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IDM UltraCompare Professional v18.00.0.45
Software | автор: SonyQ (13.03.18)
IDM UltraCompare Professional v18.00.0.45Program Name: IDM UltraCompare Professional v18.00.0.45
Program Type: Comparison
Developer: IDM Computer Solutions, Inc.
Release Date: 12.03.2018
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows Vista/7/8/10
File Size: 41.47Mb / 44.74Mb

UltraCompare Professional поможет найти отличия между директориями, файлами и даже zip-архивами. Также программа поддерживает сетевую работу. Есть текстовый редактор, ориентированный на работу с двумя и более файлами одновременно. Поддерживает построчное сравнение (Binary Compare) отдельных файлов. Строка состояния показывает количество различных блоков.

Поиск различия папок (рекурсивно сравнивает директории и все их составляющие), причём, вывод включает: одинаковые имена файлов разных размеров, одинаковые файлы но с разными датами создания. Очень удобный интерфейс и достаточно простая система обработки данных с возможностью обращения к командной строке приятно порадуют пользователей, ценящих своё время.


UltraCompare Professional is a powerful compare/merge application loaded with features to enable users to track differences between files, directories, and .zip archives! File Compare features include text and binary compare of two or three files at a time and users can merge differences between compared files.

Folder Compare supports comparison of local/network directories (and subdirectories with recursive compare) and .zip archives as well and users may merge differences between them.

UltraCompare Professional Features
- Text Compare Features
- Folder Compare Features
- Word Compare Features
- Fast Binary Compare Features
- Smart Binary Compare Features
- Merge Features
- Print/Output Features
- File Management Features
- Display Features
- Miscellaneous Features
- UltraCompare Lite Features

New Features UltraCompare v16:
• New ribbon interface:
- Overhauled user interface with new ribbon display and functionality
- Contextual tabs based upon compare type
- Quick Access Toolbar
- Compact mode (saves vertical space)
- Legacy toolbar/menu mode
- Full support for ribbon / toolbar customization
• Modernized application icons
• Full ultra-high-def (UHD) / 4k display support
• Excel/table compare mode:
- Compare Excel or plain text CSV formats
- Select different Excel sheets to compare
- Specify separator character for CSV
- Ignore rows/columns/cells
- Optionally use row 1 as column headers
- Edit, merge, and save across tables
• Folder mode enhancements:
- Folder sync options available directly on ribbon
- Copy paths (all, visible, or selected) from folder compare frame
- Merged files in progress are now dimmed to reflect merge status
- New context menu option to open selected file in default application
- Folder mode progress info now reflects byte totals
• Horizontal ruler for text compare
• New navigation control bar next to file paths
• Moved "All", "Just Diffs", "Just Matching" to Edit tab
• Each compare mode now remembers and restores last active tab
• Improved UTF-8 handling
• New start page (shows on first run, or when all sessions are closed)
• Separate "Matches only" and "Diffs only" for column and rows in table mode
• Fixed and improvements to default theme colors
• Fixed issue with file path aliases being shown in file path down history
• Various other improvements and fixes

New Features UltraCompare v17:
• Save result report in HTML format:
- File » Save result report » Save HTML result
- Saves current view of compare as an HTML file
- Available for all modes (text, binary, folder, table)
- Header includes compare settings, file information, ignore options, etc.
- Toggle header in Settings » Backup & Save
- Optionally show spaces / tabs
- Respects "View" setting (all / just differences / matching)
- Override default styling and colors by saving custom CSS in %APPDATA%\IDMComp\UltraCompare\report\
• Improved / expanded ignore options for text mode:
- Ignore differences in comments, strings, etc., with new "Ignore everything between" rule
- Use "$" to represent end-of-line for "Ignore everything between" rule
- Set an unlimited number of "Ignore lines containing / starting / ending with" rules
- New "Ignore options" tab in session properties
- Set default ignore rules in Settings » Ignore Options » Text
• Configure line matching algorithm for text compare:
- New "Logical line matching" option in text mode session properties
- If checked, set how many lines UltraCompare scans to "pair" similar lines and find matching blocks
- Setting a higher value results in more accurate compare results (but may also use more memory and time)
- Disabling can improve text compare performance
- If unchecked, UltraCompare will match up lines 1-to-1
• Other minor improvements and fixes

New Features UltraCompare v18:
• Full syntax highlighting support for source files:
- Theme-based comment, string, and keyword coloring
- Automatically detects and uses existing UltraEdit / UEStudio wordfiles
- Install additional wordfiles from website (or create your own)
- Manually set or disable highlighting type per-frame
- Configure settings under Settings » Display » Text » Syntax highlighting
- See syntax highlighting in active line window
• Highlight differences per-word:
- New "Highlight" group in Edit tab with options
- New session property to set highlighting method
- New global setting under Settings » Compare » Text
• Increased session limit to 50
• Algorithmic improvements for text compare matching / diffing

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