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ON1 Perfect Photo Suite 9 Premium Edition v9.5.1.1646
Software » Graphics | автор: SonyQ (15.10.15)
ON1 Perfect Photo Suite 9 Premium Edition v9.5.1.1646

Program Name: ON1 Perfect Photo Suite 9 Premium Edition v9.5.1.1646
Program Type: Digital phography, Photoshop Plug-Ins
Developer: ON1, Inc.
Homepage: http://www.on1.com/apps/suite9/
Release Date: 14.10.2015
Interface Language: English
Platform: Windows 7/8 64-bit only
File Size: 565.58Mb

Создавайте выдающиеся снимки, раскройте свой творческий потенциал, и решайте распространённые проблемы по обработке фотографии с помощью Perfect Photo Suite 9 - полноценного фоторедактора, созданного для придания жизни вашим снимкам. Работайте как хотите и выполняйте трудоёмкие операции редактирования, на которые ушло бы много времени в Adobe Photoshop, или которые невозможно выполнить в Lightroom, Photoshop Elements. Теперь у вас есть всё необходимое для улучшения, ретуши и стилизации снимков, изменения фона и достижения высококачественных результатов.


Create extraordinary images, inspire your creativity, and solve the most common photo problems with Perfect Photo Suite 9 — a complete photo editor designed to make your images look their best. Work the way you want and perform editing tasks that are too time-consuming in Adobe Photoshop, or impossible to do alone in Lightroom, Photoshop Elements, or Apple Aperture. You'll have all that you need to enhance, retouch and stylize images, replace backgrounds, and create high quality enlargements.

Quickly get to your images wherever they're stored—whether they’re on your computer, network, or on a cloud-based storage service. Find the exact image you want by previewing them side-by-side and navigating through them with intuitive keyboard shortcuts.

Combine and blend images without Adobe Photoshop. With layers, you have the power to swap faces, create balanced exposures, retouch portraits and landscapes, create layouts and composites, and more!

Apply the basic adjustments that almost every image needs to go from good to great. You'll find tools to improve color, tone, and detail, and brushes for spot healing, cloning, and removing objects with content-aware fill technology.

Focus on the art of portrait creation because the most time consuming retouching tasks are automated in the Portrait module. Improve skin texture and color, remove blemishes, and enhance eyes and mouths to create flawless portraits.

Make your images extraordinary with the best effects available today. Customizable filters and hundreds of built-in presets inspire your creativity and give you ultimate control to create effects that make your images look their best.

Develop stunning images that recreate the timeless look of black and white master photographers. Use a library of expertly-crafted presets for instant results or powerful, darkroom-inspired controls for you own custom look.

The Resize module gives you everything you need to prepare your images for print. Powered by Genuine Fractals technology, you'll maintain total clarity and sharpness of your image for your enlargements—even for snapshots taken with a mobile device.

What's new in Perfect Photo Suite 9:
• Perfect Browse
- Lightning fast previews of all your files. You can start to view and work on your images right away.
- Ratings, Labels and Likes: You can now rate, label and “like” images. ratings and labels are stored in the metadata so they will transfer to other applications like Lightroom.
- Rotate: You can no rotate images in Browse.
- Metadata Pane: The new metadata pane allows you to view and edit EXIF and IPTC metadata.
- Filter Pane: The new filter pane allows you to filter (search inside) the contents of a folder. This is useful for finding just your five-star images for example.
- Batch Rename: Accessed from the contextual menu. You can batch rename files or folders.
- Sources Pane: The Sources and Folders panes have been merged together. This makes it easier to drag and drop across volumes.
- Favorites Pane: The favorites feature of the Folders pane has been split out into its own pane. Favorites are shortcuts to places where you keep your images.
- Send To: From Browse you can now send images to other applications. Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture are automatically detected and added. You can also add as many of your own apps as you want.
- Save As: You can now save out copies directly from Browse in any supported file format. This works for one image at a time, if you want to do multiple images, use Batch instead.
• Smart Photos: Smart Photos are a special PSD format that allows you to save your settings and masks from each module that you use so you can go back and re-edit them later.
• Masking Changes: The best tools from Perfect Mask have been merged into the Suite in general. You can now access all the masking tools in Layers and Effects directly. These are big changes and you can now get better masks than before, in the place where you want to work with them, especially for selectively applying filters in Effects. Here is a rundown on the masking tools.
- Quick Mask Tool: This is the replacement for the Drop and Keep brushes from Perfect Mask. Select the tool and loosely brush over what you want to remove. It will automatically expand the selection to the borders it finds.
- Refine Brush: The Refine brush is used after the Quick Mask Tool or the Perfect Brush to clean up difficult areas like hair or trees. It now has a mode option which is set to paint-out by default. This provides better results than it used to because it does not bring back unwanted colors.
- Perfect Brush: The Perfect Brush is an option on the Masking Brush. It now works better on semi-transparent areas. It replaces the Magic Brush from Perfect Mask.
- Blur and Chisel Mask Tools: The Blur and Chisel Mask tools have both been migrated from Perfect Mask. They are used to refine the edge of the mask.
- You can now copy and paste masks from image to image and across modules. Keep in mind with Smart Photos your masks are stored on a per effect basis across time and can be re-edited later.
• Retina Display Support: For Mac users with Retina displays the preview area and all artwork are now drawn at 2x quality. This will be coming soon for Windows 8.1 users as well.
• Printing: You can now do basic printing from any module, including Resize and Browse. Access Print from the File menu. You can select the printer settings and paper size as well as control how the image will fit on the paper and the color management options.
• Auto Tone: There is a new auto tone algorithm that replaces the old auto levels. In the past we just set the the white and black points. Now it sets these as well as adjusts the brightness, contrast, shadows and highlights.
• Image processing performance has been increased. We use more OpenGL and OpenCL as well as more optimized use of multiple processor cores.
• Noise Reduction: There is a new noise reduction filter in Enhance and Effects.
• Lens Flare: There is a new lens flare filter in Effects.
• Crop Tool: The crop tool has been modernized. It now moves the image inside of the crop box instead of the other way around. It also has leveling tool. There are new crop aspect ratio presets as well as document size presets that allow you to crop and resize at the same time. This is in Layers, Enhance and Resize.
• Updated user interface.

What's new in v9.5:
• Browse Enhancements:
- Persistent Thumbnail Cache: Stores thumbnails are previews on disk so that when you go back to folder a second time it loads much faster. You can control the size and location in the preferences.
- Improved Detail View: Our goal was to reduce or eliminate seeing pixelated previews in Detail View. It now generates a larger preview up front so you will see less pixelated previews. It also reads ahead and behind so that when you move between images there is no pixelation. It also continues to process thumbnails and previews in the background.
- Improved Grid View: The thumbnail grid has been rewritten. It should be faster changing folders. You can also scroll through large folders with no detail.
- Albums: Create and manage lists of photos that can live anywhere, similar to a collection in Lightroom. Watch Videos
• Crash Logger: Automatically logs crashes and hangs and reports them back to on1.
• Scratch Disk: You can now configure where you scratch disk is located. This is handy if your boot volume is a small SSD. Adjust this in the preferences.
• Mask Enhancements:
- Line Mask Tool: Create or edit masks with a point-to-point polygon tool. Click around the shape you want to mask, then click in the middle to mask that area.
- Double-click on Blur and Chisel: You can now (or finally again) apply the Blur Mask and Chisel Mask tools to the entire mask by double-clicking on the tool icons.
- Luminosity Mask: You create a luminosity mask or copy the luminosity to paste it as a mask onto other layers. The commands live in the Layer and or Mask menus.
- Mask Contextual Menu: When you right click on a mask thumbnail in Layers or Effects there is now a contextual menu with the same options as the Mask menu.
- Feather in or out with Blur Mask tool: There is now a mode option in the tool options bar for the Blur Mask tool. When it blurs it can either lighten or darken so that the blur goes inside or outside the current mask instead of just along the edge. Handy finishing touch for hair.
- “O” key now toggles the mask preview on and off like Lightroom.
• Portrait improvements:
- Faster Loading, like three seconds instead of 12!
- Faster Control Point Adjustments. You can still get it to beep occasionally. We will continue to improve this for Suite 10.
- Updated Control Point Overlay.
• GPU Processing for Perfect Effects: We are in the process of converting everything in Perfect Effects to process in the GPU (video card). This make it much faster to adjust the sliders and use tools. For Suite 9.5 the following filters have been updated.
- Blending Options
- Antique
- Color Enhancer
- Cross Process
- Lens Flare
- Photo Filter
- Split Tone
- Vintage
- Vignette
• Misc Enhancements:
- Hold down command and option when you launch to delete preferences.
- Colorize and Invert options added to the Borders and Textures panes in Effects. This gives you more control over what color you want for basic borders like Simple and Emulsion.
- Crop settings now sticky across sessions and modules.
- 100% Actual Size option is now available in the Print dialog.
- Brushes should now behave more like Photoshop. They feather equally in and out instead of just in. The brush profile has also been modified to act more like Photoshop.
- Color Temp control has been adjusted to be more yellow, less orange. It now tracks closer to Lightroom when you are working on a raw file
- Suppress Edit What dialog (coming soon). When you use the Suite as a standalone you will not be prompted for your file handling options every time you open a file. These options are being moved to the preferences instead.

System Requirements
OS - Windows 7, Windows 8 (current maintenance releases, 64 bit)
Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo, Xeon or better processors(s)
RAM - 8 GB
Hard Drive - 1.5 GB for installation
Display - OpenGL 2.0 compatible video card with 256 MB dedicated video RAM, 1280x720 resolution (OpenGL 4.0 compatible video card with 1GB dedicated video RAM, 1920x1080 resolution is recommended)
Optional Application Integration
- Adobe Photoshop CS6, CC, or CC 2014
- Adobe Photoshop Elements 11, 12, or 13
- Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 or 5

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