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Carnoky Type Fonts Collection
Software » Graphics | автор: SonyQ (30.08.15)
Carnoky Type Fonts Collection

Name: Carnoky Type Fonts Collection
Designers: Samuel Čarnoký
Design date: 2008 - 2013
Publisher: Carnoky Type
Homepage: _ |
Release Date: 30.08.2015
Format: OpenType OTF | Windows TrueType TTF
File Size: 6.38Mb

Коллекция шрифтов от словацкого дизайнера и шрифтовика Самуэля Сарноки (Samuel Čarnoký) словолитни Carnoky Type.
С поддержкой кириллицы, включая Русский язык только семейство Samo Sans Pro.


Carnoky Type is the foundry of Samuel Čarnoký, graphics designer and typographer from Slovakia.

Arcus OpenType is a geometrically constructed font.
The grounding principle is the round curve. The homogeneous character of this font is guaranteed by using this principle not only in drawings of particular letters but in the shaping of diacritical signs, too.
The scope of the typeface weight is from Extra Light to Extra Bold while the complete font family includes 6 weights and their respective, well turned italics. This font contains a wide range of alternative signs, small capitals, lining and oldstyle numerals, fractions, superiors, inferiors, ligatures and discretionary ligatures; all this is within the frame of OpenType functions.
This font type is not made for the typography of extensive texts. Best it can be used for headline display typeface or in creating logotypes and corporate identities.

• Arcus
• Arcus Bold
• Arcus Bold Italic
• Arcus ExtraBold
• Arcus ExtraBold Italic
• Arcus ExtraLight
• Arcus ExtraLight Italic
• Arcus Italic
• Arcus Light
• Arcus Light Italic
• Arcus Medium
• Arcus Medium Italic

LECO 1976 is a headline display typeface in OpenType format.
The title at the 1976 bottle of Lečo became an inspiration for creating this font.
Besides the regular weight of the font, the font is drawn in light and bold font styles too, while each of these typefaces consists of a special alternative of an embedded diacritic. The font contains several specific styles as Stencil, Pixel, Tride, Shadow which combinations offer interesting possibilities for the typesetting. The metrics and kerning of every glyph of the font (except several glyphs in Bold) are identical. All the signs share the same character and size of the capital letters.
This font is best used on strong posters or as a headline display typeface.

• LECO 1976 Bold
• LECO 1976 Light
• LECO 1976 Pixel
• LECO 1976 Regular
• LECO 1976 Shadow
• LECO 1976 Stencil
• LECO 1976 Tride
• LECO 1976 Alt Diacritics Bold
• LECO 1976 Alt Diacritics Light
• LECO 1976 Alt Diacritics Regular

LECO 1983 is a headline display OpenType typeface with its three styles:
LECO 1983: regular
LECO 1983 Blind: without interiors of signs
LECO 1983 Negative: in its inverse form.
The inspiration for creating this font came from the label on a 1983 bottle of Lečo.
The characteristic feature of this font is an embedded diacritic. The monolinear character of drawings is dominant. This font is drawn as capital letter type for both: upper case and lower case letters. It contains alternatives of some signs (e, f, g, m, n, y) and (& and a glyph No) but it consists several interesting alternatives (ligatures) of pairs as (in, on, of, by) as well.
This font is best used on strong posters or as a headline display typeface.

The typeface LECO 1988 is another font family which belongs to LECO set. It is a display typeface, which is inspired by the title written on the bottle of lečo from 1988.
Its typical features are embedded diacritics and significant black look with low contrast. Lower case is united with upper case and has several identical glyphs in both forms. Font contains alternative set of glyphs for letter „E“. Tabular numerals, superiors and inferiors and the full set of (glyphs - symbols) for languages using the Latin alphabet are also included in this font. LECO 1988 font family includes six specific styles: Regular, Blind, Gradient, Outline, Shadow and Stencil style. Those styles extend typographic options by mutual combination or overlapping, whilst every style share the identical metrics and kerning.
Font format is Open Type with the support of several open type features. This typeface is suitable for creating logotypes, powerful posters or can be used as a headline display typeface.

• LECO 1988
• LECO 1988 Stencil
• LECO 1988 Blind
• LECO 1988 Gradient
• LECO 1988 Outline
• LECO 1988 Shadow

Samo Sans is a modern sans-serif typeface with low contrast strokes and is balanced between technical shapes and dynamic feeling. The primary type family is consisted of complete set of Latin glyphs for lower and upper case. It also supports diacritics of all European languages including lining numerals, standard ligatures and other characters sufficient for regular typesetting. Characteristic features are lower spurs (a, b, d, u), and upper spurs (m, n, p, q, r) with distinctive wedge-shaped cuts. These parts are complemented by homogeneously designed diacritics, which is not disturbing and harmonizing with the whole unit. Another very strong feature of the type drawing are lower terminals of the round glyphs, which are finished by moderate narrowing. The type has got decreased caps height, also decreased numerals and optimal x-height, which makes it suitable for more extensive text typesetting. It can be effectively applied in corporate identities or in display typesetting. The narrowness of the basic set of Samo Sans typeface is supplemented by extended type family Samo Sans Pro.

• Samo Sans
• Samo Sans Italic
• Samo Sans Bold
• Samo Sans Bold Italic

Samo Sans Pro is a contemporary sans-serif typeface with a slight contrast of strokes, balancing between technical design and dynamic feeling. The Pro Version is based on the Samo Sans basic typeface, and it is extended by more styles, more glyphs, and other features required for professional typesetting. Beside the complete set of Latin, Samo Sans Pro includes Cyrillic and Greek glyphs as well. Each font includes alternate glyphs, small capitals, standard and discretionary ligatures, oldstyle/lining and tabular numerals, fractions, superiors/inferiors figures, set of arrows, dingbats and a wide range of typographic options applied by the Opentype features. The complete typeface family consists of 16 styles in 8 weights and their Italics. The type has a reduced height of caps and numerals and it has an optimal x-height, which makes it suitable for the typesetting of more extensive texts. It can be effectively applied in corporate identities or in a display typesetting.

• Samo Sans Pro
• Samo Sans Pro Bold
• Samo Sans Pro Bold Italic
• Samo Sans Pro Italic
• Samo Sans Pro Light
• Samo Sans Pro Light Italic
• Samo Sans Pro Black
• Samo Sans Pro Black Italic
• Samo Sans Pro Hair
• Samo Sans Pro Hair Italic
• Samo Sans Pro Medium
• Samo Sans Pro Medium Italic
• Samo Sans Pro Thin
• Samo Sans Pro Thin Italic
• Samo Sans Pro Ultra
• Samo Sans Pro Ultra Italic

Technik is a constructed typeface, which is almost strictly designed from basic geometrical elements consisting of mainly circles, also squares and diagonal shapes. Another characteristic is the connection of diagonals, verticals and diagonals, and also of some circle shapes touching each other at one point. It gives this type an original look, and prevents the problematic dark places in some letters. The technical feeling of the type (mainly in uppercase letters) is balanced by the design of lowercase which looks more friendly and fresh. Technik is not designed as a text typeface, it is recommended mainly for display typesetting. You can use it for example in fashion industry or in branding typography, or everywhere where you need the technical feeling of the constructed typefaces to look less cold and more friendly.

Technik Mono is a complementary monospaced version of Technik typeface.

Technik Serif is a seriffed version of Technik typeface.


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