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FontLab VI v6.0.6.6722
Software » Graphics | автор: SonyQ (2.06.18)
FontLab VI v6.0.6.6722

Program Name: FontLab VI v6.0.6.6722
Program Type: Font editor
Developer: FontLab Ltd.
Release Date: 30.05.2018
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
File Size: 76.1Mb

FontLab VI - следующее поколение профессионального редактора шрифтов. Используемое в работе Adobe, Apple, Bitstream, IBM, Linotype, Microsoft, Monotype, Morisawa и почти любой компанией по производству цифровых шрифтов по всему миру, FontLab VI представляет собой комплексное решение для производителей шрифтов, профессиональных шрифтовиков, типографов и студий графического дизайна, позволяющее создавать новые гарнитуры шрифтов или модифицировать уже готовые шрифты. FontLab VI может работать со всеми основными форматами контурных шрифтов, включая Type 1, TrueType, Multiple Master и OpenType.


FontLab VI is our next-generation professional font editor, crafted for type designers and font geeks. Five years in the making, we’re still putting finishing touches on it. It’s a massive upgrade over FontLab Studio 5, and remains the only true cross-platform type design and font creation app. With FontLab VI, you get the same high performance, clean user interface, and innovative font making tools on Mac OS X and Windows.

Seasoned FontLab Studio 5 users will find lots of familiar elements in FontLab VI, but we’ve carefully upgraded and polished each of them. The new Font Window allows for visual sorting, smart searching and filtering, and provides a table view that exposes lots of numerical glyph data. We’ve unified the Glyph Window and Metrics Window so you can access the Metrics and Kerning tools right from the main app toolbar. We’ve renamed the Class panel into the Groups panel, but it remains the home for Kerning and OpenType groups.

In place of the limited Components, FontLab VI introduces Cloned Shapes that keep bidirectional live links between contours that appear in different glyphs. FontLab VI still has the View, Transform, OpenType Features and Python Scripting panels, but we’ve redesigned each of those functions so you can achieve your goals faster.

FontLab VI also brings a lot of brand-new functionality. You can automatically Create Overlaps and even attach TrueType Hinting commands to PostScript outlines. You can scale your contours up and down or slant them back and forth losslessly thanks to FontLab VI’s internal fractional coördinate system. We’ve invented new contour design tools: the superfast Rapid drawing tool, Tunni Lines and Genius points for better curvature control; the Fill tool that lets you forget about path direction and allows you to simply turn contours or intersection areas black or white; the Power Brush for quick prototyping of calligraphic strokes; and the awesome Power Nudge mode that lets you typographically correctly condense, expand or transform your contours in a fraction of the time.

FontLab VI supports all of Unicode 9, including color emoji, and all of OpenType 1.8, including Arabic or Indic shaping as well as color and variable OpenType fonts. Speaking of variable fonts: in this build, you cannot yet generate them, but you can open them, and you can set up an unlimited number of font-wide or per-glyph Masters in a MutatorMath- and OpenType Variations-compatible design space, which is backwards-compatible with FontLab Studio 5’s Multiple Master model but much more flexible.

FontLab VI has unlimited glyphs, unlimited layers, multi-line multi-glyph editing, full color support, tag-based multi-glyph guides and zones, Anchor-based mark attachment, complex metrics linking via expressions, and the list goes on and on. And you can convert between various font formats, including .ttf, .otf, .vfb, .ufo, .glyphs, and all the color OpenType fonts such as OpenType+SVG.

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System Requirements
- 32-bit app that runs on Windows 7 and newer, including Windows 10 (either the 32- or the 64-bit version). Optionally installs Python 2.7, required for scripting and variable fonts support.
Note: The app has been seen to work on Windows XP SP2+, and Windows Vista in Compatibility Mode. But you use older operating systems at your own risk, as we do not test these configurations!)
- At least 250Mb of free space on the hard disk drive is needed.

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