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FilmLight Baselight for Avid v4.4.8084
Software » Video Apps | автор: SonyQ (4.03.16)
FilmLight Baselight for Avid v4.4.8084

Program Name: Baselight for Avid v4.4.8084
Program Type: AVID Plug-In
Developer: FilmLight Ltd.
Release Date: 03.03.2016
Interface Language: English
Platform: Avid Media Composer and Symphony 6.0.3 or above
File Size: 77.64Mb

Baselight для Avid беспрепятственно подсоединяет лучшую в мире систему цветокоррекции непосредственно к Avid Media Composer и Symphony. Обеспечивает всеобъемлющим полукомплектом мощных инструментов коррекции и функций, доступных в полных системах Baselight, предоставляя интуитивное, высококачественное и гибкое решение цветокоррекции.


Baselight for Avid seamlessly incorporates the world’s best colour correction system directly within your Avid Media Composer and Symphony edit suites. It provides a comprehensive subset of the powerful grading tools and features available on full Baselight systems, giving you an intuitive, high quality and flexible colour correction solution.

Baselight Editions provide the same core toolset as full Baselight systems, with the same graphical user interface but as a software-only package which can be incorporated into an existing NLE or VFX workstation. This approach delivers the high quality grading tools of Baselight and Truelight colour management directly into your workstation, and as the Editions share the same data structures as the full Baselight systems, projects can be seamlessly transferred and shared between users and facilities.

Key Features
• Implemented as a standard AVX plugin.
• Read or render grades without purchase—perfect for collaboration with departments or facilities that don’t use or don’t need the full creative control of Baselight.
• Unlimited primary and secondary grades within a single effects layer.
• Full Baselight grading tools including Film Grade, Video Grade, Curve Grade, Hue Shift and Six Vector.
• Effects filters including Gaussian Blur, Median, Soften.
• Built-in per-layer matte generation using HSL, RGB, Luminance and 3D keyers combined with unlimited, animatable soft-edged bezier shapes.
• Comprehensive matte refinement tools.
• Full keyframe animation of all Baselight parameters.
• Enhanced scratchpad with instant grade recall/comparison—displayed on the client monitor too.
• Automatic tracking via one-point, two-point or areabased trackers.
• Blend the output of a previous layer into the current layer easily by any amount you choose.
• Subdivide function allows you to apply an overall base grade and then customise it quickly and easily.
• Part of a fully integrated end-to-end FilmLight workflow.
• All grading and other data, including keyframes can be fully exchanged with other Avid and Baselight systems via AAF export/import.
• Full support for grade import and export using the the FilmLight BLG file format.
• Baselight Lens provides real-time read-write autoloading of BLG files.
• Truelight Colour Spaces for the most accurate colour space conversions.
• UI includes colour-managed viewer with layer and matte selection providing fully interactive feedback.
• Built-in precision histogram for accurate control of levels, and GPU scopes including Vectorscope, RGB Parade, YCbCr Parade and Luma Waveform.
• Supports Slate grading control surface along with Avid Artist Color and the Tangent Element & Wave panels.

Renderless Workflows for Ultimate Efficiency & Flexibility
Everything you do within Baselight for Avid—or a full Baselight system—is saved within the project and can be embedded in an AAF file. The grade can be exported from a full Baselight suite and imported into Avid so you can apply a full, complex grade in a matter of seconds—without rendering. It includes all tracking information and even keyframes so no manual adjustment is needed.
And the workflow is fully bidirectional—the grade can be changed in Avid and exchanged with a Baselight system or even another Avid suite just as easily, with all edits intact.

Baselight Grade File (BLG) support
As well as modifed AAF files to exchange grades, Baselight for Avid supports the FilmLight BLG file format—which can be used on its own or embedded in an AAF file or Avid project. The BLG file is a small and portable data file that enables looks to be exchanged with all Baselight systems including Daylight and FLIP.
Baselight for Avid allows you to view—or to render—grades passed between departments with the BLG data encoded in AAF files - without purchase. It’s the perfect solution for collaboration with colleagues or facilities that don’t have Baselight, or that don’t need complete creative control of the look.
The full licence for Baselight for Avid, which can be purchased directly from the software or from the web store, allows you to modify the grade with the power of the Baselight core toolset if you need to.

Rendering support for Baselight features
While the Baselight for Avid effect doesn’t need to be rendered for playback and review, the software provides advanced rendering support for 99% of Baselight features - allowing final delivery of jobs (which may have been graded via a grade exchange with a full Baselight system) directly from your Avid suite.
The beauty of rendering from Avid means the Avid project is updated with links to the rendered shots automatically.

Read Grades & Write Them - Without Delay
The Baselight Lens can change the way you work—for the better. With less time and increased creative demands, it’s easy for the grading process to feel squeezed. But the Baselight Lens gives you back that time without compromising results.
The Lens sits in an Avid effect layer above the sequence; just point it at a directory of BLG files and Baselight for Avid will apply the right grade to each clip automatically.
Not only that, but you can adjust the look in Avid and save it back to the grade directory so that all edit stations—and the colour suite—are working from the latest version all the time.
The Lens is real-time—scrub or play through the sequence and Baselight for Avid will follow the cursor to apply the latest grade at every point based solely on metadata.

Familiar Controls
Baselight for Avid operates in its own window but also provides a full-screen user interface with exactly the same look and feel as full Baselight systems. If you’re not already familiar with Baselight, you’ll find the intuitive and friendly interface quick to learn and a pleasure to work with.
Baselight for Avid also supports the Slate control panel, along with the Avid Artist Color and the Tangent Element and Wave panels, for more precise, hands-on control of the Baselight grading tools.

Layer Blending
Blend the output of a previous layer into the current layer easily by any amount you choose.
Using any of the available Photoshop-style blend modes, such as Mix, Add, Lighten, Darken, Overlay, Screen and so on, you can:
- Blend the original image back into the graded image.
- Select any layer as the blend source.
- Add another image to use as a blend source.
- Copy a grade from the gallery and blend it with your current grade.

Unlimited Layers of Colour
The Baselight effect can be applied to any or all clips in your sequence and allows you to add multiple grading layers to each shot. Each layer can act either as an overall primary colour correction or as a secondary grade restricting the effect to selected parts of the image. There is no limit to the number of layers you can ‘stack’ so you can build up complex corrections to obtain the exact look you require.

Automated Tracking
Baselight’s automatic tracking system provides several options to track objects throughout a shot: one-point, twopoint, or the area-based tracker. The area tracker allows you to define an area in the image rather than individual points and Baselight will accurately track the translation, rotation and scale of the object. As with the point trackers it is possible to track forwards or backwards, and also specify new references or add offsets during the track.

Unrivalled Colour Space Management
Baselight for Avid even includes Truelight Colour Spaces, which allow colour space conversions to be performed with the speed, accuracy, and dynamic range permitted by native floating-point GPU functionality.
No external LUTs or Truelight Profiles are needed but, of course, you can use these if you prefer. No matter which solution you choose, Baselight ensures that you see the most accurate preview of the final deliverable.

Built-in Keyers & Matte Generation
Separate grading or filter effects can be applied ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ of a matte, within any layer of a Baselight grading stack. Mattes are generated using a combination of builtin luma/chroma/3D keyers, bezier shapes and various modifiers allowing full adjustment including roll-off, softness and choking.

Variable shape feathering allows shapes to have differential softness but without ever suffering from the folding and edging that occurs with other solutions. Edge artefacts won’t creep in as the shape animates—Baselight ensures that the feather is always smooth no matter how complex the shape.
In addition, the Matte Tool simplifies matte manipulation by combining the separate functions of filtering and refining. Filters available include blur, erode/dilate and the Sander, which removes speckles and holes without modifying the geometry of the matte.
Threshold and curve functions can also be applied to fill holes, adjust choking and further refine the matte.

Customise the Grade with Ease
Baselight for Avid provides options to subdivide the grade. This feature is especially useful if you want to use a single instance of Baselight to apply an overall grade to a group of shots very quickly and then, when you are happy with the base grade, subdivide it so that it can be adjusted for individual scenes.

Additional Effects
As well as our renowned film and video style grading tools, Baselight for Avid also provides RGB and HSL curves,
selective hue shift and a set of simple filters which can be used to further enhance the image. Advanced effects such as ‘bleach bypass’ or ‘faded film’ can also be applied using a set of look filters based on our powerful Truelight technology. All filters can be used in conjunction with colour grades as an overall effect or within an inside/outside layer.

Easy Grade Comparison with Scratchpad
The enhanced Scratchpad makes it even easier to compare grades. View captured grade stacks applied to the current shot or in their original context. You can even view the sideby-side comparison on the client monitor.
The Scratchpad is designed for fast and simple saving and retrieval of looks (or grade stacks) that can be directly accessed with keyboard shortcuts or from one of the supported control surfaces.
Grab versions of stacks, cycle through Scratchpad slots, compare two versions or show all versions for a quick, at-aglance view of the Scratchpad contents.

GPU Scopes
Baselight includes built-in Vectorscope, RGB Parade, YCbCr Parade and Luma Waveform displays plus a high-precision histogram. Accurate levels are displayed along with an indication of ‘illegal’ colours. Each scope can be displayed within the Baselight UI.

Live Measurements
When the mouse pointer is clicked within the main image display a live readout appears on all scopes plus the histogram indicating values for the currently selected part of the image. A key advantage of built-in scopes is that they are not restricted to a standard video signal format so they will work with material at any resolution.

Shot-to-Shot Navigation
Navigate through your Avid timeline with ease, without having to close the Baselight user interface to change to a different shot. You can use the F5/F6 keys on the keyboard to move to the previous or next shot that contains a Baselight filter while the Baselight UI is open, making that shot available instantly for grading.

GPU Rendering
Baselight accelerates rendering performance using the system GPU, where available. Baselight for Avid is a realtime plugin, so most colour corrections can be played directly on the Avid timeline.

Display Options
At the press of a button, toggle your display to wipe your graded shot with the raw version, or view the two images side-by-side. You can also compare the image against a snapshot grabbed from another part of the Avid timeline. An easy-access menu below the image allows you to toggle through different matte display options, such as B&W and overlay.

What's new in v4.4.7725:
- Added navigate to tail of previous shot, use Shift+F5 on keyboard or Shift+<| on the Artist Color desk. Note that Shift+F6 moves to the beginning of the next shot just like F6 does, thus allowing the user to jump quickly between the head of one shot and the tail of the previous one by keeping Shift down and hitting F5 & F6. [bug 34949]
- Improved error display when working in the Avid timeline. Now, when Baselight for Avid can't process a frame, it prints the error text to the Avid viewer, making it easier to diagnose problems like missing cubes etc. [bug 35045]

To use Baselight for Avid, you must be using:
- Windows 7 SP1
- Media Composer/Symphony 6.0.3 or above
You must use version 6 or greater as Media Composer/Symphony and Baselight for Avid are 64-bit applications.

FilmLight.Baselight.for.Avid.v4.4.8084-AMPED [Cracked DLLs]>>>>>>

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