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RE:VisionFX ReelSmart Motion Blur v6.0.1 for After Effects
Software » Video Apps | автор: SonyQ (6.06.18)
RE:VisionFX ReelSmart Motion Blur v6.0.1 for After Effects
Program Name: RE:VisionFX ReelSmart Motion Blur v6.0.1 for After Effects
Program Type: After Effects Plug-In
Developer: RE:Vision Effects, Inc
Homepage: _
Release Date: 03.05.2017
Interface Language: English
Platform: Adobe After Effects CS5/CS5.5/CS6/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015/CC 2017
File Size: 22.9Mb

ReelSmart Motion Blur позволяет автоматически добавлять в последовательность более естественный эффект сглаживания движения. Поскольку в основе ReelSmart Motion Blur лежит технология трекинга RE:Vision, то больше ничего не придется делать вручную. Естественно, вы можете усиливать или уменьшать эффект размытия по необходимости, или совсем удалять сглаживание движения. И наконец, вы можете создавать интересные эффекты сглаживания изображения одной последовательности, используя движение из другой.

Инструмент ReelSmart Motionblur применяется в следующих случаях:
- Уменьшение стробирования в последовательности — особенно полезно при уменьшении частоты кадров видео после оцифровки. ReelSmart Motion Blur отличается меньшим числом артефактов по сравнению с другими методами, например, наложением кадров.
- Автоматическое сглаживание неровностей нарисованных от руки и отсканированных анимаций
- Сглаживание движения в сложных 3D-анимациях, когда это занимает много времени; в большинстве случаев использование ReelSmart Motion Blur будет эффективнее и быстрее.
- Сглаживание движения в одной последовательности с помощью движения из другой последовательности для получения уникальных эффектов
- Повышение резкости изображения в последовательности за счет удаления сглаживания движения

Automatically add natural-looking motion blur to a sequence. RE:Vision's tracking technology is at the heart of ReelSmart Motion Blur, so no handwork is involved. Add as little or as much blur as you need, and even remove motion blur. Create interesting effects by blurring one sequence using the motion from another.

ReelSmart Motionblur is useful for the following:
- Reduce strobing in sequences — particularly useful when frame rates of video change after digitizing. ReelSmart Motion Blur has fewer artifacts than other methods such as frame blending.
- Automatically smooth the jerkiness of hand-drawn and scanned animations.
- Motion-blur complex 3D animations when your 3D system takes too much time; in many cases, ReelSmart Motion Blur will be much faster and just as effective.
- Motion-blur one sequence using another sequence's motion for unique effects.
- Sharpen image sequences by removing motion blur.

ReelSmart Motion Blur Features
• Fast and easy motion blur! Applies motion blur based on automatic tracking of every pixel.
• Essential for 3D - Ability to blur with motion vectors supplied by your 3D system.

Feature Specs
• Automatic Tracking. Automatic tracking of every pixel from one frame to the next
• Fine Tune. Variable amount of blur
• Removal of Motion Blur. Blur can also be removed!
• Object Separation (Only Pro). Support for foreground and background separation using a specified matte. ReelSmart Motion Blur then uses proprietary filling and tracking techniques when working on the background layer, even when it is obscured by the foreground!
• 3D Motion Vector Input (Only Pro). Ability to blur with motion vectors supplied by you... which, most likely, will come from your 3D animation system.
• Track Point Guidance (Only Pro). Up to 12 user-defined points can be specified to help guide RSMB's motion estimation. By using the tracking points you can explicitly tell RSMB where a pixel moves from one frame to the next in order to guide RSMB's calculation of motion vectors.
• Spline Guidance (Only Pro). When RSMB exhibits tracking problems, you can guide RSMB by simply creating and animating shapes to show where objects are actually moving.
• GPU accelerated. This product is GPU accelerated. Read more >>

What's new in v6.0.1:
- Fixes a bug where blank, incomplete or "random" images were produced.
- Initial v6 release
- Adds 360 video support
- New option in Pro version that uses the alpha channel to help tracking of dark images with mattes. This is especially useful for CG, masked and/or keyed material.
- New option for linear footage that provides better tracking
- Premiere Pro: adds support for floating point color

- Adobe After Effects CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC, CC 2014, CC 2015, CC 2017
Note if using AE CC 2015, that you will need to use 2015.0.1 (13.5.1) or later.
- Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC, CC 2014, CC 2015, CC 2017

System Requirements
The same OS and hardware requirements for the version of After Effects that you are using.

RE:VisionFX ReelSmart Motion Blur v6.0.1 for After Effects Incl.Serial>>>>

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