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The Foundry KATANA 2.6v4
Software » 3D | автор: SonyQ (29.10.17)
The Foundry KATANA 2.6v4

Program Name: The Foundry KATANA 2.6v4
Program Type: Lighting and look development
Developer: The Foundry Visionmongers Ltd.
Release Date: 28.10.2017
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows 7 or higher, 64-bit ONLY
File Size: 198.43Mb

KATANA представляет собой расширение, предназначенное для настройки освещения и рендеринга при композитинге. Максимальная продуктивность работы достигается за счет сочетания использования KATANA и NUKE. KATANA проста в установке и предоставляет на выбор вспомогательные подключаемые модули от таких рендеров как RenderMan, V-Ray, Arnold и 3Delight. Изначально разработкой KATANA занималась компания Sony Pictures Imageworks, и с 2004 года использовалась более чем в 20 телевизионных шоу.

Преимущество KATANA в том, что решение работает с огромными массивами данных и позволяет:
• обновлять ресурсы даже после запуска задания
• передавать настройки освещённости между кадрами и последовательностями кадров
• использовать многочисленные рендеры и тонко настраивать их в зависимости от прохода
• использовать особые модификации ресурсов как часть 'формул' освещенности

Расширенные API позволяют интегрировать существующие цепочки процессов, библиотеки шейдеров и инструменты среды разработки. Больше всего внимания привлекает к себе гибкость KATANA. Пользователь может создавать невероятно сложные проекты и при этом контролировать каждый шаг разработки.

Инструкция по активации на Русском языке прилагается, см. 'install_windows_ru.txt'


KATANA is the heart of the 3D pipeline; a scalable, flexible and asset based approach to look development and lighting. Built from the ground up with the needs of modern productions in mind, KATANA is a revolutionary, recipe-based and artist-facing shot production solution that offers speed and efficiency, but also scales to meet the needs of even the most demanding CG Features and VFX Films. In addition, KATANA 2.5 is easier to install, and offers an expanded range of supporting plug-ins, including RenderMan, V-Ray, Arnold and 3Delight.

Offering on-demand scenegraph manipulation capabilities, KATANA's node based approach allows rapid turn around of high complexity shots while keeping artists in control and reducing in house development overheads. Extensive APIs mean KATANA integrates with a variety of renderers and your pre-existing shader libraries and workflow tools, whilst its collaborative nature means it scales to meet any demand. The core to the 3D pipeline, KATANA enables standarised workflow, but also affords high levels of customisation to enable bespoke and ground breaking work.

Originally developed at Sony Pictures Imageworks, KATANA has been production proven on over 20 shows since 2004 and is specifically designed to address the needs of highly scalable asset based workflow to:
• Allow updating of assets once shots are already in progress
• Share lighting set-ups, such as edits and overrides, between shots and sequences
• Allow use of multiple renderers and specifying dependencies between render passes
• Allow shot specific modification of assets to become part of the lighting 'recipe' for shots to avoid having to deal with large numbers of shot specific asset variants

Deal with potentially unlimited levels of complexity
KATANA provides a very general framework for efficient look development and lighting, but it also allows extreme flexibility by enabling all scene data presented to a renderer to be inspected and processed by procedural operations and filters.

In November 2009 The Foundry and Sony Pictures Imageworks entered into a technology sharing agreement to collaborate on the development of KATANA. The Foundry released KATANA 1.0 in October 2011 and is making use of KATANA technology in a number of other Foundry products.

What's new in KATANA 2.5
• Color and float ramp widgets. Now you can easily select a range of colors or floating-point grayscale values to use as an input to a shader or light with an intuitive, visual UI that offers a more artist-friendly look development experience than in previous versions. The color and float ramp widgets can be used for parameters directly within KATANA, or added to tools in third-party plug-in renderers.
• Online searchable help and developer documentation. Whether you’re an artist or a developer, having easy access to the help or documentation you need is crucial. Now, KATANA’s user, reference and technical guides have been combined into a single HTML-based, searchable system, while the developer documentation is now presented as an online, searchable developer guide that can be easily and regularly updated.
• Gaffer Three light filter support. It’s now possible to add light filters—such as barn doors, blockers or gobos that stop or reduce the effect of a light for certain parts of the scene—directly to lights in Gaffer Three nodes, KATANA’s default lighting tool. This both streamlines the workflow by allowing you to edit all of your lighting information in a single place, and reduces node graph complexity.
• Performance profiling diagnostics. Diagnosing performance issues in complex projects is now easier, thanks to a new mode that enables KATANA to record the time taken by every step when processing a scene. TDs can export and visualize this data in order to help determine the source of the slowdown, and use their findings to optimize the scene.

What's new in KATANA 2.6
• UI and UX improvements. Katana 2.6 builds on work started in 2016, with further UI and UX enhancements making it easier to use, even for those picking up the toolset for the first time. We’ve made dozens of fine-tuning improvements to make it faster to get through repetitive tasks, freeing up your time to be creative.
• Important steps toward our new Viewer and API. Significant progress has been made towards the new Hydra-based Viewer through a new custom Viewer API, which will allow pre-built, custom viewers to be connected to Katana. Both the new Viewer and the final Viewer API are expected to be fully operational in an upcoming release.
• Enhanced tech docs. Katana 2.6 comes with improved technical documentation, allowing you to make custom tools and get technical with shaders and UI parameters more easily.

KATANA Features >>

KATANA Release Notes >>

System Requirements
- Windows 7 64-bit or higher
- A graphics card that supports OpenGL shader model 4
NOTE: Due to Python's handling of imports on case-insensitive platforms (see PEP 235), it is not possible to run Katana from a file system location on a network-attached storage device (NAS) that has been set up with mount options for case-insensitive names.

Supported Renderers
Pixar’s RenderMan, Solid Angle’s Arnold and Chaos Group’s V-Ray are each supported by plug-ins supplied directly by those companies.
For Pixar’s RenderMan, please contact Pixar to get RenderMan Studio for Katana (also called RfK). You also need to install the relevant version of the RenderMan renderer (RenderMan Pro Server).
For Arnold, please contact Solid Angle to get Arnold for Katana (also called KtoA). This includes both the Arnold renderer as well as the Katana plug-in.
For V-Ray, please contact Chaos Group to get V-Ray for Katana. This includes the V-Ray renderer as well as the Katana plug-in.
All queries regarding third-party plug-ins should be directed to the relevant provider.
The Katana installation includes legacy plug-ins for PRMan 17.0, which should be mainly considered as reference to show how a render plug-ins can be implemented. For support of the latest renderer versions and features it is recommended to use the plug-ins provided directly by the relevant vendor company.

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