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ViewCompanion Premium v11.10
Software » CAD | автор: SonyQ (7.06.18)
ViewCompanion Premium v11.10
Program Name: ViewCompanion Premium v11.10
Program Type: Multi format viewer & converter
Developer: Software Companions
Release Date: 02.06.2018
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 | Server 2003/2008/2012
File Size: 26.01Mb / 33.02Mb

ViewCompanion Premium - самая мощная версия семейства ViewCompanion. ViewCompanion Premium позволяет просматривать, распечатывать и преобразовывать файлы в форматах Adobe PDF, Autodesk DWF, PLT, CGM, TIFF, CALS, EDMICS и многих других. ViewCompanion Premium поддерживает PLT-файлы используя языки графопостроителей (плоттеры) HPGL, HPGL/2, HP-RTL, KIPGL и Calcomp.

ViewCompanion обеспечивает быстрый и точный просмотр всех поддерживаемых форматов.
ViewCompanion может работать со всеми принтерами и графопостроителями, поддерживающими Windows.
ViewCompanion может преобразовывать файлы в несколько стандартных форматов, включая PDF, DXF, DWF, TIFF, CALS и многие другие.
ViewCompanion можно использовать для выполнения точных измерений. Проверка расстояний и областей при помощи доступных измерительных инструментов.
Используйте ViewCompanion для аннотирования чертежей штампами, текстом, размерами, пометочными облаками, изображениями, символами и многими другими элементами.


ViewCompanion Premium is the most powerful member of the ViewCompanion family. ViewCompanion Premium can view, print and convert Adobe PDF, Autodesk DWF, PLT, CGM, TIFF, CALS, EDMICS and several other formats. ViewCompanion Premium does support PLT files using HPGL, HPGL/2, HP-RTL, KIPGL and Calcomp plotter languages.

ViewCompanion provides fast and accurate viewing of all supported file formats.
ViewCompanion can print to all windows supported plotters and printers.
ViewCompanion can convert your files into several standard formats including PDF, DXF, DWF, TIFF, CALS and much more.
ViewCompanion can be used to do precise measurements. Check both distances and areas using the available measurement tools.
Use ViewCompanion to annotate your drawings with stamps, text, measurements, clouds, images, symbols and many other elements.

Your PLT, CGM and DWF files can be converted to Autodesk DXF format, which can be read by almost all CAD applications, for example Autodesk AutoCAD.
With the PDF to CAD tool you can convert your PDF files to editable DXF, Gerber, CGM and SVG file formats.

Both batch convert and batch print is included. The software can be configured to monitor a folder selected by the user, and all files copied to that folder will be automatically printed.

You can merge multiple files of different formats to a single multi-page PDF, DWF or TIFF file.
ViewCompanion can split a multipage PDF, TIFF or DWF file into multiple files. You may split a PDF file either based on a maximum number of pages per file, or based on the maximum file size for each file.

Use ViewCompanion to compare files of different revisions and visualize the differences. You can compare all supported file formats, including PDF. A multipage PDF file can be compared page by page.

With Viewcompanion you can measure dimension lengths and areas. All measurements can be done using snap to drawing geometry to give the highest accuracy. Calibration of the measurement tools is available to make sure you get correct results even if your drawings are not scaled 1:1. The measurement results may be exported to a csv file, which can be loaded into Excel or any other spreadsheet application.

Annotate your files using markup elements like text, highlight, dimension line, area measurement, polygon, freehand, arrow, stamp, symbol, image and more. You can either select one of the predefined stamps, or create your own custom stamp.
The symbol libraries make it easy to add frequently used symbols as markups.
All markup elements will be stored in a separate file and the original file will be left unmodified.
The markup elements can be included when the viewed file is printed or converted.

Key Features
• View, markup, convert and print files of different formats.
• Convert to a large number of output formats, please see the complete list of formats below.
• Batch print and convert is included.
• Color, Black & White or Grayscale printing and conversion.
• Scaled print or fit to paper.
• Poster mode for printing big format drawings on multiple sheets, e.g. print an A0 drawing in full size using multiple A4 sheets.
• N-up printing mode, also known as multiple pages per paper sheet printing.
• Hot folder printing. Monitor a folder and print all files that are copied to this folder.
• Add footer and header containing date, scale, time, filename or custom text to the printed file.
• Annotate all supported formats.
• Include annotation during printing and conversion.
• Export markup to DXF, DWF, CGM and SVG.
• Precise measurement with snap to drawing geometry.
• Send the viewed file by e-Mail, either as a PDF, as a JPEG or in the original format.
• Easy to use installation and uninstallation software.
• Compare two files and visualize the differences.
• Compare two multi-page PDF files, page by page.
• Merge different PDF files into a single multipage PDF file.
• Split a multipage PDF file into individual files.
• Digitally sign PDF files.
• Scan and create a new file, or add as page to active file.
• Raster processing tools that include deskew and cleanup.
• Import a file and append as a new page to the active file.
• Overlay up to 10 files and print as one drawing.
• Apply watermark using text, or a raster image, to the printed file.
• Use pen table for full control of colors, styles and widths.
• Copy a selected region, or whole drawing, to clipboard, and paste into other applications.
• Text search and extract.
• Store commonly used files in projects.
• Customizable GUI.
• Shell Extension for easy access to functions inside the Explorer Window and a full preview of the selected file.
• Extensive set of command line parameters for conversion and printing.
• Delete pages from multipage files (e.g.: TIFF and PDF).
• Use the PDF to CAD tool and convert your PDF files to DXF, DWF, PLT, SVG and CGM.

ViewCompanion Premium can open the following formats:
• Adobe PDF
• Autodesk DWF 2D
• Autodesk DWFx 2D
• BMP (Windows Bitmap format)
• Calcomp plotter format
• CALS type 1 and 2
• CGM (Computer Graphics Metafile)*
• DCX (Multipage PCX)
• ECW (Enhanced Compression Wavelet)
• EDMICS C4 (Group 4 Tiled)
• EMF (Windows Enhanced Metafile)
• EMZ (Compressed Windows Enhanced Metafile)
• Gerber RS-274D (standard)
• Gerber RS-274X (extended)
• HP-RTL (Raster Transfer Language)
• JPEG2000
• PCX (PC Paintbrush format)
• PLT, HPGL/2, HPGL and KIPGL plotter formats
• PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
• SFF (Structured Fax Format)
• TGA (Truevision Targa).
• WebP (Google Image Format for the WEB)
• WMF (Windows Metafile)

* Supports CGM files using binary and clear text encoding. Supported profiles includes ATA, CALS, WEBCGM and CGM*PIP.

ViewCompanion Premium can convert to the following formats:
All files can be converted to the following formats:
• Adobe PDF
• Adobe PDF/A
• Autodesk DWF
• AVI 1
• CALS CCITT Group 4 Raster 2
• GIF Raster
• HPGL/2
• HP-RTL Raster
• JPEG Raster
• JPEG2000 Raster
• Paintbrush PCX
• Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
• TIFF Raster 3
• WebP Image
• Windows Bitmap
• Windows Enhanced Metafile
• Windows Metafile

If the loaded file is a vector file you may convert to the additional formats:
• Autodesk DXF
• Gerber RS-274X
• Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM Binary)
• Adobe Postscript
• Scalable Vector Graphics

Vector files includes the following formats:
PDF, CGM, DWF, DWFx, HPGL/2, PLT, Gerber and Calcomp.
1. AVI files can be created by using the Movie Maker tool. This tool will let you add multiple files, of all the different formats ViewCompanion supports, to a movie.
Each page from all the added files will be converted to a single frame in the movie.
2. MIL-PRF-28002B Type 1.
3. Supported compression methods for TIFF includes: CCITT-G3, CCITT-G4, LZW, and Packbits.
4. No additional applications or drivers are needed for conversion.

The Standard edition provides all the basic features you need for viewing, printing and converting PLT, HPGL/2, CGM, DWF and other file formats.

The Pro version includes all features from Standard plus that it adds support for many different raster formats including TIFF, CALS, PNG, JPEG or more.

The Premium version includes all features from Pro plus the following:
• A PDF to CAD feature that can convert your PDF files to DXF, PLT, DWF and other CAD formats.
• Digital signing of PDF files (both single file and batch).
• An advanced PDF partition tool that allows you to split PDF files based on maximum file size.
• Advanced raster tools: deskew, cleanup and more.
• TWAIN and WIA scanner support.

New Features ViewCompanion 11
• A rewritten core engine that gives much better accuracy for both conversion and measurement.
• Modified GUI that allows all panels to be visible at the same time (panels includes layers, pages, bookmarks and project).
• ViewCompanion may now use LibreOffice, in addition to Microsoft Office, to view, print and convert Office formats. LibreOffice is free software and you can read more about it here.
ViewCompanion will automatically detect if LibreOffice or MsOffice is present on the system.
You may use ViewCompanion to batch convert Office formats to PDF if you have one of the above mentioned products installed.
• New PDF print engine which should work faster on most systems.
• Added rounded rectangle markup element.
• Markup arrow type is now drawn by selecting two points.
• You may now change the size of the page thumbnails and force them all to be displayed.
• Added command to toggle between stay in draw markup mode, or go directly to edit after a markup is completed.
• Added command to toggle between line edit mode or move element mode.
• Added new raster rotate tools for 90, 180 and 270 degrees.
• Added new raster invert tool.
• Added new raster mirror horizontal and vertical tool.
• Raster Deskew will now keep the original page size by default.
• Added Deflate and JPEG compression options to TIFF conversion.
• Inserted symbols may now be rotated.
• The GUI should now be completely hidden during command line conversions.
• Several other minor changes and improvements.

What's new in v11.10:
- Added Barcode definition to the Markup XML format.
- Configurable maximum radius for each arc in a revision cloud.
- You may now insert and remove points in polyline and polygon type elements.
- If the scale, or unit, is changed, you will now be asked if all existing markup measurement texts should be updated to reflect the new settings.
- Printing a multipage with different page sizes always used the scaling for the first page if scale to fit was enabled. Each page will now be scaled individually to fit the paper size.
- Added option for enabling taskbar interaction. If taskbar interaction is enabled a separate thumbnail will be displayed for each open document.
- Added a setting to open PDF files saved using "Save As" in the default PDF viewer.
- New PDF/A conformance tools. Both batch and single file conformation is available. This tool allows you to conform, or convert, an existing PDF file to PDF/A standard.
- With the new batch PDF to CAD tool you can convert a list of PDF files to a selected output CAD format, for example Autodesk DXF. If the source PDF file contains multiple pages, you can either convert to a multipage file, or create one file per page. Please note that not all output formats support multipage output.
- Rotate page now works for PDF files (rotate 90,180,270). This tool allows you to rotate each page in a PDF individually.
- Added dpi and bits per pixel settings for the PDF Load as Raster option.
- New setting: Apply current transparency setting to new text elements. Transparent text is displayed with poorer quality and performance. By default new text elements will now be opaque.
Fixed issues:
1097 A DWF file from customer caused exception error during conversion.
1096 A red text element in a PLT file became black after conversion to PDF.
1095 Large Gerber files could cause a crash when running on 64-bit Windows 10.
1093 Image in DWF file should be clipped to paper extents.
1092 Some of the shapes in a CGM file were incorrectly filled with black solid color.
1091 Most of the text was missing in a DWF file from customer.
1088 DWF file from customer failed to open.
1084 Printing multipage with different page sizes used the scale calculated for first page on all pages.
1083 Some of the text in a PLT file were displayed at wrong position.
1082 PLT file from customer caused an application exception.
1081 Markup images (stamps) in a DWF file were placed far outside the paper area.
1080 Most of the text in a PLT file was lost after conversion to PDF.
1078 An image in a DWF file from customer should be partially transparent.
1077 CGM file from customer failed to open.
1075 Missing arcs in CGM file from customer.
1074 Some of the text in a PLT file appeared too thick after converting to PDF.
1073 DWF file should be centered on the paper.
1069 PDF file from customer failed to open.
1068 PDF file from customer failed to open.
1067 Some of the text elements in a PLT file were displayed at wrong position.
1065 Some of the layers should be off (invisible) by default in PDF from customer.
1063 Some information was lost after DWF file was converted to TIFF.
1062 An image in a PDF file was converted with transparency to PLT, but should have been opaque.
1061 24-bit images in a DWF file were incorrectly displayed with transparency.
1057 CGM file failed to open.
1056 PDF file displayed as blank pages only.
1050 DWF file should be centered on the paper.
- Right click menu for Project Bar didn't show auto hide option.
- Log files were not created when converting PDF to TIFF, or other formats, when using the command line interface.
- PDF to raster conversion was not using the selected paper size correctly.
- All control bars were turned on after print preview, even if they were turned off before entering it.
- Markup element copy will now copy text content to the clipboard too, if the element has any.
- Wide lines are now converted to DXF polylines because a line cannot have width (but polylines can).
- Copying a selection to clipboard as bitmap, and then pasting back as markup picture failed on some systems.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems
- Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
- Windows Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012
- Supports Terminal Server and Citrix
Minimum Hardware Requirements:
Processor: 1.5GHz or faster processor.
Memory: 1GB, more memory will improve performance and enable loading of larger files.
Hard Disk: 100 MB available hard disc space.

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