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krpano v1.19-pr12
Software » Graphics | автор: SonyQ (5.08.17)
krpano v1.19-pr12
Program Name: krpano v1.19-pr12
Program Type: Virtual Tour Editor & Panorama Viewer
Developer: Klaus R. Regnier | krpano GmbH
Homepage: _
Release Date: 04.08.2017
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
File Size: 67.6Mb

krpano - небольшой, очень гибкий и высокопроизводительный просмотрщик панорам всех типов панорамных изображений и интерактивных виртуальных туров. Просмотрщик доступен как приложение Flash и HTML5. krpano предназначен для использования в веб-обозревателях настольных систем, мобильных устройств и планшетных компьютеров.
В дополнение к просмотрщику krpano поставляются инструменты krpano Tools - это небольшие инструменты и дроплеты, которые помогают автоматически подготовить панорамные изображения для просмотра и делают их готовыми к использованию. Создание панорамы или тура возможно только посредством перетаскивания.


The krpano Viewer is a small and very flexible high-performance viewer for all kind of panoramic images and interactive virtual tours. The viewer is available as Flash and HTML5 application. The viewer is designed for the usage inside the Browser on Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux) and on Mobiles/Tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android, ...).
In addition to the krpano Viewer there are the krpano Tools - this are small tools and droplets which are helping to automatically prepare the panoramic images for viewing and making them ready-to-use. Making a pano or a tour is possible just by drag-and-drop.

Flash and HTML5
The krpano Panorama Viewer is available as Flash and HTML5 viewer. Both viewers have and use the same interfaces for controlling the panos and the layout.

High-performance and high-quality rendering
The rendering-performance and the image-quality were and are one of the two most important features in the krpano development. Additionally there are also strong development demands to keep the viewer itself as small and efficient as possible.

Almost everything is customizable in the krpano viewer. There are settings for everything and adding custom settings or behaviors is possible too. krpano has a flexible and dynamic xml scripting system which allows realizing own ideas and features.
To build user interfaces just include and arrange your images on the viewer screen.
And for even more and deeper customizing or extending the viewer itself it is possible to include external Flash or javascript (HTML5) plugins. See here for the all available krpano Plugins.

Wide-range of supported panoramic formats and image file-formats
Supported panoramic formats by the krpano Flash Panorama Viewer:
- Cube and Cubestrip Images
- Spherical Panos (360x180)
- Cylindrical Panos
- Partial Spherical, Partial Cylindrical Panos
- Flat Images
- Cubical QTVR files (.mov)
- Zoomify Images
- Object Movies (=Multi-Frame-Flat-Images)
- Panoramic Videos (Spherical, Cylindrical, Partials)

Supported input and output image file-formats for the krpano Tools:
- JPEG (*.jpg, *.jpeg)
- TIFF / BigTIFF (*.tif, *.tiff, *.btf, *.tf8, *.bigtiff)
- Photoshop Document and Photoshop Big Document (*.psd, *.psb)
- Kolor Raw (*.kro)

Loading very large images, e.g. at Gigapixel size, at once is not possible today - the loading would take ages and the memory need that would be need to display the image would be much to much for a web application. To solve this problem krpano supports a tiled Multi-Resolution loading - the large images will be resampled to several resolution levels and each level will be split up into many small tiles. And these small tiles will be loaded piece by piece and only when needed. This makes is possible to view also very large images quick and fast and with a few memory need.
Multi-Resolution images can be generated automatically by using the krpano Tools.

3D Projections
The krpano Flash viewer supports several ways for projecting the pano image on the screen:
- The normal or also called Rectilinear Projection.
- Fisheye Projection.
- Stereographic Fisheye Projection (when looking down also called 'Little Planet View').
- Pannini Projection (Cylindrical Fisheye / Stereographic).
- Architectural Projection.

Every of these projection modes can be adjusted by several parameters in fine steps. Mixing and / or fading between the different projection modes is also possible.
For example - a pano can start in with a 'Little Planet View' (a Stereographic Fisheye Projection) and then transit smoothly to the normal projection.

Virtual Tours / Hotspots / Scripting
By linking several panos together, e.g. by Hotspots, Maps, Thumbnails, Select Boxes or any other custom actions, it is possible to build full featured virtual tours.
The krpano Tools include MAKE VTOUR droplets for an easy and automatic generation of virtual tours. Just drop all pano images on it and done.

Simple and complex usage at the same time
Use the included MAKE PANO / MAKE VTOUR droplets from the krpano Tools for an easy and fully automatic generation of ready-to-use panos or virtual tours. And for more individual and complex customizing use krpano xml format and / or the Flash or javascript interfaces.

Tutorials >>

Plugins for the krpano Panorama Viewer >>

What's new in v1.19:
• New and simple-to-use standalone localhost testing server application.
When building a VTOUR there will be additional 'tour_testingserver.exe' (for Windows) and 'tour_testingserver_macos' (for Mac) files - just click/start the new 'tour_testingserver' executable in the tour folder and the tour will automatically open in the browser using a localhost server.
That means no Browser or Flashplayer local-filesystem-access-restrictions anymore.
• iOS 10 iPhone inline video support also for (non-Safari) browsers which haven't enabled the native iOS 10 inline-video-support. For these browsers the inline-video-workaround works almost like the iOS 9 one - an additional sound file is required for the video sound and an initial touch is required for loading the video.
• Since the recent Flashplayer version 23 update (many systems and browsers are updating the Flashplayer automatically and unnoticeable) the access to local files is not allowed anymore by default. There were 'security errors' about that the loading of the xml files is not possible (especially when using the toureditor plugin, which is still Flashplayer-based).
The updated krpano Flash viewer detects this case now and shows information how to change the Flashplayer settings to allow the access again.
• New protection setting - block the iframe embedding into external sites.
• Google Maps on iOS - avoid a page-zoom or page-move when touching on map spots (a bug from a Google Maps API update).
• WebVR 1.1 API support.
• Smaller vtourskin.xml improvements and fixes.

What's new in pr11:
• New: Oversampling support for WebGL textfield hotspots - when using values higher than 1.0 the text will be rastered with a higher resolution. This improves the visual text quality, especially for zooming hotspots.
• New: Support for mipmapping for WebGL textfield hotspots - when enabled the internal text-bitmap-buffer will be automatically scaled-up to the next power-of-two size to allow using mipmapping. This improves the text rendering quality for texts that get displayed smaller than they their current pixel-size (e.g. when zooming-out in the pano). Because of the scaling to the next power-of-two size in this case, it would be recommend to use additionally also oversampling to avoid scaling artifacts and for a better overall image/text quality.
E.g. this are good settings if you prefer high quality text rendering quality for hotspots:
mipmapping="true" oversampling="2.0"

The only disadvantages are the higher memory need and the slightly slower text-to-bitmap rendering.
• New: WebVR Plugin
- Improved WebVR support - updated to the latest API and Browser-behavior changes.
- When the screen-size of the Android device is unknown (required for correct VR rendering), load now an online Cardboard Device-Parameter-Database (dpdb) and try getting the information from there.
New setting: mobilevr_database_url.
- Support iPhone 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+, SE detection.
• New: Do more checks for invalid names when creating variables and do a more advanced error reporting for an easier error locating. This avoids strange errors when accidentally creating variables that have the name of a number (e.g. a variable named '0').
• Fix: In some cases the texts in WebGL textfield hotspots were either wrongly aligned, completely missing or words were wrongly cut-off - these problems are fixed now.
• Fix: When tweening colors with an alpha component (e.g. the AA in 0xAARRGGBB), then the alpha value wasn't corrected calculated.
• Fix: Avoid an JS-code-error when trying to load (currently unsupported) spherical-multires-images.
• Fix: There could have been wrong a hotspot image/texture when switching hotspot urls in some cases.
• Fix: Dispatch the onout event also when removing a currently hovering element.
• Fix: Flying hotspots weren't correctly working when using architectural projection.
• Fix: When the loading of the spherical preview pano image takes longer than the normal sphereical pano image, when wrongly the preview pano was shown instead of the normal pano.
• Fix: Avoid a WebGL texture resource leak when using spherical preview images.
• Fix: Several textfield plugin alignment/stacking problems in the Flash viewer due the internal/embedded textfield plugin from the last release.
• Fix: When resolving expressions and doing number-type detection avoid a wrong String-to-Number conversions for some cases.
• Fix: Makepano Tool - don't keep autoleveling the input images when autolevel setting is set to off.
• Fix: Makepano Tool - the new sortinput setting was wrongly set to 'undefined' by default - and that resulting in a random behavior. Sometimes the files were sorted and sometimes not.
• Fix: SphereToCube Tool - the 'lookat' rotations in the view mode were wrong.
• Change: Testing Server (tour_testingserver) - use the IP address instead of 'localhost' by default when opening the url in the browser. This was changed because Chrome is extremely slow when doing the DNS resolving for 'localhost' (a Chrome bug).
• Fix: Googlemaps Plugin - mouse dragging in IE11/Edge.
• New: Bingmaps Plugin - complete port from the V7 to the new V8 Bing-Maps-API. Microsoft has announced to stop supporting/providing the old API. The spot and radar rendering is completely new but will work exactly as with the old API.
• Fix: Videoplayer Plugin - avoid the iOS 10.3 black-first-frame bug (for video-panos and video-hotspots).
• Fix: WebVR Plugin - the mouse-pointer-locking and the mouse-control wasn't working when switching to VR mode and being already in fullscreen-mode.

What's new in pr12:
- Fix: Crash on WebGL textfield hotspots when the 'html' setting is empty.
- Fix: Set the default text color to black for WebGL textfield hotspots.
- Fix: Wrong WebGL textfield width when using vcenter=true and doing autosizing (no width set).
- Fix: Missing texts in WebGL textfields when the viewer wasn't embedded as fullpage-element.
- Fix: Avoid internal WebGL textfield texture caching/reusing when removing hotspots not correctly (not via removehotspot).
- Fix: Slightly inaccurate vertical scaling of the pano image in flat-panos.
- Fix: Soundinterface Plugin - playing a completed sound again wasn't working correctly.

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