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Bitsum Process Lasso Pro v9.0.0.398
Software » System | автор: SonyQ (2.09.17)
Bitsum Process Lasso Pro v9.0.0.398

Program Name: Process Lasso Pro v9.0.0.398
Program Type: Windows process priority optimizer
Developer: Bitsum LLC
Homepage: _
Release Date: 01.09.2017
Interface Language: Multilingual (русский включительно)
Platform: Windows Vista/7/8/10
File Size: 2.28Mb / 2.43Mb

Process Lasso представляет собой утилиту для автоматического управления и оптимизации процессами (программ) Windows. Управляя запущенными программами, Process Lasso увеличивает скорость ответа системы и помогает предотвратить 'зависание' системы с помощью собственнической технологии ProBalance. Этот алгоритм динамически изменяет приоритеты запущенных программ таким образом, чтобы некоторым предоставлялся более высокий приоритетный доступ к процессору, чем другим. С Process Lasso больше ни один процесс не сможет 'подвесить' систему. Process Lasso сохранит взаимодействие пользователя с системой, даже если память полностью забита.

В дополнение к технологии ProBalance, пользователи могут настроить запуск программ. Process Lasso предлагает ряд уникальных и полезных возможностей, таких как классы приоритетов по умолчанию, привязка процессора по умолчанию, запрещённые процессы, постоянно работающие процессы, профили управления питанием для каждого процесса, слежение за процессами и ограничение числа копий процесса. Эти функции позволяют контролировать использование программами ресурсов компьютера на основе автоматических настроек.

Process Lasso практически не использует системные ресурсы, пишется на оптимизированном родном C++, не на .NET, под 32- и 64-разрядные версии. Ядро движка может работать автономно и потребляет всего от 1 до 3 мегабайт оперативной памяти.

Управляющее процессами ядро движка работает в фоновом режиме и полностью независимо от графического интерфейса, что позволяет применять правила к процессам практически без накладных расходов. С Process Lasso загрузка происходит мгновенно, а потребление ресурсов сводится к минимуму.

БЕСПЛАТНАЯ версия Process Lasso 8 для пользователей Windows 2003 и Windows XP >>


Process Lasso is an automated Windows process (program) management and optimization utility. By managing the programs running on your computer, Process Lasso increases system responsiveness and helps to prevents system stalls. It accomplishes this through our ProBalance technology. This proprietary algorithm dynamically adjusts the priorities of running programs so that some are given higher priority access to the CPU(s) than others. With Process Lasso, no longer will single, or multiple, processes be able to bring your system to a virtual stall. Process Lasso will let you keep interacting with your computer, even when it is totally swamped.

In addition to the ProBalance technology, users can tweak how their programs are run. Process Lasso offers a number of unique and helpful capabilities. These include default priority classes, default CPU affinities, disallowed processes, keep running processes, per-process Power Profiles, a process watchdog, and process instance count limits. These features give you the ability to control how programs utilize your computer's resources based on automatic settings. With Process Lasso, you can decide exactly how you want your processes to run.

Process Lasso uses virtually no system resources itself, being written in highly optimized native x32 and x64 C++. The core engine can run stand-alone and consume as little as 1-3MB of RAM.

Process Lasso is written in native C++, not .NET. The background core engine that manages processes is completely independent from the graphical user interface, allowing you to keep process rules applied with almost no overhead. With Process Lasso, load time is instant and resource consumption is minimal.

Process Priority and CPU Affinity Optimization
• ProBalance
- Automatically temporarily lower the CPU priority class and/or I/O priority of monopolizing process(es)
- Automatically temporarily change CPU affinities of monopolizing process(es)
• Hyper-Threaded core avoidance
• More information and graphical CPU Eater demo at this page >>

Process Settings Automation
• Sticky (Persistent) CPU and I/O priorities
• Sticky (Persistent) CPU affinities
• Disallowed processes
• Instance limits
• Restart selected processes if they terminate, crash, or are closed
• Restart, terminate, change CPU affinity, or trim virtual memory of processes that consume too many CPU or memory resources (e.g. restart a process that has a memory leak)

Power Profile Automation
• Energy Saver power saver and battery life extender
• Run at High Performance all the time, but drop back to Balanced when you go idle
• Run at Balanced all the time, but drop back to Power Saver when you go idle to save battery power
• Application Power Profiles - Switch power profiles each time given process(es) are running. Configure 'High Performance' like you want it, then set your favorite game or multimedia application to enter High Performance when it is run.
• Prevent Sleep option (list) sets processes that should prevent the PC and/or display from sleeping when they are running - or just use the GUI to temporarily keep your PC awake

• Gaming and Multimedia Mode to auto-optimize for game processes, when they are running

• Stand-alone core engine that can run as a system service
• Unique System Responsiveness metric with over a decade of real-world use and testing
• Ready for multiple users
• Need to disable CPU Core Parking? Check this Bitsum freeware until it becomes part of Process Lasso
• Minimal resource use and totally optional GUI that goes into a sleep-mode when minimized to the tray
• Logging of all actions taken, or all started processes
• Granular settings to disable features you do not want
• Unattended/silent installation
• Optional password protection on configuration
• Unlike many apps that will takeover your whole PC, Process Lasso makes no system setting modifications, does not inject itself into other processes, or make many changes at all
• Well tested on all supported platforms
• Automated updates
• So much more...

Process Lasso Version 9.0 Final Since v8.0 Final (a partial list):
• New Lasso Config Profile Support — we will build onto this!
• New CPUBalance integration provides Frequency of [ProBalance] Action Metric and more
• New Installer with improved auto-correction and language support
• Filter process view to list only the processes you are interested in
• Pause list and graph by pressing spacebar, or entering a filtered view
• Quick-terminate is back by menu item (or DEL key)
• Removde graph ‘map/legend’ Bitmap and replaced with drawn text for easier localization
• Important Improvements to ProBalance
• Better auto-detection of language in multi-user environments
• Deferred key activation for unattended/silent installs
• 20% reduction in installer size
• Approx 40% improvement in already negligible resource use (over 8.0)
• Better interoperability with security software (over v8.0)
• All the accumulated changes from v8.0 to v8.9.
• ... MUCH MORE coming, but it may be after v9.0

What's new? >>

Last Windows XP/2003 Compatible Build of Process Lasso Made FREE >>

Bitsum Process Lasso Pro v9.0.0.398 Incl.Activator-RadiXX11>>>>

Bitsum Process Lasso Pro v9.0.0.398 x64 Incl.Activator-RadiXX11>>>>

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