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RE:VisionFX RE:Flex v5.2.1 for After Effects
Software » Video Apps | автор: SonyQ (27.08.15)
RE:VisionFX RE:Flex v5.2.1 for After Effects

Program Name: RE:VisionFX RE:Flex v5.2.1 for After Effects
Program Type: After Effects Plug-In
Developer: RE:Vision Effects, Inc
Homepage: _
Release Date: 26.08.2015
Interface Language: English
Platform: Adobe After Effects CS5/CS5.5/CS6/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015
File Size: 20.82Mb

RE:Flex дополняет After Effects CS5 или более поздние версии удобными инструментами морфинга и деформации. Использование собственной усовершенствованной технологии позволяет получать непревзойденные результаты. Освоение принципов работы RE:Flex не представляет сложностей, поскольку для задания направления деформации и морфинга он использует инструменты рисования и маскирования основной программы, поэтому вам не понадобиться изучать целый новый интерфейс. Модуль RE:Flex, в котором используется собственная программа трекинга RE:Vision, является первой программой морфинга, в которой ручное сопоставление объектов объединено с автоматической регистрацией изображения.


RE:Flex brings intuitive morphing and warping to After Effects and Fusion! Superior results are achieved using RE:Vision Effects' proprietary and sophisticated technology. RE:Flex is especially easy to learn because it uses the host program's own drawing and masking tools (when available) to direct the warping and morphing; as such, there is no need to learn a whole new user interface. Using our proprietary tracking software, RE:Flex is the first morphing program to combine hand feature-matching with automatic image registration.

With RE:Flex warps are made easy. Just specify "from" geometry (in red) and "to" geometry (in yellow). No meshes. No new user interface to learn. Masks can be open or closed and need not be connected in any particular way.

RE:Flex's automatic alignment feature works in conjunction with hand-specified correspondences. After first aligning hand-matched correspondences, RE:Flex then uses the tracking found in RE:Vision's acclaimed Twixtor product to automatically align the non-handmatched parts of the image. The automatic alignment feature can greatly improve morphs without having to specify all features by hand!

RE:Flex is a warping and morphing plugin set

Features of RE:Flex
• Warping is directed through the host program's roto tools (splines and polylines), not through a grid of mesh points!
• Geometries need not be closed shapes
• Smooth non-polygonal warping
• Interactive warping: view the warp as you drag the control shapes
• Option to match vertices of corresponding geometries for fine control
• 8 and 16 bits per channel support. Floating point supported in AE 70 or later (Professional Edition), Shake and Fusion
• Anti-aliasing subsampling
• MipMap filtering

RE:Flex Warping Features
• Warping is directed using sets of "from" geometries and "to" geometries at each frame
• The amount of warping can be specified and animated
• Variable amount of shape transition between "from" and "to" geometries can be specified per-shape

RE:Flex Morphing Features
• When morphing from stil-to-still morphing occurs by creating a set of geometry on the "source" image, then moving the set to corresponding places on the "destination" image
• Automatic alignment feature that can be used alone or in conjunction with hand-specified correspondences. This feature can greatly improve morphs without having to specify all features by hand
• Morph from one moving sequence to another
• By default, the two images are linearly cross-dissolved. For finer control, the amount of cross-dissolve can be specified for each piece of matching geometries individually
• Variable amount of shape transition between "from" and "to" geometries can be specified per-shape

GPU Support, Afer Effects version only
Please read our GPU FAQ carefully to see if your GPU is supported.
Our GPU FAQ >>

What's new in v5.2.1:
- Version needed to run in AE CC 2015 and AE CC 2014. In previous versions, the render cache was not properly re-rendered when masks were modified.
- Fixes a crashing bug in AE CC 2015.
- Fixed a crashing bug with AMD FirePro series.

- Adobe After Effects CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC, CC 2014 and CC 2015

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