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VideoHive: GRAVE ENCOUNTERS: The Living Dead Bundle (AE-Project)
Effects » Video FX | автор: dushes10 (23.09.15)
VideoHive: GRAVE ENCOUNTERS: The Living Dead Bundle (AE-Project)Name: GRAVE ENCOUNTERS: The Living Dead Bundle
Typ: AE-Project
Release Date: 4 November 2012
Publisher: VideoHive
Platform: After Effects CS5, CS5.5, CS6
Resolution: Resizable (4K (4096X1680), 1080p & 720p)
File Size: 1,28 gb

GRAVE ENCOUNTERS: The Living Dead Bundle - After Effects CS5, CS5.5, CS6 проект. Легко настроить. Разрешение проекта: можно изменять (4K (4096X1680), 1080p и 720p). Плагины не требуются. Видео обучение включено. GRAVE ENCOUNTERS: LIVING DEAD BUNDLE: GRAVE ENCOUNTERS is Volume 2 комплект After Effects Bundle серии “HauntedWorX”. Это возврат к старым фильмам о зомби, таким как Fulci’s 1979 “Zombie” и Romero 1968 года “Night of The Living Dead”. Еще лучше, что этот пакет был снят на городское кладбище Evan, месте, где George Romero снял фильм - классику зомби, что положило начало всем зомби фильмам... Огромный 4K размер предлагает свободу дизайна, композитный или анимации. Фактическе кадры очень четкие, чистые и огромные! А еще лучше, что файлы были переданы со скоростью, которая будет быстро визуализироваться и не съедать памяти вашей системы. Все, что вы должны дать своему проекту - почувствовать классическую манеру зомби....
GRAVE ENCOUNTERS: The Living Dead Bundle - After Effects CS5, CS5.5, CS6 project. Easy to set up. Draft resolution: Resizable (4K (4096X1680), 1080p & 720p). No plugin required. Video Tutorial Included. GRAVE ENCOUNTERS: LIVING DEAD BUNDLE: GRAVE ENCOUNTERS is Volume 2 of the new After Effects Bundle “HauntedWorX” series. This is a throwback to old zombie films like Fulci’s 1979 “Zombie” and Romero’s 1968 “Night of The Living Dead”. Whats even better is that this bundle was shot at Evan’s City cemetery, the location where George Romero shot the classic zombie film that began all zombie films. Scroll down below to my “Geek Sheet”, which shows just some of the shots in the film and the shots in Grave Encounters. This certainly is not a selling point, rather my film geek mentality. Same location, and believe it or not, the same “Cross” prop still sits there. The enormous 4K size offers freedom to design, composite or animate. The actual footage is very crisp, clean and huge! And better yet, the files have been transferred at a rate that will render fast and not eat up your system’s memory. Everything you need to give your project that CLASSIC CAMPY ZOMBIE FEEL....

NOTE: THIS IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! My After Effects Bundles are created using a standard 2010 macbook pro, 8GB. Nothing too powerful. Therefore, I can gage if I may be bulking up a Comp too much. So, Grave Encounters is no different. However, I would strongly suggest to have at least…....and I mean at least 4GB of RAM in your machine. The 4K Files are clean, crisp and lightweight in terms output and speed. So, as a file, you can work fast and smooth. However, some composites in here are pretty heavy and can way down the workflow speeds at times. So, with that, I would recommend having a good amount of RAM. 4G of RAM is okay, but you will get better workflow speed and faster renders with 8GB or more. However, I did break up the project into smaller units (LOTS) for folks that may have slower machines. But, it can get heavy at times depending on the comp.

50….Yes, 50 Cemetery Shots, in 4K Cinemascope!
4K Ash Mattes
4K Fire Elements
4K Chroma Key Zombie Mattes
28 Color & Monochrome Presets
Film Controllers
NEW! Awesome Lens Grime Mixer
Easy and Organized 4K (4096X1680), 1080p & 720p After Effects Project Layout
Video Tutorial
7:30min After Effects CS5 Project
The Project is also broken into 8 Smaller Project Files for faster workflow.
3D Camera Tracking
50 Comps
BONUS Credits Pack
Over 60 Tomb Titles.
The Project is also broken into smaller sizes..
NO PLUGINS REQUIRED – 100% After Effects Built-in FX!
User-Friendly Quicktime Format. Compatible with all Operating Systems!
All Fonts used in the project are linked to a PDF file.

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VideoHive: GRAVE ENCOUNTERS: The Living Dead Bundle (AE-Project)

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