal with different operative systems. That's why we built Muster with cross platform operability in mind. Muster 6 is available natively for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Apple Mac OS X. Choose to deploy your render engines on the best operating system for your environment giving you the flexibility you need. Mixed environments are fully supported using our internal substitution path engine. You are able to run the same job across different platforms and get back exactly what you expect with no surprises.

Muster integration with render engines is accomplished through its built-in template system. The template system let you define with an easy macro language how to integrate with the external batch renders and let you also design the submission view in a dinamic way. You can add fields, selectors and checkboxes that directly translates to command to send to the render engine in a bunch of seconds.
Templates also allow you to customize Muster behaviours on an engine basis. Embed custom actions to perform at any point in the render process, define licensing limits or special rules directly inside the template. Keep the options available to the end user as lower as possibile and do the hard job behind the courtains!

Muster is also able to dispatch single frame images across multiple hosts (available for Maya and 3D Studio Max). The images are divided in slices rendered on multiple hosts simultaneous and then assembled back by the Dispatcher in a final coherent image. Image slicing is particular usefull when you need to produce high resolution images for printing. Increase your slices number and let Muster render it in a bunch of minutes.

Muster 8 features
• Totally multithreaded server engine allows unlimited scalability on multicores systems
• Tailored for high end installations with autotuning preemptive updating and data exchanging system
• Cross platform, runs natively on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
• Integrated web service based on jQuery let you mange your farms using multi-touch events on your iPad or tablet
• Integrated management environment with visual realtime feedback
• Python based application support template system (write your own plug-ins to support additional render engines in pure Python)
• Python 2/3 , C/C++, Java, .NET, Perl and PHP API to control server and clients from your own code
• Wake up features through Magic packet, manually, scheduled or automatic, automatic shutdown of hosts based on customizable rules or overall load
• Screen saver enabler let you start the renders when your screen saver is running
• Custom actions through external executables or interpreters like Python
• In process or external SQL complaint database support using sqlite or mysql libraries
• Integrated users and groups management with permissions. Supports for LDAP and Active Directory authentication servers
• Cross platform interoperability across Windows, Linux and MAC OS X
• Enterprise class network logic with fault tollerance in mind, automatic connection recover and chunks reassignment
• Support for splittable jobs (multiframe), image slicing rendering, single host processing or process broadcasting
• Runs as console applications, Windows services or UNIX daemons
• Dynamic connections/disconnections of render slaves
• Support for multiple packages with built-in fully customizable template engine
• Integrated image library for image slices automated assembling (single frame jobs)
• Realtime visual feedback and configuration GUI supporting one-click propagations of configurations (Muster console) and full featured command line tool (Mrtool).
• Internal historing system for activity processing and report generation
• Remote hosts realtime log streaming
• Support for availability time tables to set time rules
• Support for automatic login detection (when running as service or daemon)
• Customizable reports in Muster console
• Integrated connector for Autodesk Maya
• Automatic network drive detection and mapping on Windows
• Hierarchical job management using nested folders
• Import/Export of queue snapshots
• Pool management to include/exclude jobs in a subset of hosts
• Integrated mailing list management and realtime notification about events
• Support for job dependancies, start jobs after the completation of a different one
• Support for floating point frames as well as negative frames
• Support for 64 BIT external processes
• System usage snapshots available in Muster console / Web server
• Sortable and customizable views with custom workspaces
• Detailed hosts usage monitor with user configurable alarms on processors usage, available disk space and memory usage

Muster 9 Documentation >>

Be aware that there are some core changes between Muster 8 and Muster 9. The queue database format is no longer compatible and an upgrade of the queue from a previous version is not possible. That means you'll need to rebuild your queue from scratch.

This is a list of the new Muster 9 features:
• We have included a gorgeous images and sequences viewer totally integrated inside Muster. You can now preview your frames while being rendered as well as preview completed sequences. The image viewer supports the most used images formats including OpenEXR with HDR support and has direct bindings with your jobs, you can re queue individual frames and/or chunks directly from the image viewer window. We also extended the preview feature to the Chunks Details view. You can watch real time updated thumbnails inside the view and directly re queue chunks and/or frames. The image viewer is totally OpenGL accelerated and supports GPU and RAM caching to watch sequences with their native frame rate
• The web interface has been rewritten from scratch. While being more minimalist, it has been designed for fully responsiveness for mobile devices and it is based on the Twitter Bootstrap technology. It is also an excellent point of start for your own interfaces based on the REST APIs (distributed in a non-minimized form)
• Muster now supports IPV6 as well as double stack bindings. It is also possible to bind the network ports to a specific IP address / network interface
• A new backup facility has been included. This is totally different from the archive operation that still exists, but while an archived job still stays into the queue, the backup database can be used to completely remove no longer needed jobs and restore them later if required.
• General redesign and optimization of the internal data. Now Muster is able to read and write queue objects concurrently and the overall speed increased by an average 300%
• Engines (templates) now supports multi versioning. You can easily define multiple version of an engine and configure multiple paths according in the client preferences. This is completely handled in the templates configuration dialog and requires just one single template. Double check the templates documentation to implement versioning in your existing custom templates
• Chunks support prioritization. During jobs submissions you can specify how chunks will be processed providing several predefined priority modes
• Single frames renders (image slicing) now supports submitting multiple frames in a single job
• Muster now supports frame ranges instead of the fixed start-end frame logic. You can input a frame range in the form 1-10b1n1p4 , where b, n and p specify by frame, start numbering and padding. Also separate frames list are supported like 1,5,20-30. Check the templates documentation to understand how to migrate your existing templates
• The queue supports an emergency mode. This is a completely isolated queue that runs on an higher priority than the regular queue. It is also possible to abort regular queue jobs if emergency queue has pending jobs
• The mails templates no longer exist. Mails notifications are now sent and built through the global template(0) with access to the Muster inner objects. This opens to a total customization of the mails sent by the Dispatcher
• The dispatcher mailer daemon now supports TLS/SSL configurations through libcurl. It is no longer required to run a forwarder for mail servers that requires authentication
• The entire frames check logic has been rewritten from scratch and now supports file opening, OpenEXR files and frame ranges/lists. Also the frame check can be run again against a completed job
• Notifications have gone through a complete review with the users and groups system. You can now configure specific notifications for each group and user as well as inherit values from groups. Also Muster now offers to configure notifications via mails, notificator, or mobiles (mobile app will come later)
• Users and groups permissions have been revamped and now offers a preview of the inherited properties during configuration
• It's now possible to completely remap hot keys into Console and bind them to a custom workspace
• Muster can now parse multiple output folders according to the template settings. If a template supports multi-layered rendering and supports outputting multiple output folders, the frames checks and the frames mask are setup according
• Templates supports macros that may be edited interactively and then accesses through the templates codes
• The log parsing and reporting has been completely revamped. Now a strict relation between the errors in the logs files and the chunk is preserved. You no longer get a single log line for a failed chunk, but a complete error reporting available in the chunks view with an entry for each faulty line. Also it's possible to create overrides rules for each template and/or job to skip specific warnings and errors, or to include new checkings
• Jobs support chunks parallel dependencies. You can have two jobs running simultaneous with a 1:1 dependence between their chunks
• Multitask templates are now available. You can build a template that runs several different tasks chained by dependencies and/or return values
• OpenEXR is supported in all image based operations as well as in single frames slicing and assembling. Templates have been updated according
• You can now run each database on a different connection and on a different engine. This allows i.e. to run the regular queue on sqlite while keeping the history and the backup database on Mysql
• Several warnings and checks related to chained jobs have been implemented. Now Muster requests a confirmation to delete jobs dependacies too
• Jobs can be filtered by ID in the jobs view
• The status of the nodes is now stored inside the database for off-line query
• A inheritable maximum priority value is now available for users and groups
• Jobs implement extra fields like camera left/right/center , sequences and shots
• Bulk operations are now available on folders with fast child selection context menu options
• The Console submission view is now foldable
• Start and end time estimation on folders is now available
• Headers customization can be reset to the default values
• Fixed an issue that reported a wrong disk usage in the instances details
• User preferences can be read/write from a different path using an environmental variable or a command line switch
• Automatic removal and archiving of jobs can be triggered depending on the job status or directly from a specific template using dedicated class members
• It's now possible to re-index the database with a specific option
• Some warnings can now be skipped and configured i.e. when submitting a job using a local path
• The Max connector now supports images slicing
• Fixed an issue in the workstation logs view where the logs were not deleted properly
• Network ports changed from 97XX to 98XX to allow running version 8.X and 9.X side by side
• Changed the way preferences are stored on the Mac and Linux platforms, files are no longer saved with backslashes but the final folder is normalized according
• Tuning settings for the Dispatcher and the instances are now exposed to optimize heavily loaded systems.
• The LDAP query configuration has been optimized to supports different configurations and it produced standard queries that should be more compatible with existing LDAP systems
• The Maximum instance limit on a user or group can now be ignored if available instances are found
• Single instances and broadcast templates now supports the instance job progress
• All the external applications connectors have been updated to support the new “template version” field
• Mrtool now accepts multiple IDs (comma separated) for operations on jobs and instances

What's new in v9.0.7:
[CONSOLE] A warning is displayed when trying to fetch statistics from a chunks that are not available or disabled on the Dispatcher preferences, for both the regular and the history chunks
[CONSOLE] Broadcast jobs now have the maximum nodes field in the submission view
[CONSOLE] The Reparse chunks log function now takes into account the chunk's process exit code no longer producing a wrong chunk status. The Chunk's process exit code is also now stored in the DB
[DISPATCHER] Statistics samples were not correctly copied over the history chunks
[DISPATCHER] Maximum working nodes on folders are now calculated correctly. In the past a race condition in the multithread engine caused more instances to be allocated than the ones intended under certain circumnstances
[DISPATCHER] The Python function onJobEnd may be called twice or more, the problem is not fixed and it is also called for jobs that completes while being into a paused folder
[RENDERCLIENT] Statistics samples were skipped on Windows DISKS without an effective name

System Requirements
- For professional versions, minimum OS version is Windows Vista 64 tested up to Windows 10
- For server versions, minimum OS version is Windows Server 2008, tested up to Windows Server 2016
- 4096 MB RAM
- 1 GB free on system disk
System requirements are related to Muster components only. The render clients must meet the system requirements published by the producers of the batch rendering you’re going to use. You’ll also need, depending on the licensing scheme, a valid batch render license for each node, unless the software provides batch render licenses for free.

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