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MediaChance Photo-Reactor v1.7.1
Software » Graphics | автор: SonyQ (13.06.18)
MediaChance Photo-Reactor v1.7.1
Program Name: MediaChance Photo-Reactor v1.7.1
Program Type: Dynamic image editor and effect processor
Developer: MediaChance
Release Date: 11.06.2018
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
File Size: 40.63Mb / 41.07Mb

Встречайте, графический редактор 21 века! Photo-Reactor представляет собой новый, высокооптимизированный динамический графический редактор и процессор эффектов с абсолютно неограниченными возможностями и фантастическими эффектами. Все действия полностью динамичны, всегда готовы к изменениям и перегруппировке в самодокументированном стиле. Photo-reactor расширяется модулями (узлами) с доступными функциями, ограниченными в стандартных графических редакторах.

Стандартные редакторы 'статичных' изображений безнадёжно застряли в прошлом веке. Нужно применять один шаг за другим, один эффект или настройку за другой с поочерёдным наложением слоёв друг на друга.
И как только нужно вернуться назад и внести изменения или изменить порядок нескольких шагов, начинаются проблемы. Пора идти в ногу со временем.

А что если...
• у вас будет полностью динамический графический процессор, в котором время и последовательность шагов отсутствуют как проблема?
• вы сможете создавать неограниченное количество слоёв и эффектов, которые также отображаются сбоку, а не в одной большой куче слоёв?
• каждый эффект или корректировка может быть вновь перенастроена без необходимости возврата в любое удобное время?
• вы сможете сгруппировать эффекты и шаги в новый супер-эффект, добавив свои элементы управления, а затем использовать как один эффект?
• вы сможете мгновенно применять все эффекты к другим изображениям всего лишь в один щелчок мыши?
• вы сможете применить все действия к папкам с изображениями без необходимости написания макроса?
• выходное изображение можно будет использовать для обработки других изображений?

На всё это и многое другое способен Photo-Reactor. Созданный как современный инструмент обработки изображений, представления, разработки, обмена эффектами и создания новых процессов, построенный на основе узлов, где возможно всё.


This is an image editor for 21st century! Photo-Reactor is a new, highly optimized dynamic image editor and effect processor with absolutely unlimited possibilities and fantastic effects. Everything you do in the software is fully dynamic, always ready to be tweaked or rearranged in a self documenting style. Photo-reactor is different than any image editor you used before. It is highly expandable modular software where many limitations of standard editors were removed.

A standard "static" image editing software is hopelessly stuck in the last century. You apply one step after another. One effect or adjustment after another with one layer on top of another one.
The problem starts as soon as you want to go back and change or re-order the many steps. It is time to move into 21st century.

What if?
• you have fully dynamic software where time and sequence of steps are a non-issue?
• you can have unlimited layers and effects that also go sideways, not in one big layer pile?
• every single effect or adjustment can be re-adjusted at any time without going back?
• you can wrap effects and steps into new super-effect, add your own controls and then use them as just any other single effect?
• you can instantly apply all the effects to other images with a single click?
• you can apply everything you did to folders full of images without creating "macro"
• the output image can be used to process other images?

Photo-Reactor is all this and much more. It is build as a truly 21st century image editing, discovery, workbench, effect sharing and new process creation tool where anything is possible using the modern nodal principle.

Features At a Glance
• A software that can truly create new image effects and processes
• Very visual
• Highly optimized, fast software for both 32 and 64-bit Windows platforms
• Self-Documenting Flow
• Versatile, any type of effects is possible from brilliantly adjusted photos to painting and graphics
• Easy way to share new effects
• Scriptable with high level c++ language
• Loads and re-interprets Adobe Photoshop *.PSD files with layers
• Call other graphic applications from within the interface
• Extendable with SDK and plug-ins (such as QR Code Generator )
• Professional tools such as vectroscopes and monitors

Extremely powerful
Once you start working with the software you will discover its huge power that lies in the logic of nodal editing and the simplification of effects. It does look different at first sight, but in a short time things become very logical and you will realize how the old way of image editing is incredibly limited.

Grows with you but doesn't get old
You can use what you need and then slowly keep discovering new things as you progress. The software doesn't require you to learn everything right away. You can walk before you run.

Share and learn
You probably tried to repeat some effects from books or on-line tutorials where you had to follow many pages of step-by-steps. That is all in the past. With Photo-Reactor the effect flow is self explanatory, it is not obfuscated in a pile of layers with multitude of mystery effects applied in completely unknown sequence.

Easy to Follow
It is very easy to follow how some advanced effects work. A simple click on any effect will show how the image processing at that stage and you can easily trace the idea of the effect object by object.

Import Adobe Photoshop projects
Another unexpected feature is that you can actually re-create project from Adobe Photoshop PSD layered files. That is right, just import PSD file and the layers will turn into a Photo-Reactor flow.

Scripting for the adventurous types
There are some people (like us) who get excited to have any scripting language in a software. Photo- Reactors feature a high level c++ syntax language directly build in the software. This fast bytecode interpreter supports polymorphism, inheritance or multidimensional arrays among other things. You have no idea what this all means? No problem, the scripting is completely optional.

Extendable by third parties
We created a very easy to use SDK, but even more importantly the software itself can generate the source code project for its plug-in where you set up everything visually and then fill-up the blanks with your image processing. The interface, the sliders and data serialization is all done for you.

Add a new dimension to your creative tool-box
Designer professionals, home users or educational institution can appreciate the new creative dimension that Photo-Reactor opens.

Plays nice with others
Photo-Reactor can call other software such as Adobe Photoshop to do part of the work and automatically update the process when needed.

What's new in v1.7.1:
- Lock left Monitor to current object (right click on the left monitor and select Lock Monitor)

System Requirements
- Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista or XP (32-bit or 64-bit editions)
- 1 GHz processor or better (faster processor will help)
- 4 GB of RAM
- 1 GB of free disk space
- Minimum screen resolution: 1024x768 (very highly recommended higher resolution)

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