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RE:VisionFX RE:Lens v1.2.4 for After Effects
Software » Video Apps | автор: SonyQ (31.08.17)
RE:VisionFX RE:Lens v1.2.4 for After Effects
Program Name: RE:VisionFX RE:Lens v1.2.4 for After Effects
Program Type: After Effects Plug-In
Developer: RE:Vision Effects, Inc
Homepage: _
Release Date: 30.08.2017
Interface Language: English
Platform: Adobe After Effects CS6/CC/CC 2014-2017
File Size: 27.54Mb

RE:Lens Новый плагин для After Effects и Premiere Pro, позволяющий легко исправлять и преобразовывать распространённые искажения линз и проекций.

• RE:Lens может выпрямить ваши изогнутые футажи. Отлично подходит для экшнкамер!
• RE:Lens создает панорамы из одной камеры, и отлично подходит для рабочего процесса создания 360-градусных панорамы.
• Снимайте супер-широкоугольным кадры с высоким разрешением и RE:Lens анимирует вращения камеры и масштабирует, обеспечивая большую гибкость при направлении внимание зрителя. Позволяет создать даже два отдельных виртуальных ракурса с помощью одной камеры! Отлично подходит для съёмок спорта, пейзажей, больших рекламных щитов или широких баннеров.

RE:Lens is a set of plug-ins that allow you to work with a variety of wide-format (fisheye, panoramic, and 360 degree) images containing lens distortion. The RE:Lens toolset can be used to undistort source footage that shows the results of heavy lens curvature, work with it just as with any footage in your application (freely adding foreground elements, animating the scene, or just color correcting or adding effects), and complete the process by exporting in specific display formats, be they undistorted full-frame HD footage, or images suitable for panoramic virtual reality (VR) 360-video playback. RE:Lens also support a variety of projection methods. The product currently works in After Effects and Premiere.

Note: Unlike most plugins from RE:Vision Effects, this toolset does not typically work in isolation on a single layer of a comp. Because this process typically involves transforming image formats and their dimension, there are specific things you need to know about working with the application pipeline to put them to use, as follows.

Feature Specs

Straighten video
Capture with your fisheye or super fisheye lens and then convert to normal "rectilinear" projection for output, eliminating the need to watch curved images.

Motion graphics, titles, CG
Paint or add motion graphics, titles, 3D material to your LatLong, fisheye and other non-rectilinear material easily: Convert to normal 2D, add motion graphics or 3D animation, then project back to your source format.

Pincushion and barrel distortions
Handles normal pincushion and barrel corrections for super wide-angle zoom lenses

Chromatic fringing reduced
Attenuates chromatic distortions and fringing that can occur with curved lenses.

Projection formats
RE:Lens handles rectilinear, latitude longitude (equirectangular 360 panoramic VR), fisheye, super fisheye, super wide-angle zoom, mirror ball and parabolic lens-mirror projection formats.

360 (LatLong) to 2D conversion
Convert your 360 panoramic VR video to normal 2D, with options to edit and animate your point of view within the LatLong video.

Immersive videos
Create ultra-wide aspect ratio videos from fisheye and wide-angle field-of-view lenses, maintaining a larger undistorted FOV than you can with any normal range lens.

Straighten super-wide video with fewer artifacts
Option to reduce over-stretched corners when generating super wide field-of-view outputs.

Mirror-based systems handled
Dedicated support for exotic mirror-based systems such as parabolic lens-mirrors and mirror balls.

GPU accelerated
This product is GPU accelerated.

Super fisheye to 360 VR
Convert super fisheye to a 360 panoramic VR video in a single step without the need for stitching software.

Perspective correction
Proper perspective correction controls for wide-angle and fisheye.

High resolution panoramas
Use super high-res 360 stock panoramas, or capture your own, and animate a virtual camera move within them.

High quality filtering
Option to automatically soften or sharpen in the appropriate places.

What's new in v1.2.4:
- Fixes a bug with the spherical stabilizer where the start and end frames when using "Track" were not properly retrieved from After Effects.
- Fixes a bug in the plug-ins that support our spherical stabilization that produces wrong results, and can even cause a crash, when the in and out points of the layer were changed prior to tracking.

Our GPU FAQ >>

- Adobe After Effects CS6, CC, CC 2014 and 2015
- Adobe Premiere CS6, CC, CC 2014, CC 2015
Note: if using Premiere Pro CS6, you will need to use 6.0.5 or later.

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